Spooky Saturday! Our favorite things in October!

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It’s that time of year again when we share some spooky fun in October. Every Saturday we will share a fun little topic.

This weeks topic is Our Favorite things in October.

Michelle’s Favorite Things

October is one of my favorite months, it’s of course the spooky season but also just the month that things start to get cooler and stuff gets more cozy. During the month of October, I love to do all things spooky, I am excited to share a few of my favorite things

  • Spooky Saturdays with my husband ~ We watch scary stuff during the month of October. We binge watch shows and even watch a bunch of horror movies. It’s my favorite thing to do with him. This weekend we plan to watch Midnight Mass from Netflix, I am hoping it is a good pick for the start of our Scary Saturdays.
  • Pumpkin everything ~ I loved Pumpkin before Pumpkin was cool. I would drink pumpkin tea and use creamer all before the pumpkin patch exploded and everything became pumpkin. I love to carve them too. We tend to do that closer to Halloween but my favorite is the pumpkin seeds. Only problem with eating a lot of pumpkin seeds is the porcupine poops you get after. TMI? Sorry!
  • The Leaves changing colors ~ It just makes everything so pretty.
  • Halloween decorations ~ I do love to decorate my house but I also love looking at other peoples houses.
  • Nights get longer ~ I said it, I love that the nights start to get longer. The sun sets early and while day light savings isn’t until the first week of November, I do love when the sun sets early because I am one of those people that like when it gets dark early.
  • Smells of October are always so amazing, things smell crisp and smokey. (probably burning leaves) I love the crisp smell of Autumn.
  • Baking ~ I am not a big baker but October makes me bake all the yummy thing. Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Apple Crisp, Cinnamon Whatever. I just love a good fall dessert.
  • HORROR MOVIES & MUSIC ~ YUP all the horror all the time. I love to watch all the creepy and have a few (but this one is my favorite Spotify playlists) that I have on repeat for the entire month of October.

Berls’ Favorite Things

So I am not nearly as enthusiastic about Fall as Michelle. I love my summers and the heat and I hate when it gets dark early. BUT October does have some pretty good features too! So my favorite October things:

  • I like fall fashion. The colors and layers are a lot of fun.
  • I love Halloween. I think because I grew up not celebrating, so I’m so excited to come up with traditions with Dante. I’m debating whether we should carve pumpkins this year of pull out some finger paint for Dante to paint pumpkins. Or maybe he’s still too young.
  • Costumes – I know that’s Halloween – but I love the kids all dressed up and cute. Me, I could skip, but I love the kids in costumes.
  • The state fair! Technically the state fair comes to Texas in September, but it stays into October and that’s always when I tend to go. I love the rides and the food!
  • I agree with Michelle, fall smells are amazing.
  • Apple cider! When I was a kid we leaved near orchards and would get to go pick apples in the fall. I don’t live anywhere near there anymore, but I still love my apple cider. While everyone else freaks out about the pumpkin flavors, I’m going wild for cider, hot or cold.

What about you? What do you love about October?

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4 responses to “Spooky Saturday! Our favorite things in October!

  1. I love fall. My big thing is getting all my perennials planted. But I am finishing up all the places I can have them so in future years it will just be replacing any that died. I make a great pumpkin muffin which maybe I should do later today. I don’t like the earlier dark but I do like cooler temps and having a fire. And I love apple time.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: 🎧 When the Ghosts Come Home by Wiley Cash
    • I would love to have a fireplace to do cozy fires. Because of Ida we don’t have apple picking this year but I need to get out to get some so I can make some apple bread and pies.