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News at Home:  COVID Quarantine Week 9

It is incredibly hard to believe that I have been at home for 9 weeks now! Do you think that in the future time will be measured (colloquially at least) by COVID? Like “that was BC” not Before Christ, but Before COVID? LOL! I might be experiencing quarantine induced delirium…

So my week was just another roller-coaster. Dante does not want to sleep past 5:30 am it seems. And he used to sleep until 6:30 no problem. I wonder if it’s the loss of daycare, getting older, the fact that Kiko still won’t let him cry even a tiny bit in his crib, or some combination? Honestly, I’m getting used to waking up with him, taking him to swing where he will fall back asleep if you lay on the floor in front of it.. so I get another hour on the floor half asleep/half awake.

On the job front… I feel almost certain that I will not find a job before June 23rd. For the number of positions I’ve applied to and have not had even 1 reply for an interview… it’s not looking good. And as of today, I have 38 days left. Meaning that 22 have passed already. So technically I’m not halfway there yet.

I did have 1 positive on the job front – a position was posted on Wednesday at my company that is essentially the same job as I have now (the title is similar and it’s in the say pay grade). I asked my manager if she knew the hiring manager; she didn’t but sent her an email recommending me anyway. The hiring manager replied to her that she was sorry this was happening to us and that she would request my resume and would love to interview me. That was Thursday. And on Thursday I heard from the internal recruiters that she did request my resume. But that’s it. I haven’t heard anything. I realize that she’s had my resume for all of 2 work days, which is not long at all. But when your DESPERATELY looking for something, it’s an eternity. I will be emailing her on Monday to share my cover letter and just make contact. It’s my best shot right now, so fingers crossed.

I also found out the price for COBRA coverage this week. It is not happening. An additional $1300/mo to cover just me and Dante. But I spoke with a private insurance broker yesterday and I found a pretty decent private plan that I think will be affordable with Cigna. The best part is that Dante could keep seeing his pediatrician. It’s a PPO rather than an HMO, which is the main thing I’ve found on the marketplace, so that’s better. I don’t feel good about the prospect of having no insurance for Dante, so I’m doing my research.

Dante’s daycare reopens on Monday… but since I’m about to be unemployed, it doesn’t make sense to spend the money when I technically can watch him at home. So I had to un-enroll him. Which sucks, because it was so hard to find a good, affordable daycare. I hope they will have space for him when I do find a job again. They said they’d try to accommodate us when we’re ready to return if they could.

I had a wonderful surprise on Friday – my stepson Franky came over! We haven’t seen him since April 5th. He has been really good about staying home so we all agreed it should be fine for him to come over and you should have seen Dante with his big brother! The second he saw him he lit up <3! Even after all this time, he knew exactly who Franky was and he spent the day (Franky was over from 8:30 – 4:30 basically) playing with Franky and climbing all over him. It made me so happy to watch them together. I think this has been one of my biggest COVID regrets – that Dante is spending so much of his early life in social isolation, when really I had always intended to make sure he had lots of socialization. It’s another reason I’m sad about having to take him out of daycare.

And Friday night we ordered pizza. This is a BIG DEAL – my husband has been so strict that we haven’t eaten anything not come cooked since March 13th. It was Little Ceasars (so not the best pizza in general) and it was THE BEST LOL!

That’s it for me this week! Stay safe everyone 🙂

Blog News

I’ve managed to visit blogs almost every day this past week! Yay! And I had a couple posts too! I still really don’t know what my rhythm is, but this week worked out okay. I don’t really have any true news for ya though… I know MIchelle is trying to get our hosting fixed as we’ve had some trouble the last few months. 

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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8 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 9

  1. Job unhunting and the unknown of what will happen is so stressful. Fingers crossed something will work out soon, and that your daycare will work out too. I’m always shocked when I hear medical costs and health insurance costs in the US. So much pressure for families. But yay for Pizza, it makes everything better for a little while 😀

    Trish @ Between My Lines recently posted: Book Review: Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson
  2. What a week you had, that really sounds like a rollercoaster. That sounds difficult that Dante is waking up an hour early and you sleep less because of that. Less sleep is hard to deal with. Fingers crossed that you find a job soon. Job searching is a pain and I can imagine in this time it might be even harder. That position sounds promising, hopefully she will ask you for an interview and it goes well. Let’s hope the daycare still has space for Dante when you find a job. That’s awesome Franky came over to play with Dante. That’s good he has stayed home so far, so there should be minimal risk. And that’s awesome you had some pizza. I hope the next week is a better one.

  3. I hope something comes of the job possibility. Two days isn’t long but I know it’s an eternity when you’re in limbo. We do take-out every Friday night for our socially-distant driveway picnic at my mom’s house. This past Friday we switched locations to my house and got… pizza! 🙂 Apparently we were on the same wavelength. Except we did Pizza Hut. I’m already craving more. LOL

  4. Jen

    Sounds like the week was long but good overall. So glad that Franky got to spend time with Dante!! And Pizza!! Nice. We’ve been getting take out once per week for a few weeks now – I felt better after talking to my friend who is a nurse and how little risk there really is with getting take out. Restaurants can open at 25% for outdoor seating this week – we’ll see how that goes.

  5. Daycare is such an issue in this country- I’m sorry you have to go through that. You find a place that looks like it will work and then have to make that decision. And good luck with the job search! I’ve been there and it’s such a rollercoaster ride! Hang in!

    Yay for pizza haha! I find that I need pizza on a semi- regular basis lol.

    Have a good week!

  6. I’m so sorry that the job front isn’t going better. It’s so frustrating looking for a job at the best of times but doubly so when things are so weird. I’m going to go with a combination + just age with Dante’s waking up early. I loved the infant days but I’m not sad that I’m out of the wake up crazy early days. Of course now I have a 10 year old I have to drag out of bed before 11! I hope this week is better for you and maybe have more pizza!

  7. OK I wait every week to read your post to hear what is happening for you. I am sorry things are not moving along quickly on the job front. I knew the healthcare would be a big problem. It always is because it is tied to jobs usually. I had my daughter in daycare and summer camps for socialization also. I do think it helped her learn things too. But right now that’s not the best thing. I’m so glad he has a sibling to play with him.

    I hope you have an amazing week and stay well.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs
  8. I’ve been so out of the loop over the past few weeks that I read the first paragraph of your update, thought WTF? And then went back and read the last two Sunday Posts to catch up! I’m so sorry about your job! I can’t even imagine how stressful that must be and I definitely have everything crossed for you on the internal position!

    I understand the excitement over the pizza, we had our first not home cooked meal (since 16th March!) yesterday as they’re super slowly starting to reopen things here… It was a KFC – so definitely not the best – but it tasted AMAZING, lol.

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #112