#Halloween Top Ten: Top Ten Scary Books I read when I was younger

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I was trying to find a top ten scary book but I couldn’t think of anything that I read that was super scary. Recently I read a few scary books but not enough to qualify for a top ten, then it hit me. When I was younger all I ever read was YA Scary books, classics from Christopher Pike and R.L.Stine so I hoped on Goodreads to reclaim what I have long forgotten. Wow did the memories come flooding back, now I’m not going to lie and say I remember what these books were 100% about and it’s to late for me to try to read them again, however there is a very strong possibility that I might do something in the future with these books since from the review they don’t seem to hold up as you get older but I am a different breed of reviewer and I tend to not take the age of books to heart and will try to channel my younger self if and when I do read them again.

Just looking at the covers made me remember standing in the book store every Saturday trying to find new scary book to read, I loved Christopher Pike and R.L.Stine the best were the Point Horror books (written by various authors) now I don’t remember them being called Point Horror but I honestly loved them. So from what little I remember of the scary books I read when I was younger I came up with this list and I might for sure try something soon to revisit Point Horror and Fear Street if I can find them.

My Top Ten Scary Books I read when I was younger


  1.   Slumber Party by Christopher Pike
  2. The Fog (Losing Christina SERIES ) by Caroline B. Cooney
  3. Trick or Treat (Point Horror) by Richie Tankersley Cusick
  4. Prom Dress (Point Horror) by Lael Littke
  5. April Fools (Point Horror) by Richie Tankersley Cusick
  6. Halloween Party (Fear Street #8) by R.L. Stine
  7. Scavenger Hunt by Christopher Pike
  8. Chain Letter (Chain Letter #1) by Christopher Pike
  9. Flowers in the Attic (Dollanganger SERIES) by V.C. Andrews
  10. Beach Party (Point Horror) by R.L. Stine
I know I have more books that I loved I just can’t remember them all. I did take a peek to see if I can get these book still and some aren’t available anymore 🙁 but the ones I can still get I might buy them. I really would love to read these again.

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Have a great day and Happy Reading!!!

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5 responses to “#Halloween Top Ten: Top Ten Scary Books I read when I was younger

  1. I might try these – since kid scary books probably aren’t that scary, right? I do remember RL Stine, but I think more because friends were reading him/her, not me. S/he does the Goosebumps books right? I think I was scared of them as a kid LOL – you’re not surprised though, right?

    • Not at all Lol. The Point Horror books were the best and RL Stine does write the Goosebump books, I would love to read all of them. Ryan would never read them so I figured maybe I should

    • I’m not sure how I forgot about them but they popped up on Goodreads on day and I spend a good hour looking at them and reading the synopsis to see what I read. Which on did you grab? Chain Letter was my favorite