Review – Before The Fall by L.G. Castillo

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The story starts at the beginning, literally! At the end of book two Raphael, Rebecca, Rachel & Uri are planning to tell Naomi, Lash & Jeremial about what happened before they all fell. As sad I am that this is the last book this is a story I have been waiting (impatiently I might add) for, to find out how it all started.

You finally find out how Lash, Naomi and Jeremial are all connected and this story does not disappoint it has so much depth and detail it’s fantastic. You learn about the fall of Lucifer, Uri and Raphael and how they pretty much got in the trouble that causes everyone else to suffer punishment. You learn so much about more about Rebecca (Loved her). This is an amazing cast of characters I felt for Lash and loved the kindness of Naomi. The evilness of Lucifer and the confusion of Uri as he finally realizing Rachel loved him.

It was like starting from the beginning when you already knew the end, you think, but how does that work? Well Linda makes it work and it is an incredible story. I was getting so nervous at some point worried for the characters and wondering if it would all work out, even though I knew what was going to happen, if you can accomplish that in writing you are doing it right and she has done it brilliantly. Linda is a beautiful storyteller and her take on Angels and Demons is amazing and you find yourself having to take a moment to realize, Wait, Did that really happen? I loved her writing style and her passion for the characters she created.

I gave Before the Fall by Linda Castillo 5/5 Stars. I loved the first two but honestly this one is my favorite. Grab your tissues this has strong characters and an incredible story to go with them. I will miss this series and these angels so much. This is a must read, 100% recommend this series you will not be disappointed.


P.S. Please ignore all spelling errors, it’s no secret I suck at spelling and spell check seriously hates me…Thank You ;)

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9 responses to “Review – Before The Fall by L.G. Castillo

    • It was amazing and to be nervous about the characters when you already know the outcome is great writing. She did an amazing job 🙂

  1. Uh oh… I see another book that may soon be breaking my poor pocketbook lol. This one sounds really intriguing and I like angel books……

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