Book Report Special Edition: Books I’ve Read so far 2018

Posted July 5, 2018 by Michelle in Monthly Book Report / 12 Comments

Since this is the half way point of the year….WHAT! Yes, we are half way finished with this year and as much as I am not doing very good with my reading, I had to lower my Goodreads goal and still haven’t read over 20 books year. It makes me so sad but I have been obsessed with reverse harem and think that might get me to my lowered goal of 50 books this year. It is probably my favorite genre change ever, I can’t get enough of them and feel like as much as people call them a trend, I hope it’s something that will be around for a while. Some of the best groups I joined on FB are reverse harem and they are so much fun.

COYER has been going pretty good and I have been doing the read-a-thons and just the basic COYER for Summer. Since my mood is so weird I don’t want to force a slump. I have taken advantage of Kindle Unlimited and sort of wish I never started my new Season Reading posts until Full.

Since this is a special edition post I will be sharing the books I have read so far and not the ones I snagged this month. I will add them to next months post.

This are the books I read so far this year.

Sadly I have not had a 5 star review yet and 3 DNF books. I am hoping the rest of the year will help me get to my goal even if it’s not a high as I wanted it to be. Lots going on but I am hopeful that things will be “normal” again very soon.

I hope you all have an amazing first half of the year!

Happy Reading!

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12 responses to “Book Report Special Edition: Books I’ve Read so far 2018

  1. I’m surprised that none of your reverse harem books has been a 5 star read for you! I thought for sure they would have been. Well, I’m just glad you’ve started pulling out of your slump 🙂 Don’t force yourself to read anything you don’t want to.

  2. I’m just glad you are reading.more again! You will get there. All you need to do to get a 5 star read is to read Ilona Andrews!! Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. Ooh you need a 5 star read soon! 🙂 Hopefully one comes along. I don’t feel like I’m reading as much this year either, for whatever reason. Probably Netflix lol. Love some of these covers- Love the Sea, Wolves and Daggers, the K.N. Lee books…

  4. You are doing really good and at least you are reading! You didn’t read a lot last year (if I remember right) and it seems like you are reading more this year so I think you can hit that 50 mark! 🙂