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Coffee Shop Talks

Welcome to Coffee Shop Talks! This week I got to sit down for coffee with Danielle (Coffee and Characters) and Cat and Jamie (Addicted 2 Heroines) and Traci (Mad Hatter Reads) to talk about various bookish and bloggish related topics.  Pull up a chair and let’s chat!

 This week’s topic is:

Favorite books with covers I would never be caught in public with.

If you asked me this questions about 20 years ago I would have told you I hide my Steamy Historical Romance novel covers because I was 100% positive people knew it was filled with nothing but sex. I can actually remember folding back the cover so no one would see it. If someone asked what I was reading I would quickly just tell them nothing good because I was scared it would scream “SEX IN THIS BOOK, SHE IS READING SEX” if I told them the genre and title. Most of the books I picked was how the cover looked and the title. I was even embarrassed to stand in the romance section at the book store.

This was one of the books I would hide from public and it’s one of my favorites…

Cover isn't all that bad but 20 years ago I would blush with embarrassment :)
Cover isn’t all that bad but 20 years ago I would blush with embarrassment 🙂

But now I will tell you I am not embarrassed of the covers, I am at that point that I am not worried about what other people think, mostly because they are all on my kindle or nook or iPad (I love my technology). I also realized I am a Cover Snob since I am a sucker for a pretty cover and I love to show them off.

Now I am proud to show off covers like this middle grade read and one of my favorite series…

If you read this book you would know why instead of hiding it you would shout about it from rooftops :)
If you read this book you would know why instead of hiding it you would shout about it from rooftops 🙂

With everything on electronics it’s really hard to see covers and for people to realize what you are reading. I sort of miss those days that someone would bend over in front of you kind of upside down to see the cover of your book and you would proudly hold it up so the person can see. Unless it screamed SEX then people would put the book on there laps and shoosh you away because I think some people are still embarrassed by that 🙂

Do you have a favorite book with a cover that you would never be caught in public with?

Don’t forget to stop by and visit everyone else talking at the coffee shop!


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12 responses to “Coffee Shop Talks – My Guest Post

  1. *GASP* You read books with….SEX??? LOL! Loved your answer Michelle although I have to smack your hand gently for folding back covers! That’s a no-no in my “My-books-must-be-pristine” world 😉 Technology does make it much easier not have to worry about what you’re reading…but for some reason I’ll still be reading at lunch and have a guy server ask me what I’m reading on my Nook…of course it’s a romance or something steamy! Still busted! LOL!

    Thanks so much for participating in CST with us this week. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed having you!

    • LOL. A long time ago the steamy book I uses to get were ones my mom had in her draw (mom read sex books) :O
      The covers were a MESS and one of my friend’s dad use to work in a bindery company and I would get the books that were not cut correctly (all steamy historical romance reads). I would read them and then donate them to the library but I would NEVER bend a cover on one of my babies now 😉 Lol
      Thanks for having me this week! It was really a lot of fun <3

  2. When I saw this post come through my email I did a double take… I was like wait a minute did something mess up. Michelle’s not Coffee Shop Talks! LOL! Great post – I recognize that cover 😉

    So I know what you mean about covers screaming sex – especially nowadays. But I have no shame letting people see them and if they ask I’m just like – hey, it’s erotica. I’m comfortable with it obviously because I’m reading it, but if they aren’t they shouldn’t have asked LOL!

    • The Hero’s Guide series is super cute and I love the three covers. All of the historical romance from her look the same she is one of my favorites! Thanks Cat for letting me join in on the Coffee Shop Talks, I am very happy to be a part of it this week 🙂