Spooky Saturday ~ Top 10 Scary or not so Scary Movies!

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Spooky Saturday is a fun post with themes each Saturday!

Michelle’s 10 Scary Movies I love to watch during Spooky Season

I LOVE a good scary movie and the last few weeks I have been watching a few while I am cooking dinner or just working on blog posts/designs. I love the spooky season. I tend to only watch scary movies during October and the beginning of November, occasionally I will watch one but it’s usually only during spooky season.

10 Scary Movies

  • Halloween (the original) ~ Nothing can beat Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen as she fights the boogey man. I tend to watch this only when it comes on TV and like to watch the second one right after. I am not a fan of the new movies so don’t even ask.
  • Friday the 13th (the original) ~ The BOY, did you find the BOY! The original will always be my favorite and I love how all her friends are dead and she is making tea waiting for Bill to come back. I also tend to like to watch the second one right after this and the 3rd. After that I am totally out, however Freddy vs Jason wasn’t too back. Jason in space was just stupid! lol
  • The Shining ~ This movie even now still creeps me out. Jack is a dull boy and a complete loon. I always felt this was more weird than scary but I still enjoyed it just as much.
  • Funhouse ~ While a little harder to find there is nothing like going into an abandoned circus and getting killed by a crazy person in a funhouse…fun times.
  • Sleepy Hollow ~ Not super scary but a fun type of scary. I LOVE this movie, If you have never seen the Tim Burton version you must watch it. It is so good. I love the dark and creepy, plus the horsemen is Christopher Walken with creepy teeth.
  • Rose Red ~ I haven’t seen this movie in forever but I love it. It is a made for TV Movie written by Steven King. It’s similar to the Winchester house where the house builds itself but creepier. I also read the book that as based on the Movie.
  • JAWS ~ I was even scared to swim in a pool
  • Night of the Living Dead ~ Because Zombies and they scare me, I have an irrational fear of zombies but this is still a good movie! 🙂
  • Poltergeist ~ A classic, during spooky season I even listen to the soundtrack. Still don’t understand how while digging the pool they didn’t find the coffins because that pool was really deep.
  • The First Horror Movie Ever Made— “The House of the Devil” 1896— Georges Méliès— Le Manoir du Diable ~ Trust me! Watch it HERE, it’s only 3 minutes and 40 seconds. TOTALLY worth the watch and you can officially say you watch the first horror movie ever made.


Michelle named this with “or not so scary” because y’all will probably laugh at my list. I scare super easily and make a point of not watching movies that will scare me too badly. But these are the movies I’ve managed to watch (I have not watched 1 movie from Michelle’s list, though I’ve started some of them) from beginning to end that have scared the bejeezus out of me.

  1. Saw – only the first one, because you couldn’t convince me to watch another one after the first one.
  2. Final Destination – again, only the first one. same reason. no convincing me to watch another one.
  3. Arachnophobia – I’m not even scared of spiders, but this movie had me jumping for weeks. I did watch it when I was like 10 years old, to be fair.
  4. The Birds – I only vaguely remember this movie because I watched it once and a good part of it I was hiding under a pillow.
  5. The Ring – holy shit, that girl crawling out of the TV!! I took the tv out of the bedroom for a while after that one so I could sleep!
  6. The Hills Have Eyes – So creepy! If I hadn’t paid to see this one, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. Who dragged me to see this at the theater? Kiko, who got a kick out of my response, BTW.
  7. Devil – They all get stuck in an elevator and shit happens. I don’t remember this one very well, I watched most of it hiding my face in Kiko’s shirt at a theater.
  8. Paranormal Activity – The “found footage” genre is too much for me. Holy shit. It makes my home feel unsafe. And they got me to watch a few of them… they finish off my list.
  9. Paranormal Activity 2 – yeah they got me to watch another one. I’m not sure how. I slept like shit for weeks.
  10. Paranormal Activity 3  – I think my memory must have failed me, because somehow I was convinced to watch a 3rd one. I honestly think I haven’t watched a “horror” movie since this one though.

Not saying these movies are good, but they scared me. And they may be the only 10 scary movies I’ve ever watched LOL! I had to dig to come up with 10!

What are your favorite scary movies? Are you a horror fan like Michelle? Or chicken like Berls?

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5 responses to “Spooky Saturday ~ Top 10 Scary or not so Scary Movies!

  1. The Ring scared the absolute crap out of me! When I was about 8 I went to a sleepover and we watched Pet Semetary (my mother was LIVID when she found out) and it was traumatizing! It was years before I watched another even vaguely scary movie. I love Hitchcock movies for creepiness – particularly any that have Cary Grant. That man can do vaguely sinister so perfectly. This year in a Not So Scary movie list my goal is to watch Hocus Pocus. I’ve never seen it but it looks like a fun one to watch.

    • Totally recommend The Chipmunks meet the wolfman. It’s the cutest movie and the songs are fun. When I was, I think about 8-ish I had a sleepover and we watched the exorcist. I didn’t sleep for weeks. Hitchcock movies are the best….especially Psycho. Hocus Pocus is the best movie, I have plans to watch it next weekend with my daughter.

  2. The Birds is a great movie, I actually enjoyed it a lot and as a kid thought it was creepy. I even now question why all those birds are sometimes in a parking lot, staring at me.
    I hate spiders so that movie always creeped me out. It wasn’t really scary for me but more ecky. lol
    Your list is pretty good and I am quite impressed by the movies you have watched. Just watch the first horror movie ever made. You will not be disappointed!

  3. I love spooky month but for some reason don’t watch a lot of scary films? That’s weird I guess! I did go see em as a teenager though so I’ve seen most of the older ones. 🙂 I love the Birds though!!!