The Sunday Post ~ Well this week sucked ~ Week in READview! 2021

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Week in READview:

So this week was fun…we started the week off with my getting laid off. That is correct, I LOST MY FUCKING JOB! After 21 years, he sent me off with my last check and $200. But wait….If they get busy again, he plans to hire me back but if I find something else he wouldn’t blame me for taking it. So that pretty much means he isn’t hiring me back. Oh, I am also the only one that was let go, since we are so slow. I am hurt and angry. I am currently trying to apply for unemployment and getting my resume and portfolio together to start looking for a new job soon. I also want to brush up on some skills so I am ahead. 21 years in a place that really had no growth makes it hard for someone my age to compete with the younger people, so I need to try to learn and grow while I can. Sooooo….If you need anything or tell your friends.,

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Of course since I kept getting called from Social Security I went on the website last year and put in a claim and notified them that I was receiving calls. Welp…that worked on the calls but also now I think it makes me have to verify my identity so this is me waiting maybe another week to actually get unemployment so Thanks to my EX Boss for being so awesome.


I am forcing myself to wallow in self pity this last week but this week I need to just get over it and move on. While I am home I can get some stuff I need to get done while I search for jobs and advance my skills. I will not let this ruin me, I will get through it, might take a little time but it will happen eventually. I am stronger than this and I know I will be onto bigger and better things soon.

I obviously didn’t get a lot done this with on the blog but will be back to making posts next week since my daughter has a lot of practice this week and I will be spending a lot of time sitting in the car waiting. I should be able to start writing some posts while I wait for her. I also plan to spend time binge watching and reading just so I don’t spend too much wallowing in self pity.

I am disgusted and horrified by what happened at the Capital Building. This is completely sad and insane, I will not debate anyone, just stating how I felt about it.

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So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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22 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ Well this week sucked ~ Week in READview! 2021

  1. I am so sorry Michelle! I really hope they get your unemployment settled soon!! When we moved there was serious talk about me needing to find a job in my new city and let go of my old job. It was terrifying. I’ve been there 15 years. I’m so sorry that this was forced on you. It’s just an awful situation all the way around. You are strong though and you will come through this. I really hope this coming week is a fantastic one for you!

    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted: The Sunday Post {1/17/21}
  2. Sorry about your job! That really REALLY sucks. Wishing you lots of luck in brushing up on your skills and finding something better.

    I grabbed Romanov last year on a sale to fingers crossed it’s a good one! 😉

  3. Job hunting is hard for everyone right now, regardless of age, but I get what you mean. My resume is quite lean, but I haven’t been looking for traditional employment anyway. I’d love to work for myself, or remotely for someone else. I just know that I am NOT going back out into the world anytime soon. But I also live with my parents and my mom doesn’t mind having me around, so I get that freedom. I hope you can find something.

    Angie recently posted: Sunday Post #33: Getting ahead!
  4. I am so sorry that you lost your job, especially as you worked so long and hard at that job. What a bad start to the new year :(. I hope you can find something even better where you can develop and advance more. Let me know if there’s anything I can do help. I hope next week is a better one!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #421
  5. So sorry you lost your job and hope you can get through the unemployment hassel you are having! It’s not how you wanted it but maybe it will allow you to find a better job! Fingers crossed!

    Have a great week and happy reading!

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #334
  6. Oh wow. That sucks. Like majorly sucks. There’s no appreciation for company loyalty. I know a couple years ago, my uncle was let go from his job and he had been working for the company since he was 15 or 16. It was his first job and he worked his way up to the top and then one day, they just told him that was it. So he “retired” early. It’s disgusting what companies do. And especially now, when things are so unstable and unsure. I feel for you my friend, I truly do. I hope you are able to find something quickly. Hopefully you’ll find something even BETTER and it will be the job that was made for YOU! Plus side is you can start right away, companies like that too!

    I still want to read Romanov myself! I bought that…almost 2 years ago at a signing but haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m apparently too slow of a reader. Or I do too much of other things than read. It’s insane! Lol. Hope you enjoy your new read and your lineup for the week!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  7. Oh no, WTF? I’m sorry to hear this Michelle! Keep your head up and I’m sure you will find something better! I don’t blame you for being pissed off, though. That sucks!

    I couldn’t agree more about this week. I don’t even know what’s going on in this country right now.

    Anyway… Ink and Bone looks so good, I’ve been wanting toread that series for a while. Just never seem to get to it!

    Take care this week!