Spooky Saturday ~ Favorite October Traditions

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Michelle’s Favorite October Traditions

October is one of my favorite times of year. Besides it being my wedding anniversary it’s also spooky season, the time when the leaves change color and the weather is more my speed. One of my favorite things to do is go pumpkin picking. We have a farm that is about 45 minutes from our house that has apples, pumpkins and a store that sells yummy baked good and seasonal soups. They always get busy around October but are open pretty much all year. My favorite apples are winesap apples, they are super sweet and just so good. They also make good applesauce.

We usually don’t buy pumpkins from the farm, weird I know, we have another tradition of going to a small garden nursery that sells a bunch of pumpkins and we pick out three and we each carve a pumpkin with a spooky or silly face. Then I spend the next 6 weeks eating pumpkin seeds.

Another tradition that we like to do is on Halloween after the kids are finished trick or treating we usually get pizza and come home to relax, go through candy and I make Super Soft pretzels for the family. Now that the kids are older we plan to order pizza, eat some pretzels and watch a scary or Halloween type movie because on November 1st it’s all about Christmas! 😉

Berls’s Favorite October Traditions

I grew up not celebrating Halloween (or any holidays actually). Since moving out on my own I’ve spent October tagging on to other family’s traditions. A few years I went to haunted houses (more on that later this month for our Boo-Cause Reading’s Spooktacular), a few others went to very wild, very adult Halloween parties, and after I met my husband who had a 4 year old son, I spent the years joining in on trick-or-treating. But his son is now 20, so for the past several years that tradition kind of went by the way side. My step-son’s mom threw a Halloween party one year (a more mild, family-friendly version lol). But we have yet to really establish our traditions.

Now that we have our son, Dante, I really want to make traditions with him. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get to do much this year because of COVID. But in the future, I’d really like our October’s to be full of visiting pumpkin patches (something I’ve NEVER done), going on hay rides (did one time I think), and visiting farms with animals he can pet and getting to pick apples.

And then bringing home those treats to make apple pies and muffins and tarts. And making jack-o-lanterns (only did 1 time), toasting pumpkin seeds (never done), and decorating for Halloween. And, of course, I get excited thinking about letting Dante pick out Halloween costumes and going trick-or-treating. And then spending weeks eating the candy, because I will not let him gorge himself on all of it in 1 night (though Kiko might…).

Basically, I really look forward to building traditions and giving Dante the chance to experience all the things I missed out on in my childhood. As he gets older, we might even throw in a scary movie night on Fridays in October. Maybe… his mom get’s scared easily LOL!

What are your favorite October traditions?

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2 responses to “Spooky Saturday ~ Favorite October Traditions

  1. Happy anniversary! October is my favorite month too. I love candy and pumpkin everything. It sucks that the kids can’t trick-or-treat this year. I’m glad my niece is too young to appreciate the holiday. She’ll probably want to go next year.

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