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News at Home: Baby Shower!

Sorry I 100% disappeared again last week – I was very sick Saturday and Sunday. I think I basically slept on the bathroom floor for 24 hours. BUT I’m feeling much better and the only real complaint this week has been sleep… In that I can’t seem to get any. I’m exhausted, but getting comfortable is a major struggle and when I do finally get comfortable either Dante starts kicking me or I have to go to the restroom. OR both. And sometimes my mind just wont shut down. I’ve started a fairly complex nighttime ritual, but it’s working knock on wood for two nights in a row now, so I’m going to stick with it:

  1. Take a bath with Epson salt and lavender bubble bath.
  2. Cover body in magnesium lotion
  3. Drink Calm supplement – has magnesium in it, helps with relaxing muscles and brain waves I guess
  4. Put on Lavender Essential oils
  5. Take natural sleeping chew – because you don’t want a ton of pills during pregnancy
  6. Listen to sleeping meditation

After two nights of doing ALL the above, I’ve managed to get a combined total of 10 hours sleep. Which is way more than the 4 hours I got over the previous 4 nights combined. I’ve tried each of these things in isolation and they do not work alone… The struggle is real y’all.

The highlight of this week was my surprise baby shower yesterday! My step-son’s mom, Tequilla, threw the shower for us and it was beautiful. She put so much work into it and I couldn’t have been happier. A lot of people showed up so it was a bit crowded and some had to leave earlier than she expected so we had to throw her schedule off a bit – the part of me that worries about everyone being happy hopes that she was disappointed by that because it was still such a wonderful shower and I couldn’t have appreciated it more. We truly were showered with amazing gifts and have very few things that we still REALLY need. I still have a shower at work the week of August 5th, so after that we’ll go shopping for what’s left. Some highlights if you’d like from my Instagram:

Now to organize all those gifts – and since we’re moving in September (pretty much right when Dante is due) that’s going to involve some strategic box packing. I was SO exhausted after the shower I took a brief nap – which I’m sure also had something to do with all the sleep deprivation of late. But that did make me super nervous for going back to work. If a 2-3 hour baby shower wiped me out, how in the hell am I going to take care of 22 lost, clueless 5 year olds? #nervous

Speaking of work… This week was a busy one – also met with my team on Thursday. It was the first time we sat down as a brand new team and, while I don’t think I’ll ever find a team that was as great as the one I just lost, I do think we’ll be okay. Our personalities seemed to mesh pretty well and I think I’ll work okay with the new folks – which is most important since we’re the three that will be teaching Gen Ed. The other two are SPED and Bilingual, so they don’t overlap quite as much. There’s a decent amount of work to do, since we are a brand new team and have new teaching standards and materials this year. And since we’re only getting a week of paid work time before the kids come, it’s going to mean a decent amount of “off the clock” work. Which is the story of my life as a teacher… another reason I’m about to leave the profession. Another reason? We got our official health care plan choices this week and OMG – the CHEAPEST plan to cover myself, Dante, and Kiko will cost us $1090 per month. We’ve finally made the difficult decision to drop my husband’s coverage so that we can afford to insure myself and Dante (drops the premium to $400 a month, which is still ridiculous for a high deductible plan). He rarely goes to the doctor, but I hate that he’ll now be without the security of health insurance. But he was the only one we could afford to drop, since I’ll be delivering in September and that will be a huge expense and require lots of follow up care – not to mention Dante has a pretty full year of appointments ahead of him.

Anyway, there was more this week, but those are the highlights. The rest is basically just me trying to get ready for baby, moving, going back to work… with a healthy side dose of binge watching The Big Bang Theory which I finished Friday 🙂

Blog News

My main goal continues to be checking in with y’all every Sunday at least. But I did manage to almost completely update my Goodreads this week and I’m HOPING to spend some time putting up some actual reviews for this week or next. Michelle is a saint for letting me be such a blah blogger!

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  1. Life gets crazy sometimes, the blog is here for whenever you want so no worries. I have cut back for the summer because it’s just a lot going on but I will start getting stuff ready and be back 100% in September 🙂

    I wish I could have come to the shower but I will hopefully visit at some point. I do have a care package I am working on so you might get that after you move which will be good. 🙂

    Have a great week, my friend! Miss you! oxox

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