Sunday’s Week in Review plus BEA on Monday ;)

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Sunday’s Week in Review
I was totally unprepared.
No BC, No Camera and No Plan
Walking into BEA I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Next year I will be bettered prepared. I had such a great time.

I went with my sister who is also a very big book reader like myself. I have been asking her to come on with me to do reviews on this blog but she is a time travel romance chick and will not change her genre. I have tried to explain she doesn’t know what she is missing. 🙂

I had decided to do Power Reader day since it was open to the public, this is my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect. We had left at 6:30 in the morning since we live in NJ it only took us 1/2 hour to get there. Parking and the short walk to the Javits center we were in to register at 7:00. I was so excited. We sat in line and waited till the event opened at 9:00. We meet some really nice people and chatted about what to expect when we walked in. They gave us the tip to just walk in and grab books because if the event starts at 9 all the books are gone by 9:20. I thought it was funny that you really had to do that. I felt bad just taking them with out asking if it was ok but everyone else was doing it so I did too.

Now my mistake was not planning out who we wanted to see and I felt bad we missed a few authors. Especially one my sister wanted to see. I can’t say we didn’t see anyone we did but there was a group of people at the Penguin Booth I missed and I was rather bummed but next year I HAVE A PLAN!!! lol and I will map it all out like I do when I go to Disney.

Honestly I did grab a couple of really great books and I made sure to grab a few for my kids. Getting each of them one book that is signed by the author.

For My Son ~ Big Nate Game on By Lincoln Peirce
These are his favorite books. He was so happy and told everyone 
he could that he got a book that was signed by Lincoln Peirce 😉

For My Daughter ~ American Girl Saige by Jessie Haas
My daughter was just as happy. we are just starting to discover American girl dolls so this is a great starter book for her when she is ready to read
I did get yelled at while we were there and that was a totally miss understanding on the persons part. They were putting out books for a signing I just wanted to see what book it was, I went to take it and was about to ask if they were signing soon. The lady snapped at me and pretty much ripping the book out of my hand
 “You can’t take that” ‘It’s not for taking”.
I smiled and said “I just was looking at it. I don’t take things unless I ask first”. I picked it up again then just put it down and walked away. Even if I wanted it signed I wasn’t going to, thought the lady was rather rude to assume I was taking it and snapping at me like that. Oh well =^/
But regardless of that one incident Really had a great time.
I was so excited to meet Michelle Pickett and turning into a total spaz. 
I walked over and she said do you want me to sign it to you,
I said yes my name is Michelle as she signed the only thing i was able to get out of my mouth was “can’t wait to read this” total dork moment lol
at least she didn’t write To Michelle, You’re a Dork!
Plus I was able to get this book. I have been wanting to read not it wasn’t signed
I did rather well for my first Expo experience 🙂
I only post this picture cause my son is creeping 
in the corner because I took his book 🙂
This is a better and neater picture of my book loot
Let’s see if I can list all the books I got
(ok I just wrote them all down on a paper and my husband thinks 
I’m a nut…. after 15 years you’d think he would realize that already)
So My Loot List……
  • Covet ~ Tracey Garvis Graves
  • Mrs. Poe ~ Lynn Cullen
  • Perfection ~ JL Spelling ~Signed
  • Flora & Ulysses ~ Kate DiCamillo
  • The Templeton Twins 2 ~ Ellis Weiner
  • How to Love ~ Kate Cotugno
  • Reason to Breathe ~ Rebecca Donovan (so sad I missed her but happy I got to have a book)
  • The Inventors ~ Chad Morris
  • The Boy who swam with Piranhas ~ David Almond
  • Roller Girls Falling Hard ~ Megan Sparks
  • The Hunt ~ Andrew Kukuda
  • Paris My Sweet ~ Amy Thomas ~ Signed
  • The Candy Shop War 2 ~ Brandon Mull ~ Signed
  • The Last Present ~ Wendy Mass
  • The Misadventures of the Magician’s Dog ~ Frances Sackett
  • Farworld ~ J. Scott Savages
  • Janitors ~ Tyler Whitesides ~ Signed
  • Carnal Machines & Seductress ~ Various ~ Edited by DL King ~ Signed
  • Walking Disaster ~ Jamie McGuire
  • The Kingdom of Little Wounds ~ Susann Cokal
  • The Vicious Deep ~ Zoraida Cordora
  • The Secret of Ella & Micha ~ Jessica Sorensen ~ Signed
  • Call of the Jersey Devil ~ Auerlio Voltaire ~ Signed
  • The Way of Kings ~ Brandon Sanderson 
  • Super Schnoz & The Gates of Smell ~ Gary Urcy
  • Mrs. Noodlekugel & 4 Blind Mice by Daniel Pinkwater
  • Penguin Pandemonium ~ Jeanne Willis
No I just can’t wait to start reading some of them.
A couple of the books are a number 2 
but it’s ok since I have wanted to read them anyway.
I know people got a lot more than me but I figure I did good for my first time 🙂
Decides that I was able to finish an amazing book
Hoping to have the review finished by the end of this week
and I also finished
I am now reading a book for a Blog tour that is coming up soon
Evertaster by Adam Glendon Sidwell
So now with my new loot and a couple more books that I just discovered looks like I will have to redo my Summer reading list again.
Hope I can finish it before summer is over 🙂
Hoping to be able to finish both book before the weekend but I’m so behind on Game of Thrones I really need to catch up since I am now not going on my personal facebook because people keep posting spoilers I don’t want to see 🙁
Have a great week
Happy Reading

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