It’s time for an update on my spooky story! :)

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I have told this story a few times on the blog around this time of year, but I have a short update at the end.If you haven’t heard this story, I hope you enjoy my ghostly friends. Make sure to let me know if you had an ghostly experiences.

My Ghost Story:

It was about 15 years ago and I just moved into my grandparents old house which is on the second floor of a two family house. Well, it just so happens to be the house my dad grew up in, My grandparents passed away and the house was empty for a year so we cleaned it out and I moved in. I love this place and it was perfect for me. It was my first time being alone, I had just gotten a dog so I had someone to keep me company.  My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) used to come over later in the evening so we can hang out and he would sleep over on the weekends since we spent the weekends together anyway. One day he come over early, we decided we would go out for dinner so he left to go home and get changed (if he was staying why would he leave? I have no idea), while he was home getting ready I thought, why not take a nap, when he comes back he can wake me and we can go.

My house has 4 rooms plus the bathroom. You can run around the house in a circle because off the kitchen is a small room and the living room. In the small room there is a doorway to go into the bedroom and you can go through the door into the living room. If you lay on the bed you can see through the doorway of the small room into the doorway of the kitchen. So if you wanted to you could run around the house into all 4 rooms in a circle…OK back to the story.

I laid down in the bed and the dog laid next to me, I was facing the window not the doorway looking into the kitchen, I must have fallen asleep for a while because when I got up it was dark in the house, the only light was the street light coming in through the windows. I sat up in the bed and slowly turned my head to look at the kitchen doorway, a figure took up the entire doorway, it looked like it wore a long trench coat and one of those old mafia looking rimmed hats. I looked at it turned my head back to the window and quickly turned my head back to the door as it slowly turned and disappeared. I jumped out of bed (seriously I investigate? I have seen scary movies this is never a good idea) and ran into the kitchen. As I round the corner into the kitchen I flip the light on over the stove and I am completely alone. The door isn’t open the bathroom door is open but it always is. No one is in the house, it’s just me. From that moment on I always slept with the light on over the stove because I was so scared I would see him again.

I did see him again…

The house makes weird noises and I have seen him (whoever he is) three times. Once while sitting on the couch, alone in the house again. (he likes to come by when no one is here) the corner of my eye I saw something walking by the door of the kitchen. When I turned my head I only so the end of it walk past the door but the way he was going there is just a wall. Just as I focused my eyes the cat jumped up on the couch, scared me half to death. I also thought I saw him another time in the hallway but it was from the corner of my eye and I never bothered to actually look because he was starting to get on my nerves. Stop lurking dude and just come out already.

One another occasion I saw a woman in the hallway… I thought it was my mom looking out the window in the back of the house and it happened so fast, it was like she leaned to look out the window but when I looked again she was gone, but when we got inside I realized my mom was in the front of the house not the back. That was the only time, It sort of looked like my grandmother.

The only time was I ever sort of scared was when my son was little, the small room is now his room and it was late at night, I was walking past his room and noticed it looked darker than normal in there. The light from the street usually shines into his room. I stepped back and started to walk into the doorway only for the room to be so dark, like pitch black, I couldn’t even see my son’s bed,  even with the light on over the stove. It was really strange. Calmly I said out loud, “We will have none of that in this house” and walked out of the room to the bathroom to get something for my hair (took like a minute). When I came back it was normal again in his room and it never happened again.

To this day, I still hear the noises in the kitchen a lot but no sightings, sometimes the people downstairs say they here walking around when we are not home or sleeping, it could be the cat but you never know.

OH! I almost forgot…the mystery of the door downstairs that kept unlocking and the people downstairs thought we were doing it and we thought they were. It would happen so often that we all stood in the hallway and I said out loud “Can you please just leave the door alone” It didn’t happen again. Maybe it was us or maybe it was that nice man, would have been nicer if he locked the door not unlocked it.

I almost felt like whoever he was, was never here to hurt me, maybe watch over me cause I was alone? To this day my husband doesn’t believe me,  he never experienced anything but the door and he still thinks we all forgot to lock the doors, maybe we did…but I know what I saw and I know what I hear.


So last year in August, I had a pinched nerve in my back and I couldn’t move. My husband took the kids to the shore house for the weekend because they were staying for the next week. My husband didn’t want to leave me but I wanted him to have a good day with the kids and it was only one night. I was good home, just me and the cat. I spent most of the day in bed. That night I got all ready for bed, this is the first time I have been in the house alone, the cat jumped on the bed with me and we both feel asleep. At around 3am I got that weird feeling like I was being watched. I opened my eyes to look at the time and turned my head to look behind me (I was sleeping on my stomach) My friend was standing at the side of the bed, same outfit and hat. It was a double take but when I looked again he was gone. I announced out loud “Seriously”. The cat got off the bed at that point and I fell back to sleep. I seriously don’t know why he only comes out when I am alone. I haven’t seen him in quite some time but I sort of hope he hangs around since I actually feel safe knowing that he is watching out for me. At least I hope that is what he was doing…..

Have you ever seen a ghost?

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