#Wishlist ~ Books I added to my Amazon Wish List Intro Post…How I make my lists.

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So this is the intro post to a new post I plan to do every other week mostly on a Wednesday. We all have overflowing TBR list but I also have a wishlist on Amazon that is overflowing with books waiting for me to purchase. I usually wait until I read a few books before I grab more. I have three sections to this post. My Ebook Wishlist, My Kindle Unlimited Wishlist and My Shelf book Wishlist. Since this is an intro post I wanted to explain a little how I make my lists and what I plan to share with you.

I am very organized when I make my lists, I need every thing separate. When it comes to books I love my ebooks and will purchase paperback or hardcover if it’s a book I know I want to keep on my shelf. So sometimes I will add the book to both shelves or it might be a book I read and need to have on my shelf. So I have three lists on Amazon that are forever growing with books I want to purchase , so when I have the money or the gift cards to can get them.

Here is my lists and what I plan to share…..

My EBook Wishlist is for all the ebooks I want to devour

I have a bunch of them I want to read and I want to share with you new ones that I add and some that have been on my wishlist for a while. Maybe you can help me decided if I should keep them or delete them.

My Kindle Unlimited Wishlist is all my KU books I want to read.

KU books come and go and I know sometimes they don’t say with KU for long but some do. So I made a KU list. If for some reason the books aren’t available for KU I will move them to my EBook List. Maybe you can help me decided with this one too.

My Book Wishlist is all the physical books I want

Some books just need to be read in physical form and some I want the actual books because I loved it so much. This list I will share the ones I physically want unless I haven’t added any than I will tell you about the ones I read and need in book form. 🙂

So basically that is it. I know they have other memes like this out in the blogosphere but this is just a post I plan to do every so often and it wont be just one book. Please you all know me, I like to put my own spin on things….you will see in two weeks!

Do you make different amazon wishlists? What did you name them?

Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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8 responses to “#Wishlist ~ Books I added to my Amazon Wish List Intro Post…How I make my lists.

  1. I have multiple Amazon wishlists too! I don’t have one for physical books, since I don’t buy those. But I do have my regular “Kindle books” for books that I want, “Kindle Unlimited” for when I decide to get KU again, “WNDB” for all of the diverse books that I want, and “Price Watch” for sequels/prequels/ect of freebies that I’ve picked up. Oh, and a Coloring Book one which can also have pens/pencils/etc when I spot some that I like. 🙂

  2. Why am I not surprised to see you so organized in Amazon too? I have an Amazon wishlist, but I use it probably once or twice a year and then forget about it again. LOL! So yeah, never use it to buy me something – I probably have already bought what’s on it (or forgotten and don’t REALLY want it). Looking forward to this feature though 🙂

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  3. I don’t have an Amazon wishlist. I usually buy what I’m in the mood for or the ones that are recommended. Sometimes, it’s just because i love the blurb. I’m very disorganized. I tend to forget which ones the latest purchase or the newer ones and why I purchased them. So I end up not reading them all. I’m planning to buy a book just for blogging. To list all the books i purchased and the reasons why to help me decide my next read.

    Looking forward to your new meme. 😀

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    • I wish I had the money to do that 🙂 I usually put them on my wishlist and wait for them to go on sale. So I can grab a bunch at 99 cents instead of 2.99 or higher. If I REALLY want the book I’ll grab it at any price but with KU I can grab a lot. Physical books are rare for me. I actually prefer ebook over physical.

  4. I don’t really have an Amazon wishlist per se, my wishlist is a sheet of paper in a notebook lol (I’m sooo organized) but there are definitely books that I want to have in physical form. And I sometimes find that after reading so many ebooks, that when I get a particularly desired physical copy I’m all like happy lol. 🙂

  5. I normally am very organized, but my book wishlists aren’t one of those things I am organized with. In most cases I use goodreads to keep track of which books I want and I have a wishlist there, but I also have an amazon wishlist and a wishlist on the bookdepository. The wishlist on the bookdepository is for physical books only, but it’s not like all the books I want are actually on there. My amazon wishlist is for amazon only books or books I probably want to read on my ipad. There are also books I will buy on Kobo, but I don’t have a wishlist there, I am not sure if they even have that option. So it’s a bit of a mess. I like how you have clear lists for different goals, seems handy. Looking forward to see what you’ve planned for this feature 🙂

    • I usually use goodreads but recently I have been grabbing alot of books I see on Facebook so I have added them to a list on Amazon. I just really started it. It doesn’t take long to make it grow very large lol. I am excited about the features, I hope people come to visit!

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