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The one with the swimming

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home


Today I ran a few errands in the morning – grocery pickup, cleaned car, bought new jeans (first new jeans in like 2 years at least), and bought fresh flowers for the apartment just because I really like having fresh flowers. After I got everything put away, we packed up and headed out to visit Franky in Campbell. Dante napped on the way there – win! – and we had a great time. Dante beelined for his swing pretty much as soon as we go there. He loves that thing and remembers where it’s at, because it’s not in the line of sight. And he got in the little kiddie pool (they keep a kiddie pool for the dogs and had just put fresh water in it, so we let him play a bit) and had a blast. We did some bubbles and he played on the slide. Before we knew it, it was 9 pm and time to head home. Dante slept on the way home and stayed asleep when we put him down for bed. So all in all, a winning day!


Today was good. I tried to relax a bit but also get things done. Dante had breakfast and then helped me get laundry going. We had a little trouble with the washer – it seems to not be able to handle the stain removing, extra rinse setting anymore. But it can do the standard wash, so we’ll stick with that for now. But we may need to start thinking about a new one. Dante and I spent some time on the balcony this morning – he was playing and I was playing with him/reading. Kiko slept in really late and isn’t feeling well. He thinks he has food poisoning… eek. I finished up laundry, did some budget work, wrote my Psy-Changling review (gah that book was good!) and watched a little bit of TV while Dante played. Then I took him down to the pool – it’s closed to residents due to COVID, but they’re maintaining it and since Kiko works here we’re allowed to use it. So basically a private pool. Anyway, Dante had a blast.

Then it was time to have dinner and clean up for bed. Dante really threw a fit with toy clean up… he’s had a good break from cleaning up due to moving and then the long weekend, etc. So got to get him re-used to that responsibility. EEK. Probably didn’t help that he was tired due to no nap again – we tried! – but I refuse to let him not be responsible for his things. Obviously, I help him clean up but he has to be working at it too. I’m going to do a few last cleaning things and then I’m off to bed.


Today was very productive. I did wake up with a stomach ache that came and went all day, but other than that it was a good day. I did my miracle morning, got ready, and Dante and I were out the door right on schedule. He had therapy today and he continues to make good progress. No major breakthroughs this week, but still doing really well. I had to do a quick Target pickup, and then I went home to work. I had very little to do and switched gears to work on school work. I completed two weeks worth of work for one class, getting me basically current. I still feel a little behind, since I haven’t started on this week’s work yet, but I have a few days yet. Thankfully 1 class is self-paced with suggested deadlines and the other I met due dates while moving.

I also did some meal prep for the week today and cleaned the bathrooms. Oh and I took a 30 minute walk! I picked up Dante and he had a good day – even a short nap! – we came home, had dinner, played a bit, relaxed a bit and then bedtime. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen and doing a few tasks. Then I’m off to take a shower and get to bed! Just need to find some time to do some blog visiting during the day… I only made it to read and comment on 1 blog post so far this week. 🙁


I’m so tired today. Maybe because I had to go into the office and I’m getting used to being at home? I did my miracle morning and yoga, got Dante to daycare on time and we got hit with a rain storm on the way to work, and traffic got suddenly horrible, so I got to work about 10 minutes later than normal. I had a slow day (what’s new) and besides taking care of some work, I did a lot of reading. They have this employee appreciation initiative where they’re giving us free smoothies, so I had a “Namaste” smoothie today. Then I had a 12pm appointment to donate blood. The last two times I tried to donate I got sent away – 1 time because I had low iron and the 2nd time because I had been on antibiotics for my kidney infection. So I was so happy when I made it through with flying colors today. I’m B+ so nothing special, but still, I know we have huge blood shortages right now, so I’m glad to be able to help. And I got a free t-shirt.

This afternoon I helped a coworker with her resume, she’s applying for a promotion in a related department. And then I had an old coworker ask me for some help with some data, so I did that. Then I read some more. I got off work at 5:15 and met a parent from the hospital’s parent connection that had responded to my ad for Dante’s infant carrier and 2 car bases. She loved them – she’s ready to pop in like 1 month! – and I was happy to have it not go to waste. I told her she could have them for free, but she brought me $25 gift card for Amazon. Sweet of her, but as she said, it would have cost her a lot more to buy the seat and bases.

Then I got Dante from daycare – no nap again… – then we did dinner, playtime and bedtime. I’m exhausted so after a quick shower, I’m headed to bed. I’m so close to finishing this book, but I don’t think I’ll make it tonight.


I didn’t feel great today. Not sick, just blah. I had a headache and felt very tired. I think it could also be that being AT work with nothing to do is exhausting. When I’m home, I’m able to accomplish other things. Anyway – this morning started with my normal miracle morning, Dante drop off, and I got to work 1 minute late even though I left on time. So annoying. I had 2 meetings on my agenda for this afternoon, but spent the morning working on school work and am officially on schedule with both classes now. I didn’t want my food, so I went to the cafeteria and bought some BBQ and took it outside to eat. It was beautiful out, a nice breeze – but I was not feeling my food at all. It ended up being a total waste of money, as I ate maybe 1/5 of it.

When I came back from lunch, I found that both my afternoon meetings were canceled. So I did some blog visiting from my phone – but not too much, since I didn’t want my phone to die and my phone charger that I connect to my computer at work is not working well. I need to bring in the actual brick I guess so I can directly charge it. I got Dante from daycare – no nap again! – and then we did dinner. We watched some TV, played outside a bit – funny story there. A couple kids had jumped the fence to swim in the pool (our balcony looks directly on to the pool) and so we contacted security – with Kiko working here and everything, that’s expected. Security kicked them out but did not open the gate for them. So we watched as one kid jumped the fence no problem. The other though was a little shorter and a little on the chubbier side and he was having a hard time getting back over. I told Kiko to run down and open the gate before the kid got hurt. While he was running down, the leaner/taller kid jumped back over the fence and started trying to hoist the other. Thankfully Kiko got there in time to prevent any injuries. Maybe they learned their lesson?

Anyway, then it was bath time. While Kiko did Dante’s bath I cleaned up. He left his phone in Dante’s bedroom after bath and when I went in to do story and bedtime with Dante I threw it to him on the couch. Well he wasn’t paying attention and it hit his foot. He cussed me out in Spanish (because I guess it hurt really bad, he’s icing it :/) and IS STILL pissed. As if I did it on purpose. I feel bad, of course, but it was an accident. I had no idea his foot was on the couch. I thought I was aiming at the couch.

Anyway, I’m taking care of a few things and then headed to shower and bed. Hopefully his foot will feel better in the morning and he’ll stop being so angry. IDK what else I can do besides apologize. And he could try not leaving his phone where Dante could get it…


Today was pretty great. Started off with my miracle morning and took Dante to daycare. Came home and enjoyed a hot chocolate on the balcony – the weather is gorgeous. After a meeting, I took Buffy for a walk and then came home and took care of some outstanding tasks – meal planning, going through review book offer, writing a review, etc. I had a nice phone conversation with a friend and may have a job opportunity coming from her office. Then I did some looking into food decisions for Dante’s birthday party – trying to decide how much I need of each food and timing, etc. I ran out to do a FedEx pickup and an Amazon return and came home just in time to do a FB chat with Michelle, Lillian and Stephanie planning COYER for next year. We didn’t get through everything, but we plan to finish up tomorrow. Then I picked up Dante from daycare, we did dinner, some playtime, bedtime and now I’m having some wine and getting ready for bed. Not too busy of a day, just right!


Today was mostly good. Dante woke up pretty early – before 8am – but we played and had a good morning. I took him to the pool for about 1 hour and that was fun- I love that he’s enjoying the water. We didn’t even attempt a nap, since he never seemed really tired until like 6 pm – so just a couple hours before bedtime. I guess it’s time to accept that naptime is mostly a thing of the past. Kiko took Dante for a mid-afternoon walk and I read while they were out. It was mostly a low-key day, ending with a chat with Michelle, Lillian, and Stephanie to finalize details for COYER 2022.

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Backlist Reader hosted by Lark @ Bookwyrms Hoard: 31 books

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(Once I get moved in – so starting this upcoming week): Walk with Buffy on my WFH days / 1 hour Cubii on Campus days
Eating between hours of 11:30 am – 7:30 pm
Monday I started on track, but was snacking at 9:30 p.m. oops
No eating out, except 1 time each week
Fell apart on this one by Thursday.
No soda… drink water only Monday – Friday.
On track as of Tghursday. But drank Soda all weekend :/
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That at least I have done! Not sure if that’s the positive it sounds like – since I haven’t done great at my other goals. Guess I need to refocus a bit now that I’m moved in.

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I’m trying to be more responsible about keeping track of the books I acquire, so I’m going to start sharing them again. If I share them here, surely I’ll remember to add them to Goodreads, right?

** Lots of books this week!! EEKK! **

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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13 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the swimming

  1. Sounds like you had a really nice week overall.

    That foot story made me think of my husband. Yesterday I mean to jokingly hit him on his hand over something but I used more force than intended and it ended up being my knuckles against his and it really hurt him. Oops.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • I love a good fitting pair of jeans, but MAN are they hard to find.

      The pool is fantastic here, they take really good care of it. It’s actually open M-F 8-5 but then the evenings and weekends it’s closed, so that’s perfect for us to use it. Perks of Kiko working here 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great week.

  2. It sounds like a bit more normal week. I’m also B+ . I convinced the building my company was in to do blood drives for years. But the last time I gave blood recently was at Dragoncon in 2017. I just got Forgotten in Death from the library but I did badly with review books this week. I’m so excited to hear more about the COYER plans. I love COYER.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: North Carolina
    • It really was more normal, thank goodness. This week seems to be headed that way too- fingers crossed! Well looks like you. me and Angie could save each other 😉 I have tried to give blood many times, but my iron is often too low. I was really happy to find out it wasn’t this time. Makes me feel like I’m healthier than I’ve been in the past. I finished Forgotten in Death today – it was good (of course) but not my favorite.

      I think COYER is going to be even better next year 🙂

    • LOL yeah he’s over his foot. Men are just so sensitive 😛 It was a good week and not as crazy, which was so nice. Dante seems to be enrolled in advanced napping 101 – aka, quitting napping before everyone else my age lol 🙂 But yeah, I think we’re about done with them.

      Have a great week!

    • I can be a bit anemic, but not diagnosed and could be controlled by healthy eating, etc. So I was really happy to see that I was good this past week. I hope you’re having a great week!