Review ~ The Obsidian Dagger by Brad LaMar

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I received this book for free from Author, Brad LaMar in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review ~ The Obsidian Dagger by Brad LaMarThe Obsidian Dagger by Brad A. Lamar
Published by Light Messages on 2013-02
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, General
Pages: 280
Source: Author, Brad LaMar
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Little does Brendan know that stopping the witch is only the beginning…

When a mad witch with a magically crafted and frightfully powerful Obsidian Dagger threatens to obliterate humanity and overtake the magic clans of the Celtic Isles, destiny forces 17-year-old American, Brendan O’Neal, and his younger sister, Lizzie, to intervene. Joining the desperate princess of the Leprechauns, Dorian, and her two loyal companions, Rory and Biddy, they embark on a dangerous and wondrous adventure across Ireland and Scotland to thwart the witch and save mankind.

Battling the witch’s mutated forces of magical beings, the heroic band will have to reach deeper into themselves than they ever thought possible to find the strength, courage, and will to see their quest through to the end. Brendan will soon learn that the lines between reality, mythology, and divinity are more blurred than he ever imagined.

This is an action-packed fantasy adventure for fans of young adult fiction with a story telling craft that appeals to adults and teenagers alike. If you liked Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fablehaven, and the Trylle series, you won't want to miss The Obsidian Dagger!

jss_aprilshowers_stitches straight purpleMy Review

Have you ever read a book slow, not because it was bad but because you just didn’t want it to end? The Obsidian Dagger by Brad LaMar was one of those books to me. It follows Brendan and Lizzie along with their father Oscar as they travel to Ireland to find out about their family history, that is until things get a little crazy and they have to defeat an evil witch. It was a fun, exciting, fast paced adventure with a touch of humor. The banter between Brendan and Lizzie was so true to life, I can picture my kids being the same way when they are their age. Even when the story gets a little “unbelievable” the characters question or point out everything giving this book a “real” feel. Their travel companions Dorian, Rory and Bibby are such love-able character. Morna and Dullaghan were awesome evil. I loved the writing style as the story was told by all the characters not just thru the eyes of one. The only thing I thought the story could use was a bit more description of the world or surroundings just to give that I feel like I was there feeling. Other then that I would recommend this book to any middle grade, ya or adult who like a good modern day fantasy, taking myth and legend and giving it new life. I’m happy to be able to add this book to my favorites list and I can not wait for the next book!!! Happy reading 🙂

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