Very Special WOYB….Raising Awareness for Autism

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Today is a Special 
What’s On Your Bookshelf?

Raising Awareness for Autism

Today I have a recommendation  
from an adorable young man
named Ryan (my son)
who is on the Autism Spectrum

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism
Chicken Boy
The Amazing Adventures 
of a Super Hero with Autism 
“I have a superhero inside my head. I call him Chicken Boy” proclaims our hero. What others may see as odd “quirks”, a child living with autism explains as all a part of his being a superhero. Told in the first person perspective, Chicken Boy offers a small glimpse into the mind of one child who wants others to understand they shouldn’t fear someone simply because that person is a little different

The publisher website:

Two book stores in NJ:

Why do you recommend this book for others to read?
For people who don’t have Autism to think of us as imaginary super hero’s and to understand how kids with autism feel. That they don’t want you to be scared of them. They want to be friends.

Why did you like this book?
It has really cool pictures and I like super heros.
I also liked the story it was fun to read.

Do you think this is a good book to teach others 
how to treat kids with Autism?
Yes because we are all different and different isn’t a bad thing.

This was all I was able to get from him. He quickly ran away saying I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!! and went back to play Angry Birds 🙂

As a parent I think this book is fantastic. Gregory Allen did a wonderful job in such detail explaining what a day or even a couple hours can be like for a kid with Autism. How they feel when they are out and how difficult it is for them to make friends. This book was a doorway to help Ryan understand what he has and make him realize what he does isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a Ryan thing. He also is more aware that there are other kids just like him that do similar things. He still has a way to go to understand exactly what Autism is but for now he feels a little bit better understanding why he thinks a little different than others, he said he’s ok with that because he thinks thinking different is awesome and I couldn’t agree more 🙂

Take some time to teach yourself and your kids about autism. 

Authors Info:
Gregory Allen
Please take a peek at this article for the Huffington Post by the Author Gregory Allen
 Hope you enjoyed this Special Post 
Until Next Time
Have a great day
Happy Reading
  Michelle and Ryan

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