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I am honored to have on my blog today

Celine Rose Mariotti

and her book Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?: A Ghost Mystery Set in Maine

About the Author

Born in Derby, CT, and a lifelong resident of Shelton, CT. I am a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT majoring in Business Administration with a minor in English. Since a child, I always loved to write and when I was a senior in High School I began sending my work to publishers. My first poem appeared in Night Roses in 1991, and my second poem appeared in Green’s Magazine of Canada in 1991. Since then my work has appeared in many literary magazines around the USA and even in India, Australia, and Scotland. Early Bird Publications of India published a primary textbook of essays on the Presidents. I also write a monthly column for PCM Magazine of India. And some of my stories for children have appeared in Hindu Young World also of India. Some of my stories and poems have appeared in FreeXpressions in Australia. A lot of my poetry has appeared in Bell’s Letters Poet of Mississippi and Poetry Explosion Newsletter of PA. And a lot of my work has appeared in Storyteller Magazine of AR as well as poems in Lone Stars Magazine and Write On! Poetry Magazette of Utah and Poetespresso in CA. My work has also been accepted for publication by Congruent Spaces. And many of my poems appear in Coffee Ground Breakfast also. Plus my poems and stories have also been published by Atlantean Publishing and by Pablo Lennis. FrostFireWorlds has accepted my poems for publication. My poems and stories appear in two online magazines-Pink Chameleon and Poetic Monthly Magazine.

Rock Village Publishing of Massachusetts published my first children’s book, “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” Magbooks of Hong Kong published my story “Leapy the Frog” as an e-book. I have self-published my poetry book, “Through Celine’s Eyes.” I self-published my book “What Corporate America is Really All About”; it is non-fiction.

My latest book is an e-book and a young adult science fiction one entitled “I Have a Friend on Jupiter!”

I have another new book out entitled “Minister’s Shoes” which is a mystery/detective story. Both my books, “I Have a Friend on Jupiter!” and “Minister’s Shoes” are published by WriteWordsInc.com. Another book has been accepted for publication, “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Thompson”. WriteWordsInc.com is the publisher of this book also. And the sequel to “The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson” is also being published by WriteWordsInc.com and it’s entitled “The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane”. And I am self-publishing my poetry book, “Words of Inspiration”
Poetry is a part of my life. Sometimes I just get an idea and I sit down either at the computer or I sit at the table and write in my nothing book and the words just start to flow. I always liked the poetry of Robert Frost as his poetry speaks to me. I tend to write about all different subjects. I do love to write inspirational poetry and I also like to write poems about my family, my hobbies, places I have traveled to, people I admire, and even like to write poems about my teddy bears and about the New York Giants!! Something just comes to mind and I get inspired to write a poem about it. I think poetry makes people think. It makes them feel and it makes them connected to the world. I do think more people should read poetry. Poetry is really a form of music and it speaks to the heart. I also love to write a good short story and tell a tale that people can sit and enjoy and relate to.
A long time fan of Tom Jones, on more than one occasion, he read one of my poems out loud to an audience once in Atlantic City and another time in Las Vegas. Tom Jones loves poetry and coming from the country of Wales, he appreciates the art of poetry as well as the art of song. I also play the guitar and the banjo. I also have my own home business, CRM Enterprises. I reside with my family in Shelton, CT.

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About the Book


Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?: A Ghost Mystery Set in Maine
by Celine Rose Mariotti

Paperback, 77 pages
Published 2004


When the story begins, Noel and Bobby have just come to visit their Uncle Eb who lives in Maine. They had never met him before but through their correspondence, the two children knew they loved their Uncle.

From the first day, both Noel and Bobby were fascinated with their Uncle Eb, the colonial house where he lived and most of all the ghost of their ancestor, Olivia MacAllister. Their fascination and interest leads them to many discoveries.

The first time they see her she appears behind a bookcase, where the wall opens up and she speaks to them. Noel and Bobby decide that they are going to find out all about her and why her ghost haunts the house.

Noel and Bobby find a diary written by Olivia MacAllister. They take it to the library to see if someone there might be able to help them decipher the handwriting. As luck would have it, the librarian is a good friend of their Uncle Eb’s. Noel and Bobby keep pursuing their quest for knowledge about their ancestor Olivia that leads their Uncle Eb to bring them to see George Montgomery whose ancestor Joseph Montgomery was to marry Olivia. The children are totally intrigued. The secret door in Bobby’s room also fascinates them and when they find a way to open it, they discover another ghost!
They go with their Uncle Eb to see Mr. Montgomery, a descendent of Joseph Montgomery and he tells them more about the story of Olivia and Joseph and their love for one another. He tells them about Horatio too. The children become more intrigued.
The housekeeper Miss Hollister holds a séance and she brings forth the ghost of Olivia and Joseph. It is then that the real secret of Olivia is revealed.


Here is the excerpt from the book:

Bobby MacAllister and Noel Simpson walked up the cobblestone path trailing way behind their Uncle Eb, who was carrying their suitcases. Uncle Eb turned around and motioned to them with his pipe dangling out of his mouth.
“We’re coming Uncle Eb!”
“Don’t rush on account of me.  Take in the beauty that God gave us,” said Uncle Eb as he set the suitcases down for a minute and puffed on his pipe.
Bobby and Noel were in awe of the huge colonial house. They had never seen anything quite like it, at least not where they lived in New Mexico.  Noel and Bobby were fascinated with Maine, with the house and even with their Uncle Eb whom they had never met till this very day.
They never knew their family heritage.  This was all new to them.  It would be their summer adventure.
Since Bobby’s Mom died and Noel’s parents had divorced, Bobby’s Dad and Noel’s Mom both thought it would do their children a lot of good to spend time with their Uncle Eb who had been pretty much a recluse the past few years.  Uncle Eb wrote to his niece and nephew religiously, both through the mail and on the E-MAIL.  He spoke to them on the telephone often and he always sent them gifts for Christmas and their birthday. But they had never met their Uncle Eb and they had never been to Maine where the MacAllister’s family’s roots lay.
Bobby and Noel were both ten years old.  They were as close as two cousins could be, so close that sometimes they behaved more like brother and sister.
Bentwood, Maine promised to be a wonderful place to spend their summer. It was a small, quaint New England town with lots of cobblestone sidewalks, lots of maple trees, and a nice smell of good country air.  Uncle Eb wasn’t at all the way they had pictured him.  They knew what he looked like of course from family portraits, and from pictures he sent them, but he wasn’t the way they thought he would be.
Their parents had told them that Uncle Eb was a bit stiff, and a little stuffy.  But anyone who would carry their suitcases all the way up the cobblestone path couldn’t be too stuffy thought Noel. Besides Uncle Eb had always written her those beautiful letters where he would always end it with a poem he had written.  He sent Bobby lots of books on clipper ships and he always wrote him about his love for the sea.
He really was a lot taller than he looked in his pictures, a lot better looking in person too.  He seemed so different from their Mom and Dad. Noel’s Mom was gregarious and always spending time with friends.  Bobby’s father was a lawyer but he couldn’t spell for beans.  Uncle Eb was a writer, a lover of poetry, art, the sea.  He was quiet and he had a gentle face.
Bobby and Noel were determined to have a fun time with their Uncle Eb.
“I like it here already.  It’s so beautiful,” exclaimed Noel.
“You said it cousin.”
Uncle Eb put the suitcases down on the porch.  He called to the children.
“Come on kids, I’ll show you your rooms.”
Uncle Eb led the way into his house.  Bobby and Noel stopped in the hallway entrance.  There were so many huge paintings of MacAllisters-all of their ancestors.  Bobby and Noel were more than curious, but one picture stood out.  It was the picture of a young girl. She was quite beautiful and she seemed sad in her painting.
“Uncle Eb, who is that?” asked Noel.
“That girl? That’s Olivia MacAllister.  She lived around the 1770’s or 1780’s.  She died young.”
“Are these other ancestors?” asked Bobby.
“Yes. That one there is Benjamin MacAllister, Olivia’s father.”
“And who’s that?”
“That’s Liza, her mother.”
“I never saw so many paintings! Who painted these Uncle Eb?”
“I believe a man named Samuel Jones.  He was a friend of the MacAllisters.  His sister married a MacAllister in the early 1800’s.”
“We really have many ancestors!” exclaimed Bobby.
“When you get settled, I’ll tell both of you all about our family history.  The whole story.  Want to hear about it?”
“Yeah, sure Uncle Eb.  You’re so knowledgeable. I wish my Mom knew all the things you do.  She is always busy going somewhere.  I am the only one in the house who reads a book,” said Noel.
“Took after me, you did-the both of you. Your Mom and Dad were always the adventurous ones, out there spreading their wings, but when my Mom and Dad were ill, your Mom and Dad just called me or sent me a note now and then.  It was my cousin Anthea who came to spend time with me and help me take care of my folks.  Your Mom and Dad have never been big on responsibility.
“Come on along now, we’ll talk about all these things later.  You must both be tired and hungry from your plane flight.  I know airline food is not exactly home cooking-kind of like astronaut food, isn’t it?’
“Yeah Uncle Eb!  It is like astronaut food.  Wow, you really are cool.  I like you Uncle Eb,” said Bobby.
“I like you too Bobby.  I like both of you very much.  I am so glad to have you visit with me and bring some brightness into my days.”
The children followed Uncle Eb up the creaky stairs. It was a long winding staircase.  There were about 20 steps at least that was as many as Noel could count before she became too tired to count them anymore.  I sure hope it’s not a long way to the little girl’s room, thought Noel.
As they climbed the staircase, Bobby and Noel saw more paintings and pictures. They adorned all the walls.
Uncle Eb put the suitcases in their rooms.  Bobby’s room was on the right and Noel’s was the adjacent room.  Noel was thrilled.  She had a canopy bed, a large octangle shaped mirror, a huge bureau with an old-fashioned lantern lamp.  There was also an old trunk by the bed.
Bobby also liked his room.  His bed had an oak carved headboard.  There was a huge bureau in his room too as well as an old trunk at the foot of the bed and a mysterious door.
“Miss Hollister is fixing us some lunch.  She’s looking forward to meeting you both.”
“What’s for lunch?” asked Noel.
“I’m not sure, but don’t worry. Miss Hollister is a very good cook.”
“That’s good because I’m starved,” said Bobby.
“Unpack your things and come down to the dining room,” said Uncle Eb.
“You’ll tell us about all those ancestors we have?” inquired Noel.
“Yep, I sure will.”
“Uncle Eb?”
“Yes Bobby.”
“What’s behind this door in my room?”
“That’s a whole story in itself.  I’ll tell you sometime.”
“Did you hear that Noel?  There’s a story behind this door.  I wonder what that could be.  Gosh, this is like a Nancy Drew book.”
“Yeah, it is. I wonder what’s in all these trunks.”
“They’re old.”
“Yeah, they are.”
“Let’s look inside.  We got a few minutes Noel.”
“Okay.  Can you get this one open?”
“Should be a piece of cake.”
“Yeah sure, that’s what you always say.  Just like that time we went exploring outside that Nuclear Defense plant.  You said it would be a cinch to climb up the rocks and look over to see what the men in those funny suits were doing.  And remember what happened?”
“That was different Noel.  I didn’t figure that we’d get in so much trouble.  I’m more experienced now.”
“Yeah sure.”
Bobby tried to open the trunk but so far it wasn’t budging.  Bobby’s fingers were turning red.
“See, I told you.  It’s probably locked or something.  Or maybe it’s so old it’s stuck!.”
“Get me something like a screwdriver or something like that.”
“I don’t know where Uncle Eb has them.”
“Just like a girl to say that.”
“Is not!”
“Is too!”
“Is not Bobby MacAllister!”
“Okay, we’ll do it after lunch.  I’ll figure out where the tools are.  Come on, I think Uncle Eb is calling us.”

 Chatting with the Author

 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Connecticut.    All my life, I loved to write.  When I was a kid, I was the happiest when the teacher or nun gave us an assignment to write a story or poem.  When I was a senior in high school, I took a creative writing course.  Our teacher, Mrs. Anderson always told us that, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”   I took a minor in English in college.  It took some time to finally get published but my first poem was published by Night Roses.   My poems and stories have appeared in magazines across the USA and around the world.  My first book, “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” was published in 2004 by Rock Village Publishing of MA.  I now have several books out all published by WriteWordsInc.com.  They are:  “I Have a Friend on Jupiter!” and “Minister’s Shoes”.  She is also publishing “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson” and “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane”.  I also have self-published “Words of Inspiration” and “Through Celine’s Eyes”, both poetry books.  And I self-published a non-fiction book, “What Corporate America is Really All About”.  Magbooks of Hong Kong published my e-book, “Leapy the Frog” which is a children’s book.  Early Bird Publications of India published a book I wrote about the U.S. Presidents.

My work has also appeared in the anthologies published by Goose River Press of Maine.
I play the guitar and the banjo.  I have my own home business, CRM Enterprises in which I do editing and proofreading and typing of other writer’s works.  I also design business cards, note cards, labels and stickers.  I translate German, French and Italian (on paper only) and I make my own beaded jewelry.
My family and I love to go to Las Vegas every year.  I love to watch soap operas and I also love to grow flowers and raise house plants.  My sister and I run a fan club for Tom Jones.

Can you tell us about the characters in your book?

In “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” the two children, Bobby and Noel are cousins.  They are very close almost like brother and sister.  They are very curious and they love to find about things.  They both love adventure and they both love Uncle Eb.
Uncle Eb is a confirmed bachelor.  He’s a well-known writer and he’s well-off.  He smokes a pipe and he loves to read the newspaper.  Uncle Eb takes a big interest in his niece and nephew.  He tells them a lot about their ancestors especially Olivia MacAllister, who the children are most interested in.
Miss Hollister is the housekeeper and she knows all about Olivia and about ghosts.  She conducts a séance to unite the ghost of Olivia with her fiancé Joseph Montgomery.

In my other book, “I Have a Friend on Jupiter!” which was in the Author’s Spotlight on Jan 6th, these are the characters and a little about them.
Carlos Montega-he is twelve years old and lives on a ranch in New Mexico with his Uncle Raoul and his grandmother.  His parents both died.  He is good friends with Indiana Balmbacher.  They both like to do research on NASA and outer space.
Indiana Balmbacher-she is twelve years old and lives on a ranch in New Mexico.  She lives with her Mom and her two sisters, Jody and Bree. She loves to read and she loves to watch the old reruns of “Little House on the Prairie”.  Indiana and Carlos are best friends.  She spends a lot of time with him at his home researching web sites about outer space.    They find a web site where they can write to aliens in outer space and they both find a friend on Jupiter.

Professor Hagerty-he was a professor of astronomy.  He ran the observatory where the children came to look through the telescope to see Jupiter.  The children befriended Professor Hagerty and they tell him about their friends on Jupiter.  He was skeptical at first but he had his friend Kit at NASA check out the e-mails the kids were getting from their friends on Jupiter.  When the kids tell him their friends from Jupiter are coming to see them, he begins to believe them.  He goes with them to meet the aliens.  Professor Hagerty is a kind man who really likes Carlos and Indiana.  He teaches them a lot about the stars and planets.

Mannie-alien from Jupiter
Mannie is the young Jupiternarian who e-mails Carlos.  He writes to Carlos about his life on Jupiter.  Mannie lives underground on his planet because of all the gases in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Kossie-alien from Jupiter
Kossie is the young Jupiternarian who e-mails Indiana.  Like Indiana, she also likes to write.  Mannie and Kossie have blue skin, web-like hands and they have magical powers.

How long does it take you to write a book?
Usually it takes me up to a year to write a book, and I usually do several drafts before I submit it to a publisher.  I do all my own typing, researching, proofreading and editing.  I usually have my Mom, my sister and my friend Tricia  give me their input on the chapters while I’m working on the book.

 What books are you reading now?
I am reading the “Passions of Chelsea Kane” by Barbara Delinsky;  “Palomino” by Dannielle Steel; “Volume I-Mark Twain’s Autobiography”,  “Evangeline” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;  “Time and Chance:  Gerald Ford’s Appointment With History” by James M. Cannon;   “David Brinkley” by David Brinkley, a Memoir.

 If you can recommend one book to read for someone, what would it be?
One of my favorite books is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas.  For me it is a story with a real message that even when people wrong you and cause you so much sadness and misery, your time will come to shine and your ultimate success will be your best revenge to anyone who ever put you down.  As Richard Nixon said in his Farewell Address, “Only when you have been in the deepest valley, will you know what it’s like to be on the highest mountain.”



Thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out this amazing author and her book!

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