3 Star #Review ~ Camp Slaughter by Sergio Gomez with Spoilers

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I was looking for an old school type of horror book. Don’t let the 3 stars fool you, I did enjoy this book I just had an issue with the killer part of the book and a few other things. He had way to much inner-monologue and to much back story. I felt like his part of the book sort of fell apart for me. I feel like if I knew less about him, it would have made it more scary. I wasn’t a fan of him being “special needs” since it makes it seem like people with special needs always get blamed for being serial killers or crazy people in the woods. That right there, I knew this would be a 3 star. If this guy was just a person that had enough with the world and liked eating people, I would have been ok with that.

This review will contain slight spoilers. So if you don’t want to read any further just know I enjoyed reading it, like I said I could have gone without the special needs part being why the killer was a killer, but it had me pretty captivated until the end. Oh, lord the end.

————–Spoilers ahead!—————

This book is multi-pov. You get a few of the camper kids, two ghost hunters, the killer and a victim. No one in safe in this book, so don’t get too attached. I think they wanted you to get close to the characters only to have them die, which I get but the person I thought was the main MC died and I sort of lost focus. The book had a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe to it with a dash of Friday the 13th part 2. I originally thought the MC was Fred since when you get to the part of the kids, he seems to be the one that has the full back story, Gavin his friend, I figured was going to be the side character and all the rest of the kids background. I was totally wrong, which sort of makes no sense since when the killer takes out Fred, I was trying to figure out why I needed to know all that when the three kids that did survive I barely knew much about them. I was fine with people not making it out and it was sort of a shock because I was like damn I thought he/she was going to make it. The death scenes are a bit gory and sometimes you get the last few minutes of what the people are thinking which was bothersome.

Side note: I think we could have skipped the 14 year old boy trying to jerk off in the woods watching his brothers friends. Got a little uncomfortable reading that. Just saying.

The killer was ok but I didn’t understand the duel personality, like how did people know there was two people in his head. Plus how did the victim know which one she was seeing. It was very confusing. The idea of him killing a bunch of people, seemed over the top. Like all these missing people and the cops don’t seem to have any idea of what is going on but please feel free to continue camping in the area. That seems normal.  Plus he was shot 3 times, hit in the chest with an axe and his head bashed in with a big rock, but apparently he was just fine and able to walk away normally. Even Michael Myers was walking a little slower after he fell off the balcony. Plus the end, good lord, the end. It was basically a to-be continued. Like all bleeding with an axe wound and his head bashed in he GOT AWAY! Took some of this personal things and just left….What?

The three kids that got away, didn’t even seem that traumatized by what had just happened, I got a feeling they swiped their foreheads and was like, thank goodness we survived that craziness. I wanted a little more about the after of it all…maybe in the next book, I guess, I just wish they could have explained that since it made the book feel unfinished.

Overall, I had issues, while I had lots of issues, it was like watching a Syfy made for TV Movie. So I got what I wanted and might be interested if another book came out, at least see what happens…by that is a big MIGHT.

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