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Week in READview:

Real life:

We worked out the bus for my son, sort of. We had to change the bus completely and now they are in a small yellow bus. While they seem ok, they have been late a few times but my son doesn’t have any issues to report but I have one with the aide. I did find out that once the school starting looking into his old bus company, they didn’t have the proper licenses to even drive kids so even if we didn’t like this new one, we wouldn’t be able to use the old one anymore until they worked out their paper work. So for now it seems ok however it hasn’t been a week yet so there is still time. 😀 So finger crossed. I have an IEP meeting this week so I will be talking to the case manager since the aide on the bus doesn’t speak English and the kids don’t speak Spanish so god forbid something is wrong they can’t communicate with her and if she can speak english she isn’t which is strange.

Blogging & Reading:

HOLY GENRE SWITCH! I was in a steamy mood and good gravy did I find a few quick reads to help me get through that. These are over the top, insta-love stories with a touch of trigger and taboo. I loved them and they were so fun to read. I think I found a new author to stalk and read. Most of these books were 80 to 100 pages. The last one I read…take your time and read the title out loud. I said it loudly to my husband before realizing what I was doing. I know can’t say it any other way.

I am still in a serious fantasy mood also, I plan to always have one physical books going and one ebook but in different genres since when I am out and can’t take my book I will have something to read.

Nightbook was Ok, not my favorite and I thought the story was rather boring and was just taking too long. It didn’t grab me like I wanted and at some point I didn’t even care anymore. The stories the boy was writing in the book were actually more interesting than the story.

I updated my security on my site this week and I was ridiculously happy after getting it all in place. The last, maybe week or more, I have been getting failed login emails. I have Sucuri Security and when someone logs in I get an email. Well I was getting about 60 a day. I was under a brutal attack and I was upping the security but I was still getting hit and I was getting so nervous. I emailed my web host to see if he had any suggestions and thankfully he suggested WP Cerber which is perfect. Most bots/hackers can get into your site with your web address and /wp-admin/ well I changes the wp-admin to something else and now if anyone even attempts to log in with that they will be blocked. I am currently using the free version and thinking about doing the paid one to get extra security. My web host said that those two should be enough and I have all types of things turned on to keep hackers out. It even monitors my comment section so if you disappear, I will be making sure none of you go into spam. At the moment I need the extra security. You would think I was giving something away for free the way it is being attacked.

This week I will be getting back into visiting, I am going to spend most of the morning visiting but will be back again on the weekends, I just don’t have time during the week. I might at some point but right now I don’t want to stress about it so if you comment, I will be commenting back as soon as I can. 🙂

What I am watching:

Everything with the bus prevented me from really getting a chance to finish binge watching Pretty Little Liars but I plan to go back next weekend. I also might pick up on Supernatural were my husband and I left off (season 9 I think) since it’s coming to an end I figured I watched it from the beginning I should watch the end.

What I am playing:

Nothing really, I just didn’t have time with the bus issue and the attack. I am hoping to spend sometime today getting in an hour with my Star Stable horses since I do miss them 🙂


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What you might see this week:

  • Honestly don’t know, I have some blog stuff to do today so I guess it will be a surprise at least for my stuff.

Just for Fun:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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21 responses to “Change of Genre, New Security and a Bus ~ WIR & SP

  1. Is this the same bus company you had a couple years ago? I seem to remember a situation where the aid spoke Spanish only, which yeah, that’s a problem when the kids are all English only. Good luck with the IEP and everything. I know how fun all that can be.

    Okay wait, which book title am I supposed to read aloud slowly? The Screwgod one? Am I reading that right? Or is it Screwged? That font is challenging lol!

    Have a good week {{HUGS}}

  2. Crossing fingers on the bus situation even if you have to hola espaniol for emergencies. 🙂

    I go through moods for a certain type of taboo or heat level or even just a genre change. Bummer your vote winner was boring.

    Yay for upping your security and thwarting the cyberjerk.

    Have a great week, Michelle!

  3. Glad you got your security thing figured out! Hope the bus situation is figured out too! I think a genre switch is good now and then it kind of kick starts you sometimes. I am actually thinking I might need to read a romance or two as I just can’t seem to get the reading mojo going.

    Have a great week!
    Stormi ox

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #240
  4. It’s a shame you’re always struggling with the bus service for your son, let’s hope this new one stays good. That’s strange the aide doesn’t speak English.

    Sometimes I can really enjoy shorter reads, I found a great new sci-fi romance series of about 80 pages and it’s great to be able to read through them so fast. Glad to hear you found some steamy reads that fit your reading mood.

    I hadn’t read of WP Cerber yet, might have to look that up. The log in attempt seem to come and go on my blog, some weeks just seem to be worse for some reason.

    Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #327
  5. Hmm, that is weird about the aide! Language issues, ugh. Hope it all works out. It’s always something!

    Hacking too- people are such assholes. Glad your upgraded security is working out.

    Claiming Candy lol. 🙂 And that Madison Faye title. Lmao!!!!!!

    Have an awesome week!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #290
    • I am hoping I can talk to them and just get them switched. My son said he thinks shes is nice, she smiles a lot. LMAO!
      Serious assholes, I think I have it under control and the new security makes me feel better. I have two set up so if someone does get in I will know.
      YES! Claiming Candy my husband read too. lol She is great, it’s a pen name so I am dying to know who she really is.

  6. Ok, how can they have an aide that doesn’t speak the same language?!? That makes no sense to me. As a special education teacher, an aide would be useless if they didn’t speak the same language as me and my students! But, at least the bus thing is worked out.
    I really know nothing about site security and I should….maybe one day I will learn? Maybe??

    • No idea but out town tends to like to save money any way they can. The mom of one of the boys doesn’t speak it either and her son is nonverbal so that is very frustrating for her. I need to see if I can talk to them on Wednesday.
      I hate when things change or I need to figure something out that I am clueless to. I know more now but it was so frustrating.

    • So far it seems to be working so I will keep my eyes on it and no one was placed into spam yet so that is great. My web host spoke highly of this plug in so I am sure it will work.
      I am hoping we can get it all figured out, I just feel bad for one of the moms that had to switch with us, she isnt very happy but at this point we can’t change it.
      Love a good genre switch and I tend to make sure I read one as soon as I feel like I need it otherwise everything I read will end of a DNF.

    • That is great. My web host I adore, they are the ones that set me up with Securi Security and now the WP Cerber. The free service for Cerber is kick ass. So far so good and the amount of attacks have slowed down quite a bit. I feel so much better having them. I am hoping this works since I can’t afford to spend anymore than I do.