#MyTBRL ~ September 2020 ~ Keeping it Hot – Madison Faye Edition!

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MyTBRListWe sit for hours looking through our TBR lists wondering when we will ever get to that one book we were dying to read when we added it 3 months ago or maybe even a year. As our piles get bigger we realize there is just not enough time in a day to read all the books that we wanted to read. So I had a great idea, pick 3 books from my TBR Pile and have you all pick which one I should read next. This is a monthly MEME and you are more than welcome to join me. Just create a blog post with your three books and link the post below. Need the full rules? No problem, you can find them all right HERE. Don’t forget to stop by the blogs on the linky below to help the other bloggers by voting on their next read!


So this month I picked

Going to make you blush with this months picks but Madison has a new book out and I have a few I still need to read so why not make her the author edition for this month! 🙂

Hot & Sticky (Sunset Bay #1)
by Madison Faye


Scorching hot, stormy, humid and sticky, with a high chance of wetness ahead.
And then, there’s the weather forecast…

Working for my sleezy uncle at his cinnamon bun shop is hardly my idea of a fun summer before college. I should be out hanging on the beach, making bad choices, and maybe even finally getting rid of this pesky v-card. Throw in a record-setting heat wave, horrible tourist customers, and a broken air conditioner, and I’m about ready to burst into flames.

And that’s before the completely gorgeous AC repair guy scorches into my world. Because after that, I’m definitely catching on fire.

West Farrow is sinfully hot, rough, and dangerous—a surf loner with a glint in his eye and a jaw that makes my panties melt. He’s here to fix the AC and “cool things off”? Yeah, good freaking luck with that.

But a lack of central air is the least of my problems when armed men start shooting. And before I know it, West is whisking me away from a whole heap of trouble, to his surf shack to lay low.

Just me and my crazy good-looking and stormy-eyed hero: hot, sticky, and all alone.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Smutty, steamy, and oh-so-fun. If you’re hungry for the type of beach-read to make you growl at the cabana boy, look no further ;). Get yourself a cool drink and some sun screen, because things are about to get very, very hot.

I already read the first book. 

Thrust/Throb (Lost Devils MC #2)
by Madison Faye


Cocky bastard. Loose cannon. Devil on two wheels.

Three rules: be ready to fight, keep your nose out of other people’s shit, and never stop moving. I’ve lived my entire life at 180 miles an hour, with no brakes.

Until the day she comes crashing into my life—beautiful and broken, like a perfect storm. I never should have touched her. She never should have moaned for more. Because Delphine’s more off-limits than I ever could have dreamed.

See, I’m in deep with a small-town thug. But it turns out, it’s not our debt I want to settle. It’s his woman I want to take.

Except Delphine’s never really been his—not when she was sold to the prick to settle her scumbag father’s debt. But now, the prick who mistakenly calls her “his” wants to marry her up and cement his claim to the underworld throne.

But that ain’t gonna happen. Not once I’ve had a taste of the forbidden. Not once I’ve laid hard eyes and rough hands on the only real good I’ve ever known.

Stealing her could destroy us both and bring a hell down on my brothers and my club. But loving her is going to make me break every single rule I have.

They call me a Lost Devil. But this devil just found salvation, and I’ll storm hell itself to make her mine.

by Madison Faye


Bless me, for I have sinned.

I had impure thoughts—temptations of the flesh. I’ve harbored lust, and for the very last man I should be harboring it for. A man of God, no less.

Except, this man is no angel. He’s no saint. In fact, he might just be the Devil. Only Satan himself could set my very skin on fire, and send shivers and filthy want and carnal desires through my soul. No Godly man would look at me like he wants to devour me whole, or peel my innocence and inhibitions away piece. By. Piece.

He says he’s here in Canaan, Georgia to save our souls. A traveling preacher here to speak the gospel, and deliver us from evil. But a preacher shouldn’t be built for sin, like he is. No shepherd should have lips that make his flock weak, or hands that make me ache, or a body that teaches mine the true meaning of original sin.

Gabriel Marsden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he’s leading me astray. He’s leading me into temptation, and I can’t – and I won’t – say no.

But you already know all this, don’t you, preacher man? You already know every detail of this sordid story. Because that man?

That man is you.

The Devil came down to Georgia. And God help me, I think I’m already lost.

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  1. I might have had a little immature giggling fit over a couple of those titles. 🙂 Keep a fan handy when you read these, Michelle. Which one to pick . . . The description of Preacher got to me the most–maybe because I’ve been watching so much Lucifer lately. I hope you enjoy whichever win! You make me want to pick up a romance next . . . Have a great weekend.