Binge Watching HORROR! ~ Fear Street Trilogy

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Nothing says the Spooky Season like a good horror flick and these are some of my favorites if you are looking to get scared this Season!

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So I wasn’t sure what Fear Street would be about, I also assumed it was like the books for teens. Should have checked the rating, since I let my 13 year old watch it with us but they are good about things and it wasn’t too bad. It is very gory so that might be why the rating was R and mild sexual situations (but they closed their eyes). Oops! 🙂

Synopsis from Wikipedia:  The overall story centers around teenagers who work to break the curse from young witch Sarah Fier that has been over their town for hundreds of years.

  • Kiana Madeira as Deena
  • Olivia Scott Welchas Samantha Fraser
  • Benjamin Flores Josh
  • Ashley Zukerman as Nick Goode

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This was better than I thought it would be. I think I loved the characters the most. The movies take place in 3 different years but eventually comes back to the beginning again. I really liked that they used some of the actors in different years, especially 1666.

The Story follows Deena and Samantha. Two young girls that recently broke up but only because being gay in 1994 wasn’t something that was accepted. After an accident the kids accidentally summon the curse of Sarah Fier. The movies tell the story of how the curse was created but it works from back to front.

There is a lot of gory moments and cursing is strong. The only thing that bothered me was that the clothes, speech and feel of the movies was more today and less 1994 but overall I actually really liked it.

I would give this a 8/10.

Totally worth the watch (not with young kids) and just something to binge, if you are looking for a fun, interesting story with really good casting. This is the movies for you!

What movies are you binge watching this spooky season?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy watching!

Michelle xx

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6 responses to “Binge Watching HORROR! ~ Fear Street Trilogy

    • I felt like it doesn’t make sense unless you watch the other two. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy it. It reminded me of older horror movies and I always loved those.