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just a posted note

Every once in a while I just want to post a note, maybe a change coming or something that can’t wait for Sunday to share. So for times like that I created “Just a posted note”


The last few weeks I have noticed I might be going through a slight genre change. Maybe it’s me getting older or something else but I realized I am not enjoying YA Romance liked I use to. I seem to be looking for more “adult” romance and have read, so far, 2 pretty awesome NA books. I still like YA but with a bit more fantasy or paranormal elements and not the 100% romance books. Does this mean I am finally growing up? I sure as hell hope not. πŸ™‚

Maybe it’s just a phase I am going through but I think since my blog is always a lot of YA and MG books I might throw in a few NA/Adultish type books. I will label them for any of my younger followers (if I have any) so you will know and I keep all my reviews as clean as possible.

Has anyone else every suddenly just felt like a certain genre just wasn’t working for you anymore?


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20 responses to “Just a Posted Note: Genre Change

  1. NA Romance is my jam! Welcome!

    I’ve barely been reading any YA lately either. Mostly I’m just wanting to read Adult and NA Romances, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And I’m dedicating February to reading all Romance novels/novellas! My average rating has never been this high before, so clearly this is working for me. πŸ˜€

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  2. This note is a good idea πŸ™‚ When I started reading e-books, I downloaded so many freebies of paranormal romance that I ended up with an overdose of them. Too much of the same things. Now I’ve reorganized my to-read list so that I switch genres, I love so many of them, the change helps keeping the interest alive and to read different novels adds to the spice of life πŸ™‚

  3. I think mixing things up every now and then is a good idea, Michelle! And just because you don’t feel like reading YA romance right now doesn’t mean you won’t ever read more of those πŸ™‚ I love so many different genres, and I think that switching it up helps me to not have any reading slumps.

  4. To me it’s a mood thing, for awhile I was into historical romance, now I am enjoying action thrillers. For me it depends on what I am in the mood for.

  5. I go through changes a lot. I started off reading more YA, then I got really sick of it. I quit reading YA completely for a while. I read some now, just very selective. Last year I read very little Romantic Suspense, but this series I’ve already had several catch my eye. I’ve also really been in the mood for straight up Thriller/Suspense. I hope you enjoy some of your new genre.

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  6. I change genres all the time and go through moods, I use to read just horror, then just romance, then I got into other genres such as paranormal, mysteries, etc. So I am always changing with my mood like now I am in a mystery mood…lol. I like YA but I have never cared for the straight romance, I like the paranormal and fantasy ones or the mystery ones. πŸ™‚ Everyone needs to change it up some times. πŸ™‚

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  7. Yup. I’ve always been a fantasy reader but how much fantasy did I read last year? Surprisingly, not a lot. πŸ™‚ I read contemporary stuff, mysteries… so yeah I can relate. I think you gotta go where your interest lies- I still love fantasy but will read lotsa different stuff now. And yeah- when I read YA I usually gravitate more towards the supernatural/ mysterious/ that kind of stuff.

    Greg recently posted: The Complete Morgaine
    • Over the years I have changed quite a bit about what I read but I do tend to like the same type of YA as you, I don’t mind a little romance but not an entire book of it.

      I used to love fantasy and I still do but the long series are hard to keep up with.

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  8. I go through phases too, Michelle, where I just don’t feel like reading certain genres. In the past year, I’ve gotten that way about NA in many ways. So I started back to reading Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. It’s happened to me with YA, as well. Sometimes, I think we just need a palette cleanse. πŸ˜€

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  9. I often switch between different genres, sometimes a genre doesn’t work for me and I stay away for a long time. I also have genres I only read very rarely or a book really has to catch my attention for me to give it a try. I did notice that in the past few years I switched a bit from YA to more adult books and even read more MG. I still like YA books and still read some of them each month, but there are just few of them that catch my attention. I never have been big into YA romance books, I usually read more fantasy YA. Maybe it also has to do with the blogs I follow and reviews I read. Nowadays I am going through a big cozy mystery phase where all I seem to read is cozy mysteries with a few romances in between. I think it’s normal to switch between genres like that and if you don’t feel like YA at the moment, try reading other books and eventually you might flow back to YA. I always like to go with my mood and just read whatever I feel like as that makes me enjoy the books more.

    • I still love my MG because it’s the furthest away from real life and the stories are always so exciting.
      I think the YA needs to be more towards the PN or fantasy for me to really enjoy it like the book I read recently it had romance but the story was really about the world and the story was amazing (Revenge and the Wild) I think the angst of teens just grates my nerves now because I think I know better lol.

      I do change genres a lot so I might be able to get back into them but they might be more of a mood read now than a for sure grab.

      Michelle recently posted: City of Legends Series Blitz!
  10. I rarely read Contemporary any more. It has to have a really fantastic blurb to grab me. The only time I’ll read YA is if there are other genres involved such as Sci-Fi, Paranormal or Fantasy.

    I used to read tons of Contemporary (i.e. Harlequin, etc) with some Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy thrown in, but since about 8 yrs ago, it’s all about the supernatural. Though I still read Historical occasionally, but it has to contain Romance. Now, I’ll read Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Thriller and such without Romance if the blurb snags my attention, but for Historical it’s a must component and the steamier the better. Historical Erotica is just so naughty. I love it. lol

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    • I also like YA that involves Sci-Fi, PN or Fantasy, I don’t mind the romance in those but not straight YA romance.

      I think I need to try Historical Erotica! Since you made me love monster porn lol.

      I have a hard time with contemporary but I haven’t tried it in a while so maybe it will be something I would like again now that I am looking into more adult reads.

      Michelle recently posted: City of Legends Series Blitz!