Monthly Rewind ~ June 2014

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MonthlyRewindThis has been a very crazy month. I thought with all my personal stuff in place it would have made us go back to normal but it lasted a lot longer than I expected. My husband finally started his “NEW” job two weeks ago so we are settling in to new times and major changes but I am hopefully that the next couple of weeks we will finally get in the groove of all the changes and things will go to a new normal.

I have had a crappy reading month. I originally set my goal for 10 books to read for June and totally fell short, if it wasn’t for the 3 novellas I read I would have never made it to 7 books. I also had 2 DNF this month 🙁 What is going on with me and the DNF. I think I might be in need of a genre change or  get back into a series (which I did at the moment).

As far as blogging stuff I FINALLY GOT MY OWN LAPTOP so I should be ahead in no time and able to free up some time to visit friends blogs and maybe more reading. I LOVE this laptop and I am not sure how I spend the last year blogging without it. It has made my life so much easier.

Oh did you see My To-Be Read list came back and it was so much fun. You must stop by on Saturday to check out the next installment. Plus I have a giveaway going on for it that will be available until Saturday. You can find the link to it below.

So lets recap the month

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Books I read this month

Clicking on Images with take you to *Goodread*

The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan
The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan
Falling From the Sky by Nikki Godwin
Falling From the Sky by Nikki Godwin
The Serpent's Ring by H.B. Bolton
The Serpent’s Ring
by H.B. Bolton
The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas
The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas
The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J Mass ~ Read 3 of 5 so far
The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Mass ~ Read 3 of 5 so far
So my goal now for July since COYER is in full swing is to read at least 10 books this month. With trips to the shore and the kids home from school and no homework to do I have a lot more time to read. If the personal life can go back to normal sooner rather than later then hopeful I can reach this goal with not problem.

So how was your month of June? Did you have a goal of books to read for July? Did you read everything you wanted?

Lets Chat!

Hope you all have an amazing July and Happy Reading


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2 responses to “Monthly Rewind ~ June 2014

  1. Congratulations to your husband on starting his new job, and to you on your new laptop. (I’m curious – do you name your computers? Or I am just weird that way?)

    I’m sorry you had a kind of off month with reading. I can sympathize! I did too, both from a reading slump and from too many visitors (much as I loved having them!) Now I’m behind on my Goodreads challenge, and trying to catch up on ARCs. Yikes. I hope you get your reading mojo back soon!

  2. Looks like you had a great month. I hope you reach your goals for COYER! I’ll check out your giveaway, I can’t remember if I entered in or not. 🙂

    Kristen recently posted: June in Review