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I am honored to have on my blog today

Jianna Higgins

and her book Just Going: Lily’s Story

Wishing Jianna A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

About the Author

I live in New Zealand but I have an adopted American mom (adopted by love) so I’m part American. I have loved reading since I was very little and also creating stories. I tend to read in the genres I write – YA fantasy or contemporary, and womens’ fiction. Favorite book this year is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. He lives in Indianapolis which is where my mom lives, so maybe I’ll get to meet him if I can afford to get there. There’s no harm in dreaming.

I have worked as an elementary teacher but am currently working in the health and disability sector. My goal is to be a full time writer one day. My passions are taking my dogs to the beach and riding my snowboard, not at the same time. I go to the snow every year for my birthday but this year there’s no snow on the mountain. Not even a little bit. Luckily there is an indoor ski area in Auckland where I was born, so I’m heading there on the 3rd. It’s a good alternative.

One of the characters in Just Going: Lily’s Story is Alice, a 75 year old woman at the retirement facility where Lily works. I have written Just Wondering: Alice’s Story which focuses on her point of view. I am currently working on a third book in the series called Just Saying: Melanie’s Story which is from the point of view of the head nurse. I love stories where the characters go from a place of darkness to finding some light ,and that is my intention with these novels. I am also writing a sequel to my YA dark fantasy Destiny’s Alliance, and am almost finished the first two books in a New Adult supernatural trilogy.

If you’d like to connect I’m on twitter – @jiannahiggins and Facebook and Goodreads

About the Book


Synopsis of Just Going: Lily’s Story by Jianna Higgins


When 15-year-old Lily Sutton steals underwear from Wal-Mart, she still doesn’t get her parents’ attention. The crotchety old judge who is supposed to impose a fine takes one look at her private school uniform, dyed black hair and Goth-style makeup, and allocates her 50 hours community service at a retirement home. He thinks she will learn something. She disagrees.

On her first visit, Lily meets Alice, an elderly woman with an acerbic tongue who wants to escape, and her daughter Karen for whom she feels an instant warmth. Another character she meets is orange-haired Ruby who has been married five times and is looking for Mr. Six. The head nurse takes an immediate dislike to Lily, and she is her new favorite target. Because of a tragedy two years ago, Lily has made herself invisible. Will she cope if people start to see the hidden Lily? Slowly she comes to care for the residents and even becomes involved in their plots. She discovers there are people her age who find her worthy.

This story is about the effects of not having a loving parental bond. It is about abandonment, loss, strength and hope, where an instantaneous decision to steal cheap knickers set Lily on a brand new path. But the path is not smooth. There are people on it who will attempt to block her way.

On sale for .99c July 3rd – 5th

Just Going was a shortlisted finalist in the Writers’ Village International Novel Award 2014. It is currently nominated for a Global Ebook Award, A Kindle Best Indie Book Award and a Readers’ Favorite Award.

Just Going has been named as a Semifinalist in the Kindle Best Indie Book Awards 2014!

Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars

Just Going by Jianna Higgins is a wonderfully told story with several life messages. It’s about bullying, it’s about learning to love, not just those around you but yourself as well. It’s about looking at the hand life dealt you and learning to play it the right way. I was hooked from page one and didn’t stop reading until I had taken in every word. It’s a really well-written book, in easy to understand language and with a great storyline. I am looking forward to reading other books by this author, including other stories in the series.

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Thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out this amazing author and her book!

Hope you all have a great day and Happy Reading Name2014

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