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I can be totally honest that 4 of these games I never played but love the soundtrack so much I listen to them almost every day. I usually do it when I am designing something as it helps me concentrate. I have always been a big fan of soundtrack music and love that Spotify has let me discover so many new soundtracks that I would have never even thought to listen too. The songs on these soundtracks aren’t crazy noises either they are actually really awesome. I also use these soundtracks to help with panic attacks, when I listen to them I am able to focus better.

Spotify allows you to embed the album to a page so I am hoping you are able to listen to a few songs. If you have spotify, I would definitely check them out.

My Five Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

5. The Binding of Issac by Danny Baranowsky

My son introduced me to this game and just by chance I looked up the soundtrack. The story for the game is rather disturbing and sad however it’s a game so it would have to have an interesting story-line. Something about the music maybe reminds me of home or even my son since he plays the game often. The second song is a voice over about the story. Trust me it’s very sad. Don’t have a favorite on this soundtrack.

4. Batman: Arkham Origins by Christopher Drake

Think, think, think….that is what I do when I listen to this. I am not sure if it’s the Christmas theme or what but this always helps me clear my head to think when I am brainstorming or trying to figure out a design.  My favorite is Carol of the Bells (jokers theme)

3. Fallout Shelter 4 by Inon Zur

I am still DYING To play this game but for now I am really enjoying the music. Over 3 hours of amazing music, I use this when I am winding down for the night to sleep. The Fallout 4 Main Theme might be my favorite out of all the songs on this soundtrack.

2. Assassin’s Creed 2 by Jesper Kyd

I love this sound track, it was hard to pick between number one and number two. I listen to this often when I need to clear my head. I use it a lot when I walk. Another game I have been DYING to play. I see a playstation in my future, I really do. Ezio’s Family is my favorite song on the soundtrack.

1. The Elder Scrolls by Brad Derrick

This is my favorite, ALL TIME FAVORITE! I never played the game sadly but the soundtrack is AMAZING! The last song on the track is vocal and I love it. This I listen to all the time, even to fall asleep. My favorite on the doundtrack is For Blood, for Glory, for Honor and is actually by Jeremy Soule. It’s the only song by him on the soundtrack.

Do you have a favorite Video Game Soundtrack?
It didn’t make the list but I will tell you also that I love the soundtrack for the Legend of Zelda! 🙂

Have a great day and Happy Listening!


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6 responses to “Five on Friday ~ Video Game Soundtracks

  1. I’ve never listened to video game soundtracks, I’ll have to check these out next time I need something in the background while I focus! Oddly enough, the one soundtrack I do listen to is the original Sims soundtrack lol. But it’s the music from build/buy mode, so it’s like these in that was designed to help you stay focused and not be distracting I think. All I know is that it actually does help me focus! It also gives me nostalgia lol.

  2. I haven’t played any of these games, but I have heard some songs of the Elder Scrolls. They have some good music. One of my favorite soundtracks is probably from banjo kazooie and Banjo Tooie, good music and it makes me feel nostalgic as I loved that game. I am also quite fond of the music they use in Kingdom Hearts games and Final Fantasy.