5 Star Series #Review ~ The Dragon’s Gift Trilogy by Jasmine Walt & May Sage

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The Dragon’s Gift Trilogy

by Jasmine Walt & May Sage

I am doing this review a little different and going to just talk about this series that I completely fell in love with. I wont be giving any spoilers really but you might want to read at your own risk or maybe just skip down to the overall section at the end of the post.

I am totally spoiled, like any reverse harem I read now has some big shoes to fill. I gave each book 4 stars but the series as a whole is a solid 5 Star series. First off, look at these covers! I am in love with them and how massive the dragons are. I am so glad I read this series, I actually read it for Can you read a series in a month challenge. I was so sad to see this series end.

So lets go with a little back story (more from the first book) There is three kingdoms. Dragons, Elves and Warlocks. The Dragons and the Elves has been in a almost never ending battle. Their goddess cursed the Dragons with infertility in all female dragons and the only way to pass the blood line down is for the King at the time to find a Dragon’s Gift. One woman that can give birth to the next Dragon King. Along comes Dareena, she is a bar maid with no family and with the Dragons Gift festival coming up she refuses to take the advances of her boss, a creepy fellow, he is. Dareena secretly hopes she will be the Dragon’s Gift but she is not the same as the other girls, beautiful yes but the complete opposite of what they usually look for. They look for Blonde Girls with light skin not the Dark Haired Beauty that Dareena is. Dareena wasn’t expected to get picked, she wasn’t expecting to be the Dragons Gift and she sure as hell was NOT expecting to fall in love with the three Dragon Princes.

Drystan, Lucyan, and Alistair are the best guys, gentle with Dareena but very protective and THEY ARE DRAGONS!!!! You don’t get a lot of shifting in the first book but eventually they all do it and it’s AWESOME! I loved the interactions between them and her. I found the steamy parts to be enjoyable (very) and there wasn’t a lot of it. It didn’t take over the entire books and I actually enjoyed that. You do have to remember she is sleeping with three men so there will be more sex scenes but they don’t take up pages after pages and they are done so well in my opinion. I actually enjoyed reading them. Some books I tend to skip over if the scene is dreadfully long, or just never seems to end. This I liked.

Dareena was a wonderful MC and the POV sort of switches throughout the books but you really get a good background and sense of each character. I actually really liked Dareena but at times she did get on my nerves. I think it was the fact that she just wasn’t listening and trying to be all independent which I loved but it wasn’t the right time for that. ;D It was fast that she went from being a shy virgin to an all out sex hungry woman but for me it worked, I loved how Dareena was such a shy timid girl but grows throughout the series to become a confident independent kickass woman. She really grows the most in this series and it just made me like her even more.

The story was intense and I hung on every word. The secondary characters I loved. The Princes, sisters and even the Elf Prince and Princess but they had some really obnoxious characters that would make me so frustrated but it worked so well with the story. I world build wasn’t as detailed but enough to not really impact the story. You sort of get the idea of how this world works and the 3 kingdoms in it. Each book has a cliffhanger (except the last, obviously) and it made me glad that the series was all out otherwise I would have been freaking out not knowing what was going to happen next. When I was completely finished with this series I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the characters. I loved how the story wrapped up. Would I have liked more? YES! but I get it. I will for sure miss this group of characters and spending time in this world.

Overall this series was epic for me. I couldn’t put it down and read each book one after the other. I did try to read another book between 2 and 3 and that just didn’t happen. Want to try a reverse harem? I recommend a million percent this series. Have you read reverse harem before? Well why haven’t you read this yet???? I can’t recommend this series enough. Dragons, mystery, epic-ness, sex and swoony love! Everything you need in a book. Seriously why are you still reading this…go get the books!!! 😉

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4 responses to “5 Star Series #Review ~ The Dragon’s Gift Trilogy by Jasmine Walt & May Sage

  1. Alright Michelle, you have me super curious. Actually, you had me at *dragons* BUT if a series has you this excited…well, it’s something I need to take a look at. 😉 This sounds really well done with the world building and character development. I’ve not read a reverse harem but they seem to be all the rage at the moment and this seems like a great one to start with. I’m so happy you enjoyed this trilogy so much!

  2. I bought the first book in this series, but haven’t read it yet. I did read another book by Jasmine Walt that I enjoyed, so I hope to eventually read this series as well. You definitely make me curious about it! The cover really are gorgeous. Good to know there isn’t a lot of shifting in the first book, but it is cool they are dragons! I was wondering about that. And that’s nice the sex scenes were well done. It can be hard to find a book with the correct balance when it comes to timing, length and how often the sex scene occur. It’s fun to see a character change so much throughout a series. Great review!

    • Thanks Lola! I think with it being a dragon shifting series you would expect more but i like the reason it’s not so soon in the book. The steamy ness of the scenes are good and with three men it can be overwhelming but this wasn’t at all. I really liked Dareena so it worked for me.