Out with the Old 2019, In with the New 2020 ~ Books & Reading #outoldinnew

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Recapping 2019 and looking ahead to 2020

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out with the OLD: 2019

Well reading and blogging suffered a lot this year. I was quite disappointed in myself with how much I sucked as a human in 2019. I know some was beyond my control but overall, I was hoping to do better after 2018 being not so great year.

I had a goal of 100 books to read and made it to my average which is about 65 books. That isn’t too bad but most weren’t full novels and some were Monster Porn because if you know me you know I’m a fan.

Blogging wasn’t as great, I would have hopped even if I didn’t blog I would read but neither happened but it is what it is this next year I am hoping and it’s time to move on to what I hope will be the start of new chapter at Because Reading and in my Real life!

in with the NEW: 2020

2020 a new decade and I am ready. Maybe this will be my year….or instead of maybe I can say this WILL be my year. I have plans and I am hoping things go according to them. I want to be ahead when it comes to posts. I want to read books I will devour and I want to be more present in the blogging world. This is my goal for this year….Maybe this could be my theme. I want to get back to the things I love doing and Blogging, Reading and Gaming are the things I love most (besides the obvious)

I spoke in the last post about my memes and posts. I want to really get back to talking about the books I read and loved. I am not sure how I want to do reviews, I feel like I want to do something different and make it a little more interesting. I have a few layouts that I have in mind I want to try that I think will keep things interesting and fun. I want to add more top 10 or 12. Talk more about books I want to read and books that I have read. I want to talk about the video games I play, I want to talk about the shows/movies I binge watch. I just want to talk about the stuff that makes me happy and that is fun. I think I can do that in 2020…I mean I WILL be doing that in 2020 😉

My most anticipated books of 2020

I haven’t had a really good chance to see what is coming out but I have a few that I am really looking forward to getting when they are released next year. (Some I might from Netgalley and a Few from Publishers)

Recap of 2019 and what is coming in 2020. Michelle has a lot to say about blogging and reading. #OutOldInNew Share on X


What are you looking forward to in 2020?

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3 responses to “Out with the Old 2019, In with the New 2020 ~ Books & Reading #outoldinnew

  1. You have some good good ideas for the new year. I would like to start doing more post in a week this coming year. Hopefully it will work out okay. My daughter starts her sophmore homeschool year. I can only imagine how hard Algebra II will be this year. Ugh.