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My Review:

This book was amazing and since Staci doesn’t disappoint me EVER I knew this would be an amazing read. Game 3 has started and Dita has been away with Perry for a couple weeks in Greece to try and avoid Ares. This game is to be played with Artemis and the players are Josie and Jon, both are Private Investigators. They dated but then Jon picked up and left Josie after he found out his ex was pregnant with his kid. 3 years later Jon shows up still pining over Josie only to find a broken girl on a mission to find a serial killer she thinks killed her friend.

I think my favorite part of this books was the realization of getting over losing someone. Having lost my best friend 10 years ago from an illness it was a heart tugger this book. I understand the holding on part (even though I know the situation is different) Josie wanted revenge on the person who killed her Best Friend Anne it was like she couldn’t really get over her if she knows the killer is still out there someplace and to have lost Jon also I think made her hold back on her feelings when he returned. Artemis also needed closer because she is so bitter and full of hate because she lost Orion. Heart tugger I tell you, HEART TUGGER!!!

I also loved that Perry told her story, it is one of the stories I have been wanting to hear. All three books and Perry is by far my favorite character. The characters of Josie and Jon are fantastic and reading the POV of the serial killer sent chills down my spine. I have recently stopped watching Law & Order SVU, it was giving me panic attacks because I kept thinking of my kids this gave me a mild panic attack also and was written very well. I give someone a lot of credit who can write a crazy person that well. It must take a toll on you to write something like that. The entire story as much as the emotions get to you, you want them to find this guy and stop him before its to late.

I loved the story as a whole. The story in Olympus continues from were it left off last book give or take a few weeks with a few things being resolved and new issues coming up. The story in New York with Jon and Josie was amazing with so much detail and the information Staci need to write a story like this is super impressive (however I never doubt her ability) and extremely well done.

With an intense story and the familiar characters you know and love. Doe Eyes did not disappoint. I gave it 5/5 stars for it’s strong intense and emotional story. Staci is an amazing author and this is a series I will never stop reading. If you have not started it yet you must…seriously…you must!


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    • Thank you! Each one is a little different. The first one was fun and playful but the last two kind of had me weepy they are great reads! you need to push them up your list