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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Weeks 4 & 5

Sorry I didn’t manage to make a post last week. Things had been really rough week 4. Taking care of a 6 month (7 months yesterday!) baby during this, while also trying to work has not been easy. And we had a major grant ( more than $40 million) grant application due on the 15th, so work was intense to top it off. Thankfully they are still wiling to work with me working odd hours – I start at 5am Monday – Friday, work during naps, and then finish off my hours on the weekend.

On top of work being intense, I’ve just had to spend some time figuring Dante out. Week 4 I felt like I was getting the  hang of it… and then he fell off the bed. Michelle will tell you (because I called her panicked) it freaked me out. Let me tell you, I was right there with him. I was folding laundry and I looked down to pick up the next piece, looked back up and he was going over! He could not have moved that fast even a week ago. He can’t crawl quite yet, but he scoots. And apparently quickly now. He didn’t fall far – we have a box spring but no frame. And he fell onto carpet. And he’s completely fine, but I was pretty freaked for the next 4-5 days.

And then he was just so damn fussy and I was like, does he have an ear infection? Is he sick? Did I break him? Then he started waking up super early! He’s been sleeping through the night since like 6 weeks old and this week, Monday he woke up at 3:30. I was like, WTF?! And 4am on Tuesday. And 4:30 on Wednesday. This was a problem because: (1) Mommy’s tired, (2) I need to work at 5am, and (3) this shit cannot become our new normal.

Well I think I figured out the problem. He wasn’t napping y’all. Only two, 30 minute naps a day. They don’t even count as real naps at this age. I’m so used to daycare taking care of naps and having him in a routine so that he napped on his own on weekends, that I didn’t realize what was happening. So Wednesday I took control of naps – lying him down and letting him cry a bit. First nap, he cried 15 minutes before going to sleep – and I went to console him at 5 minutes and 10 minutes. But second nap, he went down in 5 minutes. And both naps he slept 2 hours! Baby was tired! And guess what? He slept all night Wednesday night. Thursday and F riday, I put him down for naps and he hardly cried at all. He was like, “mom, I’m so glad you finally figured out what I was trying to tell you!” and he’s been so happy and able to play by himself a bit again. Phew!

My husband does not agree with the cry it out method, but y’all he’s not the one at home with him so he can deal. Plus, I’m not letting him cry for hours. Just a few minutes. And who ever said being a parent meant never making your child do something unpleasant to them for their own good? Not a good parent, that’s for sure.

So with naps figured out, I feel like I might be able to make this thing – our quarantine new normal – work a bit better. I feel like figuring out naps were like the key to figuring out Dante.

The only other big thing going on is that my back is KILLING ME. A few reasons, I’m sure:

  1. I get monthly massages to take care of myself. My last one was at the end of February 🙁
  2. I’m not really having time to exercise – a lot more sitting. I take one or two walks a day with Buffy, but otherwise, I’m sitting in my not-as-ergonomic-as-work desk chair or on the floor with Dante.
  3. Dante… picking baby up, bending over to take care of baby, etc.

I’ve started changing his diaper sitting down so I don’t have to bend and hurt my back. And I’m taking Tylenol regularly for the pain. I’m putting IcyHot on it and I’m trying to stretch. I’m sitting in a massage chair thingy. But yeah, I’m in serious pain and it suck.

Anywho, that’s my last couple weeks. Finding a way to make this quarantine work, because despite talk of opening up soon, I think we either do it for a while longer or do it again way before we want to.

Blog News

Okay, so I think I’ll be doing blogging on Saturdays in this new normal. Sunday – Friday I have to work when Dante is napping and by evening, I just want to eat dinner with a little TV and get to bed. I’m going to try and see if I can do a little blogging while Dante is awake during the week, since he’s less fussy now (*fingers crossed*) and is doing better playing by himself (I want to make sure he doesn’t get too used to constant attention, as they can’t give him that at daycare).

Lots going on with the blog – COYER Quarantine is in full swing, we kick off the Can You Read a Series in a Month Challenge in May, and it’s time to make your #2020HW Summer Registration! Hope you can join us!

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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14 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Weeks 4 & 5

  1. “Did I break him” had me in stitches! The number of times I had that thought when the kid was younger, lol. I’m glad you sorted the naps and thus the nighttime!
    I’m with you on the backpain. I miss my desk and comfy office chairs at work!

  2. Man! You have had a rough week! I’m so glad you figured out what was going on with your kiddo. I’m sure that has made a world of difference for both of you. 🙂 I hope the rest of this week works out well for you. I’m sorry about the back pain. Back pain is the absolute worst and can be terrifying at times. P.S. IL (I work there don’t live there) just extended their shelter in place to May 30th. I’m glad but sad too.

    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted: Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up {20}
  3. Well done on figuring out the naps, and cutting out those crazy early starts. Anything to make a life a little easier at the moment. We are all multi-tasking so much at the moment, life is extra hard. And my back is in BITS too. I blame my chair as it’s not as good as my chair in the office. And even though I am walking twice a day, my back feels so stiff and sore. Can’t even make myself do yoga, although it would probably help if I did. I hear you on wanting a proper massage.

    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday : Titles That Would Make Good Band Names
  4. He’s 7 months or so right? I’d say growth spurt might be playing a part for the fussiness/waking up early thing. I had the same thing with my son and then eventually things settled down a bit and I realized NONE of his clothes fit. I’m glad you figured out the nap thing. It’s definitely tough! In general I’m not a fan of the cry it out but we had to do it a couple of times. My husband had to leave and run errands it bothered him so much! But this too shall pass. It’s hard to believe when you’re in it but these phases go by so fast and then you’re on to the next crazy challenge! I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I have neck issues and am missing my chiropractor! Hope you have as calm a week as you can!

    • Yep, 7 months! I do think it was mainly the naps, since he wasn’t sleeping more than an hour a day and now he’s sleeping 4 hours. But I wouldn’t doubt a growth spurt too! He’s always growing on me!

      Oh no, I bet you are missing the chiro! I heard those offices are staying open, but at the same time, it’s better to not go if you can afford not to.
      Have a great, safe week!

  5. Jen

    Sounds like a tough transition. I remember my oldest rolled of the diaper changing station onto the hard wood floors. I was so upset with myself he wasn’t even rolling over yet and… but he was fine and is now 16 and smart as a whip. So, it’s all good. I’m glad you figured out the naps. Great job. I hope things ease up a bit for you.

    • Oh yikes! Hard wood! I”m sure you freaked. From what i”m hearing, falling off of something is a bit of a rite of passage for babies – they will do it no matter how careful you are as a parent. Glad to know he’s fine – I keep telling myself that I didn’t break him, but I also know I will worry for a while…
      We’re doing much better this week so far! Phew! Have a great, safe week!

  6. Oh boy, what a week of adjustments. Glad the nap schedule got worked out. What a relief. My first tow weeks of working from home was murder on my back. I was walking around the house all hunched over like an old lady. I had to go into the office for a couple hours one day and you better believe I brought my big, comfy, ergonomic desk chair home with me. LOL Since then… aces. 🙂 I hope you find a solution that works for you – because back pain sure sucks.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: The Sunday Post #204
    • O h how nice that you were able to get your good chair! I wish I could – they have said we can take home computers, chairs, etc – but I’ve been working from home since the first phase got sent home, well before they said we could take stuff. And now it’s too complicated to go on campus. So I’m just making do.

      Hope you have a great , safe week!

  7. Hey Berls! Isn’t quarantine fun (not!!) lol. Glad the naps thing is working out. It can be so hard to know sometimes! I remember when mine were that little and they started moving- yikes they’re like little speedsters.

    Thanks for boosting me on Twitter!! 🙂

    Be safe and well!

  8. Yes that is part of the new normal, figuring things out and then something changes and there is more solving it. But I am so glad you figured out the naps. I will say my daughter loved to sleep and never cried when put down but then at night I did often let her fall asleep in my arms after feeding. When I was home I wanted to hold her all the time. She was good about playing in a playpen later and she LOVED the swing the most. But they are all different.

    I get you on the back thing. We are missing our chiro / massage appts too. We could still go to the chire but don’t want to go out. Many people do not have good office chairs / equipment at home. When we got the new house, I bought good chairs for both of us in our office. We spend a lot of time there.

    Stay safe and have a great week! Happy reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Read A Series in a Month Challenge May 2020 Results
  9. Glad he was okay from the fall. They are so quick. And, glad that you were able to figure out the naps. You’re doing great. It has been interesting adjusting.

    Have a good week, Berls!

  10. Glad to hear you figured out that he was missing his naps and was acting fussy because of that. It seems so difficult to figure out what babies need as they can’t tell you. Hopefully things go smoother again after this. And that must’ve been quite the scare when he fell, I am glad to hear he’s okay. I hope you can find something that helps for your back, it’s annoying to be in so much pain. I regularly get shoulder pain due to my work and it’s hard to find ways not to hurt it or overdo it. I hope you’ll have a good week and stay safe!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #383