Sunday Post with Berls | The one with The Poopsplosion of June 2021

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The one with The Poopsplosion of June 2021

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News at Home


Today was Father’s Day, so I got up with Dante (like usual), but after we had breakfast and played a bit, Dante and I made Kiko a pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast. Obviously Dante didn’t do much, but when it was time to get Kiko from bed he was so excited and pulled him out. So he did understand we were doing something special for daddy. Or maybe he just knew daddy was about to have some of Dante’s favorite foods and he wanted some lol.

After breakfast we gave Kiko our gifts and then it was business as usual. I started cleaning and ran errands, picked up groceries. When I got home Kiko had gotten a call (he was on call this weekend), so Dante helped me put groceries away and then it was time for nap – which he pretty much refused to take.

I had the Psy-Changling chat (which Dante’s nap was aborted during), then meal prep and finishing up laundry and just getting everything ready for the week. I’m tired, but at least I managed to get everything ready for the week. I need to help Kiko make a shirt for work real quick (we iron on the letters) and then I’m off to bed.


Today was all over the place. It started with me waking up, getting ready for the gym and then not being able to find my car keys. Looked all over and finally had to except that I wasn’t going to make it to my 6 a.m. class. And since there’s a 4 hour cancellation policy, I will get a $15 no-show fee. I decided to work out my frustrations with some organization and cleaned up this area that’s been bugging me. We found the keys in Dante’s room – the only place we didn’t check because we didn’t want to wake him up. I’m glad we found them and I’m guessing they fell off the hook and he found them and thought, “ooh great toy!”

Work was slow – I did have some work to do – but I probably spent as much time working as I did shopping Amazon Prime deals. I found several things for Dante – 1 thing that I had in my cart already because I was thinking about buying it turned up super cheap! And my coworker convinced me to leave 1 hour early to go shopping with her and finally buy my birthday clothes (Kiko gave me money for clothes shopping but I haven’t had time to go). I found several great tops and 1 great pair of pants.

Then I picked Dante up from daycare… and we’ve backslid. His teacher quit last week and he has a new teacher this week. I think she’s going to be good, but I also think it’s a big adjustment for him. She said he basically cried all day. And he’s super clingy and fussy tonight. I’m praying he likes her and just needs a little time to adjust. So ready to reset and hopefully we’ll all have a better day tomorrow.


Today was MUCH better than yesterday. For one, I made it to the gym on time. And even though Dante woke up early, he woke up in a good mood. We made it out on time and I even grabbed Starbucks on the way in to work. At work I got some things taken care of and managed to do LOTS of coding practice. I think I’ll finish my JavaScript course this week.

I was able to leave work a little early and when I picked up Dante his new teacher said he did FANTASTIC. He didn’t nap, but he also didn’t cry, used his crayons pretty well, played well, and ate well (even wanted seconds – he’s been eating so much lately)! It made my heart so happy to know he had a good day and I really think my initial impression is correct, that she’s a good teacher. In fact, she’s much more communicative, which I like. And she is trying to give the kids some educational structure, working on motor skills, colors, numbers, and letters. When we got home he was happy and playful, and ate dinner well. The ONLY negative is that I think he’s getting a heat rash on the back of his neck. Hopefully it goes away on it’s own. I hope the week keeps improving like this!


I had a really good day today. After the gym we got out of the house running a little late, but since today is my work from home day – when I go to my brother’s – it didn’t matter. I had a really great time working with my brother and his partner today and it was mostly a light day. I even played a video game for a little while.

Dante had a good day at daycare again – he didn’t eat much, but he napped. So hoping things will keep going well. We had a good evening and I even had time to watch a little bit of TV.


Today was all over. I had a great class at the gym and on my way home I picked up 3 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for the daycare staff, just as a way to thank you. I like to periodically bring in something for them because I know how underpaid they are and I appreciate them taking care of my baby.

I got dressed and ready to go right on time. About 5 minutes before it was time to get Dante I heard him wake up and start happily babbling. When I went in to get him ready I turned on the light, said “good morning” and then “oh shit…” LITERALLY. There was poo all over his legs, his arms, and his back. But he was very happy lol! So I took my work clothes off – because I knew there was no escaping this clean – and I stripped the bed and had Kiko take it and the pjs straight to the wash while I basically hosed Dante down. Thankfully his head – face and hair! – were not hit in The Poopsplosion of June 2021.

By some miracle I made it out the door on time, delivered Dante and donuts to daycare on time and ready for Splash Day (every Thursday in the summer they get to play on splashpads). I made it to work on time and had a VERY lazy day. I actually talked on the phone for almost 2 hours to a friend! Dante had a great day at daycare and is starting to really like his new teacher. We had a good evening and I’m hoping for no repeats tomorrow morning lol!


I jinxed myself.

The Poopsplosion of June 2021 continues today. After a nice lie in because I decided not to work out out this morning, I got ready and everything was right on schedule when I walked in and greeted my happy Dante. I will say it wasn’t as bad as yesterday – we didn’t have to hose down and I didn’t have to strip. But we did have to wash sheets. And, by some miracle we still made it out the door on time again.

Work went fine – I was semi busy, which is a nice change. A friend of mine called because she toured Dante’s daycare and saw him (she’s going to be taking her daughter there) and reported that he was very happy and playing – always good to hear. She also said she called his name 1 time and he looked right at her! That was exciting because we’ve had some trouble getting him to respond to his name.

This evening as I was cleaning up dinner I found what I thought was food on the floor by the door.. not uncommon with a dog and a toddler for food to get dropped places. Turns out, Poopsplosion continues! This time it was the result of a diaper wedgie I think. I swear he doesn’t have diarrhea, maybe it’s time to size up diapers, even though these are the right weight size and don’t seem tight at all?!

Anyway I’m PRAYING that Poopsplosion is over and tomorrow can be a normal, poop free morning. Toddlers are so fun, huh?


In positive news, there was no Poopsplosion this morning. However, I’m still changing sheets because the diaper leaked pee. So we’re going to be trying a size six tonight. Fingers crossed it works!

I unfroze pancake batter from last weekend over night so we had pancakes for breakfast. Did laundry today – had to wash sheets and pjs for the third day in a row! – and Dante was such a great little helper putting clothes in washer, dryer, and baskets. Then at 1:30 I left Dante and Kiko for some mommy time! I met up with a couple friends and we did a little picnic at this beautiful park – I brought  about 20 minutes from all of us (we live in different parts of the metroplex) deviled eggs and wine, Harmony brought Chicken Caesar Salad and some amazing pickles (Bubbies), and Sarah brought cheese and crackers. We laid out a blanket in the shade and just talked and munched for about 2 hours. It was such a wonderful time.

On the way home I did a quick Ulta return and picked up my groceries for the week. I got home just as Dante was getting up from his nap and he was MOODY. But he got over himself lol and we had a nice evening. I rearranged Dante’s room because I got an oscillating, blade-less fan for his bedroom to try and help keep it cooler in the evenings. And I watched a little TV and I’m getting ready to call it a day!

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7 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with The Poopsplosion of June 2021

  1. So I admit I chuckled when I seen Poopsplosion in th title…lol. Hope you get that all figured out…ick. Hope this week has been great!

  2. Oh I’m glad he is adjusting so quickly to the new teacher! That is great news. Sorry about poopsplosion-those are always unfortunate! I worked in daycare and remember those unfortunate events all too well. YIKES!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: June 27th
  3. I had a babysitting job when I was a teen that involved cleaning up poopsplosions a few times. I called it birth control at the time. 😉 Sounds like a generally good week and glad he got a good teacher and you got a fun friends’ day.

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Someone to Cherish by Mary Balogh
  4. In spite of the poopsplosions, it seems like a good week where you all rolled with the punches. I’m glad you are getting to the gym and seeing friends and family, as well as having flexibility in your work. I saw this on Twitter about 1:30 in the morning so I had to read it right away before I went to sleep.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post