Tell Me Something Tuesday: Bad reading habits

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Tell Me Something Tuesday

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Bad reading habits I’d like to kick

Last week was good reading habits and I felt like I was really stretching because it was so much easier to think of bad habits I’d like to kick. I don’t have a lot, but the ones I have I REALLY want to get better at.

So my bad reading habits:

  • Waiting too long to write reviews. Sometimes, when I’m on a good roll, I write a review basically as soon as I finish reading a book. But most the time, I don’t write a review until I’m thinking about posting it on the blog. And since I only do like 1 review a week (on a good week), that can mean a lot of time goes by without me ever writing the review. I really want to get better at this. I used to be great at it, so I know I can do it.
  • Buying books and not keeping track of them. My goodreads shelves are atrocious. I think the only thing correct is the books I have read (at least since I started blogging). I don’t know what I own, virtually or in hard copies. I frequently go to buy a book on Amazon and discover I already own it. I need to really make a plan for the books I buy. As a COYER co-host (hell, COYER creator) this is a sad state of affairs and needs to be remedied.
  • Starting series and never going back to them. I think this is why my Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge is one of my favorites – it’s one of the only times I actually finish reading a series. Way too often I start one and fully intend to finish it, only to forget about it and start another. And another. And so on.

Okay, so I know it’s only 3 bad habits, but they’re BIG ones that are going to take some doing to fix. I really feel like conquering my Goodreads organization is the secret to fixing the rest. Or at least improving them.

What are some bad habits you’d like to kick? Or have already conquered?

Next week’s question: Share some book covers that you love.

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14 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Bad reading habits

  1. I reread each and every book I review (except when I’m pressed for time because it’s an ARC), as in, after the first read I write a mini on Goodreads, and after the second I write a full review. But I need to have the book fresh in my mind, even if it made a huge impression. Um…I can’t think of any bad reading habit? 😶 I just read LOL.

  2. Yeaaaahhh…I wait too long to write reviews all the time. I try to take notes and I even got a review pad to help me remember things if I do take a long time to write. Like right now I have at least 3 I need to write from books I read LAST month. oops. Also, YES my goodreads needs help. I even started a WHOLE NEW ONE to try to keep it under control. That backfired lol

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook recently posted: Would You Rather (Book Tag)
  3. Yeah I can relate to all those and work to keep myself out of them. I actually have a really good system for myself on Goodreads so that part I have worked on in the past, with minor adjustment as needed. I just did some updates to my shelves.

    I think this year there are so many things happening it’s hard to work on everything I want to improve.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: One by One by Ruth Ware
    • LOL I know! I feel like, while I’m a book blogger, reviews aren’t the main part anymore… which is weird. But for every 5 posts I do, maybe 1 is a review. Which furthers my willingness to slack :/ I finished a book Sunday and still haven’t written the review!

    • It’s the worst trying to write a review when you’ve read multiple books in between. Hell, even sleeping 1 night is enough to make me start losing details. I really need to get better at this.

  4. I have a few bad habits I really want to kick as well. I tend to have several books started or I need to read specific ones as review commitments and I pick up other books to read. It’s not a reading bad habit so much as book bad habit, but I tend to snag books and, don’t read them right away- or at all. I also tend to take more for review than I can possible read or listen to in the amount of time I have. I could definite work on these.