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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Week 11

Last week was mostly good. Monday was a holiday here in the US, so it was a shorter week, kind of. When you stay at home all the time and every day involves taking care of an infant – holidays are less obvious. The big difference was that Kiko was home, which did mean I had help taking care of Dante all day. And that meant I actually did more work – since I still have to get in my 40 hour work weeks and the best time to work is when Kiko is home to help with Dante. Monday was a rainy day and I really enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching and listening to downpour. Other than that, it was a typical Monday. 

Tuesday morning I woke up with my lower back killing me again. It’s been an on and off again pain pretty much since I began quarantining. I think it’s a combination of no monthly massages and baby care. Tuesday I got an email to interview for a position I hadn’t even applied for. I’ve been networking like crazy and of those connections came through, sharing my resume with someone that they knew was looking for a good admin. So I was excited to get that email and we scheduled the interview for Friday. My brother also got on a Skype call with me Tuesday so I could test out my lighting, audio, and setting, since both interviews were going to be on Skype and I didn’t want not being in person to hurt me.

Wednesday was one of those days. Dante woke up early (5:40.. not supposed to be up until 6:30). I watched as he cruised (walking, but holding on to things) around the inside of his crib, and stopped periodically to try and climb out. Making me nervous, because he’s way too young (8 months) to be trying to climb out of his crib! I went and got him and put him in the swing to see if I could get more sleep out of him… and he slept until 7:30. So naps were all fucked up for the day. Oh to get him to sleep in the swing I had to lay on the floor in front of it. My back was SO not happy.

Our air hasn’t been keeping up too well – it’s been working, but as the temperature rises it just runs and runs without actually managing to keep it cool. So Kiko also spent the day in and out with the guys he works with trying to fix our AC. they were successful and our AC is doing  a great job, so yay!

Thursday I had my second interview for the position I interviewed for last week. It was an interview with the team – 14 people! – and it went really well. I sent 14 individualized thank you emails after and received several replies saying how well the interview went and how happy they were to meet me. And the hiring manager replied that the team liked me and asked about when my last day is in my current department. So I think that’s a good sign. She did say in the interview that she has a couple more interviews to do and that she’s planning to have a final decision in a couple weeks. So no chickens to count just yet. Maybe some eggs? LOL!

Speaking of eggs, Dante had scrambled eggs for the first time this week and he’s pretty much demanding them for breakfast now. Friday I tried to give him yogurt and banana (like we used to do all the time – I waited on eggs because they are a common allergy food) and he protested (Crying like he was starving). I finally gave him scrambled eggs and he ate it up… along with the yogurt and fruit AFTER the eggs. I just don’t want to give him eggs every day… I’m thinking that could be bad for his cholesterol?

Friday my tomato plant flowers started turning to tomato buds! Yay! So exciting to watch. And my jalapeno is flowering 🙂 The cilantro is doing okay, but I honestly don’t know what to look for to know if it’s thriving. #amateurgardner

I had my first interview for the other position and it went really well. I hadn’t been able to find a positing to apply to for it because , as it turns out, they had posted the position in March, had a series of really rough interviews and took the posting down, thinking they just might have to wait to fill the position until after COVID since they weren’t getting quality candidates. Then they got my resume and the hiring manager was clearly excited that she might be able to fill the role earlier than she thought. The interview went really well and she had them open the positing so I could apply. She emailed me when it was open, I applied, and they took it down. And then she emailed me about my salary requirements; she’d done some talking to the budget people and they had informed her since I actually already have the same position in a different department it would be a transfer with my same salary. And they needed to know the amount because it’s budget season and they needed to account for my salary. But I still have to do a second interview Tuesday… so again, i don’t have it but it looks very promising. So more eggs LOL!

So yeah, I’m super hopeful that I will have a job offer this week #fingerscrossed. What’s bad is I’d really prefer the first position and if I do get both I’m going to have to tell someone no. And I’m going to feel bad telling the department that  has been having such a hard time finding someone no. But we’ll see, that may not happen. I’m still applying to positions (today actually) because no chickens yet!

Saturday was a roller-coaster of a day. It started good – Dante slept until 6:30 like he was supposed to and we were playing and good. Then I got a call from Tequilla (Kiko’s ex and boss). One of the guys he works with who has been self-quarantined because of exposure to COVID-19 got his test results back positive. They are pretty sure he quarantined himself in time and never actually exposed his coworkers. And it’s already been 10 days (he couldn’t get a test until he started showing symptoms and then it took days to get the results, so 10 days later we know… this is a big part of the COVID problem. We need better testing). No one is showing symptoms – not the coworkers and not their families. We figured out that’s about 50 people with no symptoms 10 days later. So most likely he did quarantine in time. But no guarantee. One of the employees is 7 months pregnant, so she was able to get tested with no symptoms and a couple others lied and said they have symptoms so they were able to schedule testing for Monday. So we should know results by Wednesday (which will also be 14 days since possible exposure). I had to break the news to Kiko and I expected him to go through the rough stressed and he was actually fine. So that was a relief.

We had a couple appointments to look at trucks because we sold his before COVID and we have waited as long as we can without him getting a new one for work. So we went to the appointments (with face masks and keeping distance) but both trucks had immediate issues, so we didn’t even test drive them. Kiko wanted to stop at the Mexican grocery story and get some items he was craving and as I was puling out, I didn’t see this stupid pole and I hit the front of the car. The one we plan to exchange when we buy a truck. So that sucks. But in my mind, at least I didn’t hit a car and no one was hurt and frankly the damage is minimal. But in Kiko’s mind, it was catastrophic. So arguing and nastiness ensued. Sometimes being married makes hard things harder. But he got over it and his little melt down ended with a nice dinner and I drank 2 glasses of wine… which is enough for me to pass out. So I slept great last night.

Like I said, Saturday = roller coaster. But the week overall? It was pretty good. How was your week?

Blog News

My focus continues to be pretty much on the job hunt and I haven’t done much blogging. I did have more posts this week, but my visiting was down. Sorry! I plan to visit Sunday posts today and hopefully keep up better this week.

Can you Read a Series in a Month ends today and I’m already finished! Yay! I even posted my reviews (I know, right?).

We have our second COYER book club today and I’m super excited! We read 4 books (I read 3.5 so far…) and I just look forward to seeing everyone. I think that’s it for me!

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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7 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 11

  1. I’m so behind on blog visits so I’ve skipped all the way back to this one to pick up “where I left off,” lol. I’m so glad to hear that you have a few possibilities on the job front and hope as I read through the Sunday Posts that there’s fantastic news!
    Hitting your car sucks though. Hopefully, it can be sorted out fairly simply?

  2. That’s awesome that both those interviews went pretty good. I hope one of them works out. And that’s a great idea you tested your video calling set-up before those interviews, it always helps to be prepared.

    That’s scary when someone Kiko worked close with has Covid-19. Let’s hope that person quarantined in time and no one else got sick. Your Saturday sounds like a rollercoaster, but at least the rest of your week was a good one.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #389
  3. I am so happy you are making progress with the job hunting. You might have multiple offers and get to pick one that is really great. I wish you the best. You still have 3 weeks. I’m planting some flowers now in addition to the food garden and I’m enjoying it. That’s something I do really enjoy about owning a home. I just do perennials which are long-lasting and no fuss.

    I’m didn’t manage to do any book club this month. (: It’s been a crazy month.

    Stay safe, be well, get a great new job!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi
  4. My daughter loved eggs. She still love them. When they start eating regular good it is great to see what they will like and not like. The faces are the best. lol
    2020 is basically a 2 to 3 glasses of wine kind of year, I wouldn’t judge if it was a bottle or two either! 🙂

    Have a great week, Berls! Happy Reading! So glad I got to see your face yesterday! xx