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Fit Readers is a group/challenge run by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About, designed to support and encourage each other on our health and fitness goals. In years past I’ve participated but just done quick updates on my Sunday Post. This year, I want my goals to be a top priority, so I’m going to share my updates in a separate, more detailed weekly post. The day it appears will probably fluctuate, though, so just keep your eyes out for it 🙂

January 1-4

These updates are always going to be a week behind, covering Saturday – Friday of the week prior, since my goal is to write blog posts each Sunday and that gives me a chance to write the update post.

You’d think that with it being the start of a brand new year I would have had all that New Year’s Energy fueling me, but honestly, I did not get off to the best start to the New Year…

Emotional Health Goals

Emotionally, I think I’ve done pretty well. Not having work made it easier. I hope this week goes well with work starting back up. I’ve worked hard to get myself ready for it, so fingers crossed. Here’s an update on my goals:

  • Do my miracle morning in some form everyday – even if it’s modified on the weekend. I’ve done my miracle morning every day! Yay!
  • Do my miracle night every night, again, modifying Friday and Saturday nights.I missed Friday Night – date night – but otherwise I’ve done every night.
  • Practice self-care from a massage, seeing my health coach, or therapist at least once a week. I saw my therapist this week, on Friday, and it was very helpful. Got some techniques to try out to try and help me with managing stress at work that I hope help.

Fitness Goals

I’ve been doing a lot better with getting to the gym this past week and it feels great to be back at it. Update on my fitness goals:

  • Do 3 cardio workouts a week – jogging at least 1 time and at Grit. This isn’t a full week I’m reporting on, so it’s not technical meeting my goals. But I did do 2 cardio workouts. So I feel like I did well, for a partial week.
  • Do 3 strength workouts a week. I only got in 1 strength workout this week, but I think I would have met my goal if it’d been a full week.
  • Do yoga or foam rolling 5 times a week. I’ve done no yoga or foam rolling so far. Yeah, I need to refocus on that this week.

Eating Goals

Ugh eating. Eating. Eating. Eating right is my true struggle. And it has not gone great this week. But at least I’ve tracked and been honest with myself about how badly I’ve been doing. So there’s that. This week I’m going to do a reset – liquids only and very low carb. I think my problem is that I’ve gotten way too much carbs/sugar in my system and their fueling my cravings. And as a result, I’m eating poorly, and gaining weight. I refuse to let that keep happening. An update on my January eating goals:

  • Reverse track (record what I plan to eat the night before) my food Monday – Friday at minimum. I haven’t reverse tracked, but I have tracked. But that lack of planning is certainly part of the problem.
  • Eat more veggies, fruits, and protein than treat foods each day. Umm yeah, no that hasn’t been happening. However, I have chosen veggies more often, so I’m giving myself a little credit for that.
  • Get back to not drinking within 30 minutes before or after a meal. To be honest, I forgot about this goal. I need to refocus on it, as I do think it makes a difference. If I drink right after eating, the food goes through my system quickly and I don’t get all the nutrients and thus am more likely to feel hungry again. So it does matter and I need to go back to it.
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water each day. Some days I’ve managed the full 64 oz or more, others I’ve not made it, but gotten close. I’ve at least been very conscious of my water intake and trying.

So not off to the best start, but not the worst either. Hopefully I’ll do much better this week! For those that don’t know already, I try to check in each morning and each night on Instagram so be sure to follow me there. I’m @berlssc.

How are you doing with your health goals for January? Happy Health and Fitness!

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4 responses to “#FitReaders Update | January 1-4

  1. Jen

    Really not bad at all… I’ve been working on trying to be happy with doing my best – and being gentle to myself if I take some time to myself. But it’s a slippery slope and that is why we are here for each other. Just take it one day at at time and put emotional/mental health first! *HUGS*

  2. Ali

    Sounds like you’re doing amazing! Honestly, you’re doing a lot better than me. I had so many goals for starting out this year, but something huge came up and now I’m in a bit of a slump. The huge thing is that I’m now moving in a month so trying to pack and blog just doesn’t really work lol. Keep up the amazing work! Good luck with all of your goals.l