Sunday Post with Berls: COVID Quarantine Week 34

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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Week 34

Whew! What a stressful week! And I’m not just talking about the election – though wow! I knew it would take a while and I think if we weren’t dealing with Donald Trump we would have had a winner announced Friday. But so many things to celebrate. Record numbers of voters. Trump lost (and argue though he might, there is no legal way for him to take that victory away). We will have the first female vice president. She’s black. She’s Asian. She’s the daughter of an immigrant. I sobbed, hard core tears of relief Saturday when the news broke. My brother and Zach had already planned on coming over, but now it was a celebration. What a wonderful day! We chatted, played with Dante, ordered in Boba and Indian, had Tres Leche and wine. All the food groups lol! And when Biden-Harris addressed the nation we watched together. And I cried again. Also, will her husband be called the second gentleman?! Hmm… Important questions, right? LOL! 

I am SO GLAD I volunteered. On Tuesday I texted with a first time voter for 2 hours as they waited in line. They were scared and told me they don’t know if they would have made it if it weren’t for my support. And they sent me a picture of them with their “I Voted” sticker. I know I made a difference – I can tell you about at least 15 people I helped with questions about where to vote, their rights with their employers, help getting rides, ID requirements, etc. So I’m already signed up to help the campaigns in Georgia for the runoff elections for the senate in January. If they win both seats we flip the senate!!! If you want volunteering information, I’m happy to share phone banks and text groups. I’m excited but we’ve still got work to do and this outcome has invigorated me to keep fighting the fight. I want a better future for my son. I want him to grow up a black/hispanic man who doesn’t have to fear the police. I want him to feel he has an equal shot. And this is how we make it happen.

Besides the election…. work was stressful. Long story short, I was SUPER busy and worked so much overtime that by Friday I had to cut out at 1pm! Which was fabulous and really needed. After I put Dante down for a nap, I took one too. I really needed that nap, the emotions of the week were exhausting. I’m hoping to start settling back to normal starting tomorrow.

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Speaking of trying to get back to normal, I did some blogging yesterday and I intend to visit today. Fingers crossed I get back on track now! Thank you for your patience. I love your comments and truly appreciate them.

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9 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls: COVID Quarantine Week 34

  1. I’ve been cheering for Biden-Harris from my small corner of Italy, and relentless scrolling through the news for days! I thing a huge weight has been lifted from the shoulders of everyone who had to suffer and choke on anger and tears for 4 years. I’m proud of you for volunteering and making a difference.

  2. I read that Harris’ husband will be called the second gentleman. I love that! Also, so freaking excited for a female VP! And, as you know, thrilled to be rid of Betsy Devos…she is the worst.

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Relaxing