2017 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ June Check In

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2017 Bookish Resolutions Progress Report lets you check in every month to tell us know how you are doing with your Bookish Resolutions and keeps you moving closer to your goal. We look forward to cheering you on to success!

So how is it going?

I haven’t been doing too bad, but I need to work on keeping myself ahead, that seems to be my biggest problem this year. I found that when I am ahead I am a lot less stressed and being less stressed is best! (that rhymed) The next update will have the switching and replacing so if you want to get rid of a goal or update it in August will be your chance to do that.

We started a FB Group to keep us all connected and share our goals. Plus it’s a great place to help people accomplish some goals and cheer each other on. So make sure to head on over to FB and join the group.

My Progress Report:

All new stuff is in RED

Reading Goals

  • Read 25 Books I already own prior to 2017
    • Jan & Feb ~ 8 books so far…Not bad 🙂
    • March & April – Still at 8, it’s been slow reading so far this year
    • May & June ~ Go me I am at 11 🙂 
  • Read 15 books off my book shelf
    • Nothing yet, once COYER is over, I will be grabbing from my shelf
    • I have read 2 so far 
    • I have read 6 shelf books so far 🙂 
  • Start 1 New Series with more than 4 books, finish all books published by end of year.
    • I am working on what series to pick, I think I found one but I already read book 1 if I cant find another I will go with that and let you know which book on the next update.
    • I am planning to do this in the summer! Still trying to figure out what series I want to do . 
    • I actually want to start the Goddess Girls series I am not sure I’ll finish them all but I am going to try 
  • Read at least 5 Next book in series
    • I have read 1 so far.
    • I have read 3 so far.
    • Still at 3, want to make sure they are series I started before this year

Blog Goals

  • BLOG AHEAD! – Make blog at least 2 weeks ahead at all times
    • I am working on the two weeks but so far I have been one week ahead.
    • I am a solid one week ahead, busy life has prevented it from becoming two weeks but I am trying 🙂 
    • Still one week ahead and at the moment I am ok with that but I am still working for a solid 2 weeks
  • Respond to ALL Comments & Comment back.
    • I am really working on this, I have been good so far but will start fresh March 1st.
    • Not so good 🙁 Life this last 2 months has me so crazy. Lets hope the next few months are better
    • I am trying, comments I am getting good at the reply back is hard but I am really trying. 
  • Visit at least 5 new blogs a week (ex. from the Sunday Post)
    • I haven’t done this sadly, I am having a hard enough time keeping up with visiting friends blogs, I am working on a schedule on how to visit (I might change this one in June to read just blogs and not new)
    • Not 100% but this last Sunday I actually visited a few new people and it was fun, I want to try again next Sunday (not today just got off the 24 hour readathon)
    • I am doing ok with this, I have been visiting new to me people, maybe not 5 a week but its a good number a month

Personal Goals

  • Menu Plan ~ Plan menu 2 weeks ahead for dinner and grocery shopping (time and money saver)
    • Like blog ahead, I am only one week ahead on this but I am working on it. It’s still early
    • I was doing very good but have fallen away from this because life got so busy, now that things are starting to settle I am jumping back in! 🙂 This saved a lot of time and money and I need to get moving on it again
    • I am hoping the summer will allow me to get back to this, I have been very bad. Half the year I will do better! 🙂 
  • Quit Smoking~ I quit on November 20, 2016  – I need to stay quit this entire year. (NO CHEATING)
    • So far so good! I am still a non smoker. So far I am 4 months Smoke Free. 🙂
    • Still smoke free 🙂 



How are you doing with your goals?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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7 responses to “2017 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ June Check In

  1. Good job you for being smoke free! I know it isn’t easy as I watched both my grandma and my mother quit. It’s no easy task. That alone should make you super proud!

    And congrats on the rest of your progress. 😊

    Stephanie recently posted: 2017 Halfway Point Check-In
  2. Yay for the quitting smoking! That’s awesome. I so wish my BIL would. He’s quit a few times but it never seems to take and I think he’s given up quitting. Menu planning is hard! I do 2 weeks at a time but have learned that for me the most important thing is to have a list of meals that I already have all the supplies for and then kind of pick from that each day. Some days a complicated meal just isn’t going to happen and the times I really tried to force it we ended up ordering pizza or something. Typically I’m a planner but I learned I needed a little flexibility there.

    Katherine recently posted: Friday Linkups: No River Too Wide
    • I wish my husband would quit too. He keeps saying he will but just doesn’t. I was doing so good 2 weeks ahead and I try to plan out more like 5 meals a week and mix and match if the day and that meal isn’t going to work. I do better with plans

  3. That’s awesome that you quit smoking, I remember you mentioning it before and 7 months! Wow. Nice. Looks like you’re doing pretty good at staying ahead too, a week is nothing to sneeze at. Mine fluctuates, sometimes I’m ahead and other times… it’s iffy lol.

    Greg recently posted: Dangerous Girls
    • Thank you! I was harder to stop than it is to stay stopped. I have my moments but haven’t even cheated. I would like it to be a solid two weeks but I also realize my life is crazy busy right now so a week isn’t that bad. At least I’m not doing posts the night before.