Happy Valentine’s Day

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I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day not sure why really just not really a “real” holiday to me, but I thought it would be nice if instead of posting something about Valentine’s Day (love, kissing, etc) I would tell you the first book that made me fall in love with reading.

My love for reading started one day when I was 18. I was looking for something to do (it was the summer and raining) my mom had this book in one of her drawers. I asked if it would ok to read it and she said yes, it was a historical romance and I’m pretty sure she didn’t read it because that was my first book I ever read that had intense sexual situation.It was called The Falcon and the Flower by Virginia Henley and I was hooked, I pretty much have read every book she wrote and she still is one of my favorite authors. Her books have such great stories and historical details plus the steamy sex is a very nice addition.

1488946The Falcon and the Flower
by Virginia Henley
Mass Market Paperback, 480 pages
Published August 5th 1989 by Dell


Astride her white palfrey, surrounded by a nimbus of silver-blond hair, Jasmine was a vision to strike a man mute with desire.  But the violet-eyed love child of King Richard’s half brother had vowed that no man would ever rule her heart.  Until she saw the face of the Devil himself in her crystal ball–the dark, brooding knight who would kill to make her his own.  She would risk a dissolute court and a maddened, lustful king to keep destiny at bay, anything to keep her from the hypnotic eyes and burning caresses of…The Falcon.

A wickedly handsome warrior who lived by blood and the sword, Falcon de Burgh wanted to wed no woman–until he laid eyes on the exquisite Jasmine, and he vowed to possess her, to teach her all the wondrous ways a man could love a woman, no matter what it might take to conquer her fiery, unyielding heart. Falcon knew only blind, reckless passion as he swore to tame, at the risk of his life…The Flower.

Raised in a world without men, alluring Jasmine vows never to surrender to any man. Yet suddenly she finds herself caught between a king’s penchant for virgins and a 13th-century warrior’s oath to conquer her unyielding heart. Original.



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So for Valentine’s day if you are a fan of historical romance and are looking for some really steamy scenes, amazing history and detailed stories, I recommend this book or anyone of Virginia Henley’s books. Might have to go look her up again and or maybe I should re-read this one. It’s been 21 years and the synopsis still gives me the same goosebumps I got when I read it the first time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day

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