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Week of February 20th 2022

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News at Home


This morning started as most Sundays do – cooking breakfast and just playing with Dante. I got a load of laundry in and started putting in a grocery order for Instacart. And y’all, it was just too damn expensive. As much as I’ve enjoyed the delivery, I couldn’t stomach it this week. So I went to Target – spent about $80 less than Instacart but I also was gone a couple hours. I don’t know which is worse. This week I felt I could do it because I didn’t have bootcamp yesterday and so I had time with Dante. But next week we’ll see.

And then I spent the afternoon cleaning and meal prepping. My meals took a lot longer than I anticipated… like 3 hours? I had Married at First Sight on in the background and at least 2 episodes played… so yeah 3 hours sounds right. I normally would listen to an audiobook but Kiko wasn’t home that whole time – he had calls – so I had to keep stopping to take care of Dante, and I needed to be able to hear him, so tv instead. I’m feeling really great about the week though and my fridge is ready to explode with yummy, healthy food.


What a truly fantastic day. I woke up at my normal 6am, even though I’m off today. I did my miracle morning and spent a little extra time with my nutrition program work for this week. When Dante woke up I took him to daycare and then I went to the gym. I took a really great (and hard) Hot Pilates class – first class back at the gym in a few weeks because I had hurt my back and it felt so good to be back. I stopped at Target real quick for 1 thing on the way home (and only got 1 thing, wow!) and also got gas. When I got home Kiko was just waking up, so I made him breakfast (that’s his day off treat – he really loves his breakfast) and I made myself a smoothie. By time I was finished with that, it was time for my 12pm Nutrition Program Group Call. So I hopped on the call while talking a walk. When I got back, I took a shower, threw in 1 last load of laundry (towels) and Kiko and I spent some time together. Then I grabbed lunch and got to work on blogging for the week. After that I went and did my nails for the first time in TWO YEARS. They remembered me (wow!) and it just is so nice to have them done again. This was my reward for meeting over 50% of my goals last month. Hoping to earn it again this month. When I came home, I still had enough time to do some bootcamp work – finished one coding challenge – and then I picked up Dante. They said his therapist – she came to daycare this week to hopefully help with his interacting with other kids – is coming back tomorrow because Dante was asleep when she came (he never naps) and when he woke up was spectacularly grumpy. That’s really nice of her to come back tomorrow, I’m hoping it goes well. At home, we had a nice dinner, played and cleaned up. Dante is getting ready for bed with Kiko right now and I’m wrapping up for the day. Really hoping to get a good night’s sleep and keep this momentum going tomorrow.


Another really great day. I did my miracle morning, got Dante to school and then headed to my brother’s to hang out and work (job and bootcamp). I heard about their trip and we also took a walk. The weather changed drastically – this morning was 70s and as the day progressed it got so cold… it’s headed to the low 30’s/high 20s overnight. I’m glad I got a walk in before it got too cold. I had a quick appointment this afternoon and then I stopped to vote (Primary) before picking up Dante. I find myself wondering if those people standing outside actually make any difference to voters – I’m always glad to see people out there but at the same time, I also always walk in having thoroughly researched the candidates and knowing who I will vote for — all printed out and ready to refer to as I vote. But maybe if I hadn’t researched and just showed up, maybe then I would be swayed by names I saw on the way in? IDK. Anyway after that I picked up Dante – apparently the fighting is better, but now he’s stripping during nap time LOL. IDK but I’m much less worried about that. He’s very proud of his ability to take off and put on his own clothes. Apparently the therapist didn’t come today, but I don’t see anything in his chart for yesterday, so I’m going to have to message her in the morning and see what’s up. I’m eager to know what she observed and her suggestions moving forward. We’ve had a nice evening and we’re about to finish cleaning up and then head to bed.


Today definitely had its bumps but managed to be a good day. Dante woke up SUPER grumpy. I think he was hungry because once I gave him some teddy crackers to eat while we got dressed the tears slowed, but he would cry every time he finished a cracker until he reached into the bag and grabbed another one. LOL! Hangry?!

I felt like I was racing the weather today… how much could I get done before the weather got bad and I had to go get Dante? A decent amount it turns out. I was watching the weather and Kiko had actually just called me to say he thought I should go get Dante because the roads were going to start getting really bad soon when I got a text from his school. They weren’t closing, but were kindly requesting that anyone who could pick up their kids early, please do so. They have several employees who live quite a distance and they wanted to let them leave before the roads got too bad. So that decided it; I wasn’t going to do that to someone when I could get Dante and work from home with him. And I only live 5 minutes from school, so it’s not even hard in the middle of my school day. I picked him up around 1:30 to very appreciative staff. I saw lots of other parents leaving with their kids or arriving in the time I was there, so hopefully enough of us came that those who live really far were able to head out.

Dante was in a good mood this afternoon and we played a bit in-between work tasks. And my work day wraps up around 3 unless I’m super busy (which I wasn’t today), so it was just over an hour. Then I had some bootcamp work to do, but again I just broke that up with play time and we had a good afternoon. And my bootcamp is going really well this week. I’m finished with everything that HAS to be done before Saturday’s class. I have one more assignment I’d like to get done before then, plus I’d like to do some work on the portfolio project, but seeing as Dante is home with me – probably the rest of the week – I’m glad I’m in this situation.

Wrapped up the day with dinner, more playtime, some play dancing — mom had to get her workout in since gym did not happen due to weather! — and we’ll be headed to bed shortly. Just need to vacuum real quick (all other chores are done for the night) and hop in the shower once Dante is in bed. I’m less worried about the power, but it’s in the back of my mind and I’m hoping that it stays on all night!


Well today was A DAY. School was closed and Dante did not give momma a break at all. I had to work still – in fact, I was in meetings 90% of the day, training our new employee. Thankfully she was very understanding. So let’s see. First, he woke up earlier than he normally does… of course, the day sleeping would have been preferable. He was happy though and ate breakfast great. And then the fun began. (Note the sarcasm) When I tried to get him ready, getting his diaper on was a fight. He did not want to wear it. After I got him all dressed, he started playing and I got back to work. And then he stripped. He ran up to me butt naked and I was like “baby, where is your diaper?” and he literally squealed with laughter as I chased him around the apartment trying to get a diaper on him. I got it on him and put him in a pair of onesie pajamas because he doesn’t know how to work the zipper and couldn’t’ take his clothes off (and thus his diaper). Honestly it was adorable, if it weren’t so frustrating. The day progressed decently – he kept pulling me away from my work to get food and put on his shoes (he’s obsessed with putting on his shoes right now). And he made several cameo appearances in my meetings. Kiko came in when he could to play with him and get him distracted, which was really helpful. In the late afternoon, I changed his diaper and the battle ensued once again. I managed to get it back on and then I got a call that I had to run to take – so I left him in his diaper. I watched him come out (in his diaper) from his room and start playing in the living room. I half watched him as I took my call for about 10 minutes. And then I came over, intending to finish dressing him. And I noticed his diaper on the floor. I hadn’t noticed him slip it off. And then I smelled something… have you guessed it? He pooped and then took off his diaper (which is I guess better than taking off his diaper and then pooping lol). And in the process of taking it off (it’s basically a pull up so he takes it off like underwear) he smeared poo on his legs and feet. And then continued playing – running around the living room. Honestly, at this point, I was so tired from the day, I hardly reacted. I just went and got the wipes, cleaned him up, put on a new diaper, and scrubbed the floor. I noticed that he did not fight me putting on his diaper at all this time – he took it from me and put it on himself. So I’m wondering if he fought it because he needed to poop and didn’t want to do it in his diaper… and maybe he’s ready to potty train? It seems like it would be challenging because he doesn’t talk, but I think I’m going to get him a potty at least and see how he responds to it. *sigh* So fun.

At that point my work day was done at least. So Dante and I played until Kiko got home. And then Kiko took over and I relaxed a bit. Then I had a 6pm Zumba class online with my nutritionist program I’m part of – it was a special event for today and if it hadn’t been a snow day I probably would have missed it, so that was a nice treat. And a great way to work out the stress of the day. Clean up took considerably longer tonight because Dante had pretty much destroyed the place today trying to entertain himself. But all cleaned up, he had a nice bath, and we’re about to get ready for bed. And bonus… looks like school is open tomorrow. THANK YOU!!! If it ends up closed, I’m taking the day off. I can’t do this again tomorrow. He’s not bad at all, but he’s 2 and he’s BUSY and needs (deserves) attention.


Dante went to school today and all reports are that he had a great day. And I definitely did. What a change not trying to watch a toddler while you work makes. Work also was not as busy. I got most my work done by around noon. Then I worked on my workshop assignment for tomorrow and I hit a hard point – as did everyone in my group – but I figured it out (I think). This is our first week with the new instructor and so far I’m not enthused. He hasn’t given feedback on any of our assignments. I really hope it’s not going to be that we only hear from him on Saturdays! But it could be that we’re meeting him tomorrow and then things will get better. It was still super cold today, but I took Buffy for a little walk just before going to pick up Dante. And we did dinner, watched some TV, chores, etc. Kiko’s on call and had to go take care of something, so I’ve been letting Dante stay up a bit to say goodnight, but I think I’m going to have to put him to bed, as we’re 30 minutes past bedtime now. And then I’ll do dishes (Kiko usually does) and head to bed. Edit: Kiko walked in JUST as I was taking Dante to bed, so he got to say goodnight 🙂


Dante woke up at about 8:30, which was perfect. I actually got up before him a little bit. I got breakfast ready – he had oatmeal, kiko pancakes, and I made myself sweet potato protein pancakes. And then I had bootcamp today and it went… okay. The instructor is new – he’s taught one other class and this is his first time teaching this one. I get that everyone has to be new sometime, I just wish it weren’t on something so high stakes for me. React – the part he’s teaching – is by far the hardest part of the bootcamp, everyone says so. And they’ve given us the most inexperienced teacher. As a plus, I do believe he knows the material – that was clear. He just doesn’t know how to be a teacher yet – that was also clear. He hadn’t reviewed our work and didn’t go over the material from the vantage point of knowing what we needed, it was just from the vantage point of what he knows. He did answer questions well. So my plan is to be a potentially huge pain and over ask questions and for feedback. This cost a lot of money, not to mention the time away from my family, for me to not get quality instruction. I think if I’m really vocal I can get what I need.  I hope.

The rest of the day was super relaxing. I played with Dante, did some reading, Dante took a nap, and I did some blogging for next week. I also watched the first episode of season 4 in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – super funny, love that show! and I got my grocery order in for tomorrow. Walmart actually had times available for the first time in weeks! I accidentally ordered from the wrong store so I had to re-place my order which was a pain, but I still got it in and can pickup at 2-3 tomorrow. Getting ready to clean up and get ready for bed.

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  1. COYER Seasons & COYER Community 2022
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    5. Review books before starting a new book/on the same day – Back on track with this one!
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My goals for this week were:
  1. VVFP (Very Very Filling Plate/Veggie Veggie Fat Protein) meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – I have done that for all 3 meals every single day!
  2. Get in a veggie pack at least 5 days this week – 5 so far. I might get in one more today for 6.
  3. 2 or fewer extras (less than healthy foods) each day – I’m at 6/6 days for this too, we’ll see about today (Sunday).
  4. Exercise 4 days  – I’ve done 5 days!
  5. Get in my step goal for 6 days – I’m at 5 so far, so I hope to finish that today (Sunday).
  6. Drink 100oz of water a day. I’ve done 100+ everyday but Saturday so far… I might still make it for Saturday, as I’m not in bed yet and just two water bottles short.

Weight gain/loss for the year so far: +3.9 pounds Feb 1. I won’t weigh again until March 1.

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  1. Well other than the one day it sounds like a great week. It also sounds like the weather didn’t get as bad as maybe expected. It’s frustrating with an instructor like that. It will be important if you ask a lot of questions to not do it as demanding but as a I need your vast knowledge way. Ego can be a problem. I had a grad school course that was required but I’d already programmed in it for 5 years. The teacher had taken a class but no work experience. He would say something and I would raise my hand and say well I worked at John Deere and The Toro Company and we didn’t do that, we did it this way. He got so he would say something, look insecure and look to me for confirmation. I felt sorry for him but I wasn’t going to allow disinformation. Luckily, he wasn’t a jerk. After that class, I went to the grad school office and asked to change my classes to be more challenging the next year and they let me take PHD level classes instead. Yay! The PHD level students were more interesting to talk with and on Friday afternoons they had well-known industry people from all over the country speak. It was awesome. Of course, that second year I also had a full-time teaching schedule at Augsburg in accounting principles and cost accounting. It was right next to University of MN business school. The point is if it is done well, you can ask a lot of questions and learn a lot more. I did something similar as an undergrad. I interviewed all my profs before I would take a course with them. They found it shocking; I found it helpful since I would be spending my time and money with them. OK I’ve gone on long enough. I hope this week is smooth sailing.

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