October Treats Week #2

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***whispers*** Come play with me…..

I keep doing that to my kids it scared the crap out of the them and cracks me up ;D

I love October and all it’s creepiness.

Week two of October and I still have not watched anything scary except Ghost Hunters on Syfy, which had its season premiere on Wednesday and really isn’t that scary. I use to like this show but lately it’s gotten to scripted. I thought the show, a while ago, had more spookiness to it and I always loved watching with the lights out. But now, Eh, It’s not as good as it once was.

So I want to recommend much scarier movies this week these are NOT a good movies for young ones.

I love this movie and I actually like the second one too

They did a remake or at least a remake of the character Jason because this wasn’t the movie remade again this was the movie remade using a different story but keeping Jason and his background story. (Does that make sense) They actually did that to Halloween movie with Rob Zombie but he DESTROYED the movie it was AWFUL, after watching for 5 mintues I never watched it again.
I do have to say the remake of Friday the 13 (2009) has  totally worth a watch just to see him (good gravy he is amazing)

***wipes drool from mouth***

Lets continue if we can 😉 

Now if you are looking for a B-Horror movie (A low budget, horribly directed, and gory movie from the 80’s) and they are FANTASTIC.

This is one my my favorite B-Horror movies

Funhouse (1981)

Sadly no hot men in this one but a creepy clown and a bunch of circus weirdos, 
even now this movie tends to freak me out but I LOVE IT!!!
I actually don’t watch movies with crazy people in the woods or movies that have babies in them like The Hills have eyes ever since I became a mom I have a harder time watching those kinds of movies.

I haven’t read a lot of horror book, I usually stick to movies
But since goodreads has an extensive horror section I took a picture of the first couple of books with a link to the good reads page.
Love the fact the Monstrumologist series is on this list. The one shown is the last book.
Those reads are great, I did a review for that book you can see it HERE

Three weeks left till Hallween
So let me…
What is your favorite Scary movie or book?
and here is Jared with no shirt on 🙂
Enjoy and You’re Welcome!!!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks October Treats!
Have a spooky weekend!!!

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