Michelle’s Fall Semester Sign Up! #2019HW

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This year the Reading Assignment Challenge has really evolved into something different and we’re so excited to share it with you. It’s like we’ve grown up and have graduated high school. That’s right! We’re off to college, which means a lot more choice and freedom!

It’s time to pick my classes for Fall Semester (just a couple days late) 🙂
You still have plenty of time to sign up.

So last semester I didn’t too awful but the author I picked books disappeared from amazon and I was unable to complete that class however, I plan to do about the same class for fall as all the other class because I really do want to end strong! 🙂

Professor AuthorLuv wants you to pick a favorite author and commit to reading a certain number of books by that author each month, but she’s letting you set your number based on the level course you sign up for. Advanced Level 3 books a month

  • The author that I will be picking is Jenika Snow

Professor Genre is all about choosing a genre/theme. For his classes you’ll commit to reading a certain number of books from one genre each month. Beginning Level 1 book a month

  • The genre/theme I will be picking is Book Box Books

Professor Mix-It-Up wants you to have the freedom to mix-it-up. For her courses you’ll commit to reading a certain number of books from a list that you create in the first month of the course. Beginning Level 1 book a month

These will be my picks for Professor Mix-It-Up’s Class…

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3 responses to “Michelle’s Fall Semester Sign Up! #2019HW

  1. This looks really cool, but the main reason I’m here is to ask about Task It Tuesday, which I just learned about and can’t find. I found a post where you said it would resume in June and from then on would be the first Tuesday in the month, so that should be today. I see you are on hiatus so I will tick the box below to be notified when / if you reply.

    Thanks in advance!

    • We had some personal things come up and went able to do it in June however, I will be posting one this month and then after that it will be the first Tuesday of the month. 🙂