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I just don’t think I gave this book enough attention or at least didn’t promote it enough to get the attention it deserves.

Have you ever wanted to join the circus. After read this book I now do. 
Well to a point, cause the end kind of makes me not want to join the circus but everything else does….hope that’s not to confusing 😉
Showtime (Marvelle Circus, #1)
Showtime (Marvelle Circus #1)

5/5 Stars
The grandeur of the traveling circus is at its peak in the early 1920s when sixteen-year-old Laila Vilonia is searching for an escape from her bleak future. Behind the gates of the legendary Marvelle Circus, she is thrust into a mysterious world she never knew existed—a paradise populated with outcasts. It’s in this glamorous new home that Laila sparks a controversial romance with notorious sideshow performer, “The Disappearing Man,” and learns just how dangerous her new life can be.

Touring the picturesque eastern coast of America, Laila’s immersed in friendship, vaudeville, festivals, sequins, and serial killers. But behind the curtain, a sadistic plan is brewing that will crack the very foundation upon which she’s become so dependent

 I know what your thinking…“But Michelle you already posted a blog about this book”
Yes, Yes I did. But have you seen my earlier blog posts…They are really awesome (I’m totally lying) 

I loved this book, I don’t care if anyone else hated it. Something about it kept me reading. It was a very long read. Not page wise but story. It had a lot of information and I really felt like you got to really meet all the characters. Now lets hope the next book has a very strong story cause she already did a character build and I can’t, I mean I can’t, read the second book and have it build character all over again. Its just not going to work for me. She made the life in a circus so awesome but I really want a story/romance about Laila and The Disappearing Man. I wont spoil it but I will warn you the end of this book put a knot in my stomach. I wasn’t sure why it was done or what will happen in the next book because of it (I’m being so vague) but I’m hoping she will overcome or it will just go away cause that would make me happy. 

My original review still stands I do love this book. She asked for an Honest review when I wrote it. Apparently if I think about it longer then a day I have a bit of a different view but overall I still loved the book. 

So lets see my original review:

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review…I can honestly say I LOVED IT!!!! I’m not into writing reviews that give spoilers, I’ll just tell you it felt like a long read but well worth it. It was never boring or slow. All the characters especially the main character Laila was very likable even the villian type characters were written very well. Chloe Kayne painted a beautiful picture of living life with a circus in the 1920’s. I really loved the romance part of the story it wasn’t shoved down your throat like most books there was just enough to make you fall in love with Dex and wanted him and Laila get together. It really set up the next book nicely since I  felt this book was an intro to the circus and the people living in it. There was only one thing I can say “bothered” me, the relationship between Laila and her Mom was a little confusing but that pretty much was it with that being said I really would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a very good read!!! Enjoy!!!!

I still think it stands up to how I feel this many months later. UGH!!! I forgot about her relationship with her mom it was SOOOOO confusing and frustrating. Either they like each other or not, you can’t do both. (A love/hate relationship only works with sexy hot man not your mom)

I will be honest (since that seems to be a theme in this post, but now that I mentioned sexy hot men I’m wishing this blog post was about that instead..Anyway) If your going to the beach this summer or lounging around the yard by your little inflatable pool (like I will be that pretty much only fits one of my legs) this is a great book to pick up. It is truly a very good read.

In other news 🙂
Please don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a New “What’s on your bookshelf?” and My very first COVER REVEAL…I’m so excited about it.

I’m still reading Splintered by A.G. Howard and OMG I love this book. I am all about Morpheus!!! (I’m a bad boy lover) the next book I am reading will be After Realm by Renee Travis (I was offered to read it and it was actually a book I had seen on her blog and I wanted to read so I’m very excited about reading it)  Can’t wait to post these reviews. Hoping to have Splintered ready for Monday.
 I have a blog Tour for Personal Growth (Growing Roots series book #2) by Chelsea Falin….So please stop by and Show the author some love!! Both her books are Novellas and such great stories and written with so much passion. You can feel it as you read them.

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