Out with the Old, In with the New ~ 2015 Recap – October #oldnew

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Berls @ Fantasy is more fun and I are recapping 2015
and looking ahead to 2016 the next 12 days.
Feel free to join us!
I’ll be sharing highlights month-by-month and giving you a peak at what’s ahead in 2016.

out with the OLD: 2015

I talked about it before but this year was filled with some really fun posts and during the month of October I was able to do the Monster and Book Guest Post. They were so much fun to read and I got some great recommendation. I want to do more fun posts like that and hope to do a lot more original posts. I do feel confident that I might be able to make this blog a little more personal with a lot more fun posts.

in with the NEW: 2016

The guest posts will continue but you will see a lot more Just a Random post and a lot more fun facts. I even want to try doing a bunch of fun facts with Authors and Bloggers. It would be fun to get a glimpse at what goes on behind the blog. I am working on something now and just trying to figure out the details to get some of my friends to share some fun stuff with my followers. I love having people on my blog and I love sharing my stuff on theirs. If you ever need a guest post, don’t hesitate to ask next year I am happy to help out any way I can with guest posts or anything you might need. I love this entire community and I think the book bloggers are the best bloggers on the internet!

Books I read this month:

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Books I reviewed this month:

My Favorite Book this month:



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Thanks for stopping by to Check out my recap of  and what’s to come in 2016

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