A Month of Giving Thanks ~ Day #2

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A Month of Giving ThanksHosted by Michelle @Because Reading and Berls @Fantasy is More Fun #30daysofThanks is originally hosted by The Geeky Blogger with Felicia’s permission, we adopted something similar…

“A Month of Giving Thanks with Berls & Michelle” is a month-long challenge were every day from November 1st to November 30th  I will be sharing the love and being thankful of some of my favorite Bloggers and Authors (maybe a few family members too.

(Please note that there is no way in 30 day I will be able cover everyone I am thankful for just please know I am very thankful all of you)


Why I  am thankful: Without Berls there would be no COYER and it was like fate that we meet and I can say that fate knew what it was doing. We have come up with so many great ideas together and we work so good together .Not only is she a great co-host but she is also one of my BEST friends who I adore. Berls and I can spend hours on the phone chatting about anything and everything. She is one of the nicest people  I know and honestly someone who pushes me to do things I never would do on my own. She is my confidence booster and I am truly thankful for that and her friendship. I am hoping one day to actually meet her in person!!

Why you should follow: Berls has an amazing way of writing reviews and has some great original posts. She has a wonderful personality and responses to anyone that wants to chat. She has a big heart and a real love for books and audiobooks. If you are going to follow a blogger she is the one to check out.

Show some love go visit Fantasy is more fun

Thanks for stopping by to hear about this amazing blogger 🙂

Hope you have a great day!


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I am a mom to two pretty amazing kids, four pretty cute fluffy children and a wife to one adorable husband. I am a gamer, reader and a graphic designer with 20 years experience. I recently started my own business "Limabean Designs" to help other bloggers, authors and anyone else create amazing things that they would be proud to show off. I have been reading since forever and started blogging because I love sharing all the awesome books this world has to offer. I am also the co-host for the COYER Challenge, Reading Assignment Challenge and the Bookish Resolutions Challenge. I try to create a warm welcoming environment on my blog where authors, readers, and bloggers will have a great time. Let’s chat books, games, blogging, recipes, design, or family over a cup of coffee and a glass of wine!



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10 responses to “A Month of Giving Thanks ~ Day #2

  1. I am so thankful you ladies started up with the COYER challenge! It has been such a tremendous help to me 🙂
    And I have also found so many bloggers to follow thanks to COYER! It’s so much fun to try to clear out books from my kindle, and at the same time connecting with other readers who aim to do the same thing. Michelle, you and Berls are both fantastic!

    Lexxie recently posted: Stacking the Shelves #57 BBB #7
  2. Our last conversation was like 5 hours, huh? I love how we said we better get off like 4 or 5 times (probably each hour). I think we’re just catching up on all the hours we missed not knowing each other since childhood 😉

    So glad we met – even if it’s just a phone friendship right now – I couldn’t be more thankful or ask for a better friend! XOXOXO

    Berls recently posted: A Month of Giving Thanks Day 2