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My Review:

Have you ever had an immediate hang over from a book? Like words escape you and you can’t even think about picking up another book even if you wanted or had too? Just writing the review makes you feel like no matter what you say it just wont do the book justice? When I originally  decided to accept this review for Where the staircase ends I thought maybe this isn’t for me. The synopsis was rather short but it had a lot going on in it so I just figured why not. I finished the book and now I sit trying to form sentences that make some sense of how I am going to write this review for this book that had my emotions going all over the place.

The story is about Taylor, I felt sorry for her being picked on by her former BFF Sunny. Sunny is the most popular girl in school and just a few lies from her and your life is pretty much ruined. Taylor is heartbroken but she is angry with Sunny for what she did but just like that it’s all over, just when you think it can’t get any worse, tragedy. Taylor now finds herself staying at a stone staircase the reaches into the beyond with no end in sight. She can’t go back only forward to glimpse at her life from beginning to end. Alone and scared she climbs the stairs to find out about herself and the people she holds close.

It was intense with the most fantastic character build, emotions galore. You think you know her story but you don’t and when you start really getting into the build of her character you learn so much about who Taylor really is. Sunny I didn’t like but again her character builds and you think WOW really? Each character has some sort of growth, everyone that is in the book you get a look at them as a person and how each event affect them in different way but the POV is told by Taylor. I am not sure how to explain it without giving to much away, I honestly don’t want to give anything away, you need to experience this book from start to finish and feel the story as I did.

Stacy Stokes is an amazing story teller, the flow of the book, the pure emotion and the idea of the unknown is phenomenal. I couldn’t put this book done, I don’t even know if this expresses how I felt about this book…nothing I say can do what Stacy wrote justice. I can’t recommend this book enough and will be one I recommend often. I’ve never seen characters build or a story done like this. I am really looking forward to reading more by Stacy Stokes, awesome job! She even made me cry and I never cry. 🙂


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9 responses to “#Review ~ Where the staircase ends by Stacy Stokes

  1. From the blurb and cover this book wouldn’t have gotten my attention, like you said the blurb is short and doesn’t really tell us anything. On the other hand your review makes me really curious about this book! The whole staircase plot point sounds interesting. And I like character growht/ change in a book, so that definitely sounds as a good thing. Great review!

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