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When I got and advanced copy of this book I think I might have danced around the house all day. The first one was one of my favorites and I knew this was a series that I would love keeping up with because of the strong story and the wonderful characters. Lockwood, George and Lucy are just a great group of characters that have really wonderful chemistry and I laughed out loud quite a few times. Even though this story is a bit on the creepy side the characters are so funny but have a lot of depth. The story is told in the POV of Lucy, she is a tough cookie, Lockwood reminds me a bit of Sherlock Holmes and George is for sure is his Watson. Stroud makes it really hard not to fall in love with these characters since I find them to be just amazingly written. I will even say the ghost in the jar made me chuckle a few time, I honestly think he was one of my favorite characters in this book. The Fittes agents that are going against Lockwood & Company are just a bunch of jerks and you really want them to lose in the bet that Lockwood sets with them they are the best kind of enemies. All the characters in the books all work well together and I found them all to be very well written. Even the scary elements might not be that scary to adult (maybe more creepy if you actually think of the world he builds) but this would really make for a good spooky read for teens.

It amazes me how authors come up with stories and how they can create all those details to make a story that works. This is such an original take on ghost and ghost hunting. Even though I am not 100% sure the year this is set in. I can tell you it is pretty much an alternate London and I love they way it is done and I love the writing style he has. The entire concept of this book just blows me way with detail of how the world is. Speaking of world I think he has a fantastic world build. At certain points I found it to be a little slow really because it has so much detail going on but it didn’t stop me from loving it any less. The amount of creepiness and scary tension in this book makes it a wonderful read it really is a ghost story that is really well done and it has a great amount of action as the story draws to a close and the reveal was a little predictable but interesting and had a great fight scene…Then the actual end….Oh the end…. just those last 3 words….I literally gasped….I now need the next one ASAP 😉

I adore this series and I look forward to reading all the books Jonathan Stroud writes the Lockwood & Co. series. I gave this book 4.5/5 stars. Filled with lots of action, mystery, humor and a whole lot of creepiness. I can’t recommend this series enough. Young, old this is a must read…I just want to know when someone is going to make this into a movie!

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7 responses to “#Review ~ The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud

    • OMG it’s fantastic and a great horror (sort of) read. I think you will really like it. Yes I am dying for the next one now! It really is a great series