Some of my Favorite retelling of Frankenstein!

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It’s the spooky season, I love the spooky season. What I love most about the spooky season is all the monsters that go along with it. One of my favorite monsters is that guy right up there ^^^^

Frankenstein (even though that is not the monsters name) is one of my favorite stories, I love all the versions I have seen on TV and recently started to LOVE the idea of reading different takes on Frankenstein, the Doctor and his Monster. I thought since I am a huge fan of retelling and one of my favorite stories to be retold (besides Alice) is Frankenstein why not make a post about some of my favorites. I find it so amazing when an author can take a story and totally twist it in such a way that still hold true to the story but also give it new life.

Victor Frankenstein series is not really a retelling but more of a before the monster story. This twists the story of Dr Frankenstein and lets you see him when he was younger. I would classify this as a Dark Gothic type of story with alchemy and a bit creepy. It’s not really horror but I might want to put it in that genre as well. The story is about Victor when he was about 17 and his relationship with his brother and Elizabeth. I honestly loved these books and had always wishes Kenneth Oppel had written another one or at least it was made into a movie or TV series.

I really liked this book, it was a sort of retelling but revolved more around the author than the story. I found the twists and turns in this story to be interesting and the over all story pretty good. The best part is this is a gothic type of story but with some awesome steampunk/clockwork pieces.

This one I recently purchased and I seriously can not wait to read this. A retelling of Frankenstein but in Elizabeth’s POV. YES! It seems like a nice dark version of the story and I can’t wait to dive into it very soon. This was one of my must reads for this year so I am so glad I was able to grab a copy. I am hoping it is as good as I think it will be . 🙂

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I am still searching for more retelling of Frankenstein, If you know any please feel free to share in the comments.
Do you enjoy reading Frankenstein retellings? If so which one was your favorite?

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4 responses to “Some of my Favorite retelling of Frankenstein!

    • Victor was sooooo good. You must read it. Such a different story. I can’t wait to read Elizabeth, I’m thinking it might be next.