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WIGFU1Every couple of months Berls @ Fantasy is more fun and I take a look at our very long To Be Read shelves and select a book that we both want to read. And then we read it and chat about it. We’ve changed it up a bit to make it simpler. Instead of a lengthy chat, we’re interviewing each other on our respective blogs and asking – Was it good for you?

11300302 Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Berls was mixed in this book however I loved it. I actually already got the next two book in Audio so I can listen to them. I realized that reading this I might not have finished the book but listening to it I thought it was amazing. It had it’s moments but overall it was a good read. Now we just have to see if Berls thought the same thing…so now I ask her Was it good for you?




I knew this wasn’t a retelling of Alice in Wonderland but I did find a few things the that were hidden in this book. What do you think about linking the two stories?


I had thought, because of skimming reviews, that it had NO connection to Alice in Wonderland, beyond the title. But then I kept seeing things that made me think of Alice in Wonderland – like the shapes in the clouds and the chapter titles. So I’m very very puzzled. Part of me wonders if a deeper connection will show up in future books. And the other part just thinks it’s only superficial. IDK.



Ok so Zombies, What did you think about the zombie mythology?


I thought it was clever and unique. But Golly Gee Whiz did it take a long time to spill out! And it was in so many agonizing bits and pieces! I would have liked to understand it and where the book as a whole was going much earlier.



What about the characters? Alice/Alie? Cole? Kat?


Ali was just okay for me. I felt for her but I also got really frustrated by how indecisive she was. Cole was also just okay – he’s like a good guy mascarating as a bad boy, which I do like. But someone tell me why he has violet eyes? Kat, I liked. I loved her actually! So much personality and confidence disguising her own insecurities. And so funny. Yeah, Kat kept me reading!



I like them together but I had issues, how did you feel about the romance between Alice/Alie and Cole?


It didn’t really do anything for me. Could have a lot to do with me not loving the characters. And there was an insta-love like thing, though not exactly and it does have an explanation. Personally I would have rather read Kat and Frosty’s romance – what I did see of it was great and way more complex.



I may have read a little and listened to most but I really liked Natalie however I thought she read a little to slow. What did you think of Natalie Gold’s narration?


I listened to the whole thing and I thought Natalie Gold did a good job. I did expect a little better because of all the good things I’d heard about her narration – like better diversity and emotion in the male voices. But it was still solid and I will definitely listen when I continue the series.

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    • I was going to text you about that the other day but I need to do a shotgun first right? I like these much better than the shotguns honestly 🙂

    • I love this feature we do. It’s so funny how different we are when it come to book. I don’t think we agreed on one yet.

      It really isn’t a wonderland read. I think I only saw similarities because I know the story and you might see them also but if you go into it think it’s a retelling you will be disappointed, it’s not a retelling, its more of a coincidence.