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So I was going to give you a list of my favorite movie monsters and my favorite movie monster movies but I do that all the time and whether it’s killer clowns from outer space or my friend Jason. It’s the same list with the same stuff. So I wanted to tell you about the real movie monsters. The ones that scare me so bad, that I can’t even watch movies. It’s harder to find a killer that wont die believable but when the killer is a crazy back woods person that eats flesh and kills for no reason, I wont watch it, those are real people and that could actually happen.

Driving on a long road with no signs of life and you suddenly starts to hear weird noise, you drive a few more miles before you hear one more loud thump. Your tire is flat, you must have hit something. You manage to pull over just in time to not be stuck in the middle of the street. Damn, what do you do, no cell service and you haven’t seen a sign of life for hours. You sit in the car trying to decided your next move, why did you remove the spare tire. You are currently surrounded by trees and farms on both sides of the road but see no signs of people at all. You know that you will have to think of something soon before it gets dark. You peer at your phone one more time and decided that maybe you are in a bad section and just need to walk a little to find service. As you open the door of the car to get out you hear a rubbling noise and notice a truck coming towards you. The truck has seen better days, it is a green color with rust and dents over the front and side of the vehicle. As the truck pulls up along side you. You see a man, weather worn and dirty. A teenage boy sits in the passenger seat with his head down not looking in your direction. The man rolls down the window and asks if you are ok. You tell him your tire is flat and see if they have a cell that works. The man tells you he doesn’t have one but will be happy to look at your tire to see if there is anything he can do. Without a spare he realizes he wont be able to help. If you want he would be happy to drive you to the gas station that is just down the road. You aren’t sure what to do, you could be stuck out here all night or could get in this truck with a man and a boy that don’t really make you feel comfortable. He smiles a toothless grin and waves you to come in the truck, instructing the boy to slide over. You notice it is starting to get dark and you need to figure out what to do so reluctantly you hop into the passenger set of the truck and set off to the gas station down the road.

The police get a phone call about a car left on the side of the road. It looks like it has been there for at least 3 weeks, the drive is no where to be found and the officer notices that there are 4 nails in the tire. As the police office waits for a tow, a green rusted truck drives by, waves to the office and continues down the road with a teenage boy in the passenger seat. Miles from your car, you are chained up in an old barn dirty and tired…you are never found or seen again.

That’s the shit that scares me. Those types of movies that just has some creepy people that come and make believe they help but they kill you instead. Eat your face and torture you forever. I get the heebie jeebies thinking about it. There are a bunch of movies that have this type of monster, these are the movies I don’t watch. I can’t watch them. Anything with a baby or kid in it and these type of monsters, I can’t wait. 

So for today here is a list of Monster Movies, I will not watch EVER again!

  1. House of 1000 Corpses ~ This one people said was stupid, I hated it, and it creeped me out. They killed for no reason but to kill.
  2. Texas Chainsaw massacre The Next Generation ~ Sorry Matthew Mcconaughey you might be cute and all but this movie is a no for me.
  3. Jeepers Creepers ~ While this guy has a mask and is just a creepy dude in a scary truck. The end of this movie messed with my head.
  4. Wrong Turn ~ Big ol’ NOPE
  5. All the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies ~ Because F*@# Them!
  6. All the Saw Movies ~ I have nightmares about those. lets move on…
  7. 2001 Manics ~ I was creeped but thought the end was good until it happened and I was like 😱
  8. Devils Rejects ~ I wont even watch it.
  9. The Hills Have Eyes ~ I saw the baby and was OUT.
  10. And all other movies with creepy families or creepy people in the woods.

Not all people that live in the woods are bad only the ones that kill people and sometimes eat them for dinner. These are the real movie monsters to me. A movie monster is one that I watch and can never watch again because it scared the crap out of me and not in a horror movie type of way but in a wait…that can really happen kind of way. These movies kick up my anxiety and just prevent me from sleeping or leaving the house for at least a year. 🙂

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What are your favorite movie monsters? Are they like me or like Jason and Freddy?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the Spooktacular. It will be back next year with a list of new topics!

Have a great day and Happy Spooky Season!


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One response to “Boo-Cause Reading’s Spooktacular: Movie Monsters

  1. But! You listed some cool movies…lol. Okay, so I am not a fan of all of them but I do like Jeeper Creepers…..where’d you get those eyes! 😉 I think my favorite out of the trilogy is the one with the idiot teens in the bus that is stranded. 🙂 Wrong Turn was fun! 🙂 I live out in the country, so those movie are always a bit extra creepy! 🙂 I think a spooky scenario that wasn’t horror is Breakdown ( I think with Kurt Russell), I am always afraid of stopping for gas in a small town in the middle of nowhere because you never know who is watching and might kidnap your friend( or spouse)!