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WIR vectorstock_43821-1-1Week in READ-view is a post I have posted on Sundays telling you what I have been up to this week and what I read or am reading. The Sunday Post is a meme sponsored by the awesome Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Real Life & Blog News:

It’s been a rough week with my son we changed his meds from liquid to pills and we are thinking it might need time to get in his system he has been a bit out of control then we found a lump on our cats tail. Buttons is 12 years old and the vet said that the lump will have to be removed and she has some fluid under her tail. If we don’t take it off it could grow and then would be hard to get rid of and they would have to take off her tail. I will not let them take her tail. So in the next few weeks my poor little girl will need surgery.

With all that I have to say I didn’t get a lot of reading done and I am super bummed about it but I am hoping that this week will be better for me. I have been so stressed and reading usually calms me down but this was a lot in one week. I am not at the shore and will be home tonight….Fingers crossed for a better next week 🙂

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Read this week

 Rough Waters  by Nikki Godwin
Rough Waters
by Nikki Godwin

Currently Reading

The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud ON HOLD TILL MONDAY
The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud ON HOLD TILL MONDAY
Insanity by Cameron Jace - Reading for READ-a-Thon
Insanity by Cameron Jace – Reading for READ-a-Thon

Up Next

Not sure yet since once the read a thon is over I am going back to The Whispering Skull

Books I got this week

No new books! I’m not sure if I should be proud of myself or disappointed 😉

So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Let’s Chat…

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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18 responses to “Week in READ-view & The Sunday Post

  1. I am so sad to hear about your cat, it’s so difficult when a pet is sick :(. I hope her surgery will go okay. And I hope your son will get used to his new meds soon.

    I didn’t have time to post my Sunday Post this week as I’ve been visiting my mom. I had some time to read during the train travel there, but beside that I didn’t got a lot of reading done either. Our rat Pita was sick this week and I’ve been worrying about her a lot, luckily she seems to be doing okay now.

  2. I am stressed about your cat for you. I have two kitties who are 11 now and I always worry about them. I just know in cat years they are getting up there and I worry. So I hope all is well with your cat and that she/he feels better soon.

    Angie recently posted: Sunday Post
    • Thank you! Hoping to get her blood work this week so I can get the surgery over with I really hate waiting. They really are like our babies 🙂

  3. Hope your son’s meds provide the improvement you’re looking for! That’s awful about your cat’s tail but at least you caught it in time. I’ve always hated the times I’ve had to take my cats in for surgery but they recover so insanely fast it’s amazing! You should be proud about not getting any new books! We all need some quite weeks or we’d all just end up living in massive piles of books. Or more massive than the piles we currently live in!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - July 13
  4. Bea

    Be proud of not getting new books and then you can feel superior cuz I so failed at not getting books. 😀

    I hope your son and cat do better and everything will be okay. Sending positive thoughts your way!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #97
  5. I say be proud of yourself – we both have too many books to read already LOL!

    I really hope Ryan’s meds start working again soon – it’s so hard when people we love are having a hard time and even harder when it’s our kids. 🙁 And poor kitty, that stinks! I’m glad it’s something you can resolve though! Here’s to a better week my friend XOXO

    Berls recently posted: Sunday Post | 49th Edition
    • Lol We both really do 🙂
      Thank you! I hate that everything that use to work doesn’t and now it’s like starting all over again to try to find what works for him. The vet seems like it would be ok but I have my fingers crossed!

  6. Oh, girlie… sorry about your stressed out week! I’m sooooo sorry the pills are being a pain in the rump and not working as fast as the liquid with your son. With my son, with any change, I always throw in the perfect storm excuse: something else must be happening, maybe an ear infection, growing spurt, developmental wigout, whatever!! I think I told you before my son’s autistic (pdd-high funct) and the only drugs I give him is Zyrtec but heaven help me when I switch him… or maybe not… you never know with the little bugger!!!

    I’m saying prayers for Buttons but she won’t need them! She’s freakin’ 12years old and indestructible! You’re going the smart route, imho.

    Hang in there!!! We’re thinkin’ of ya and hope you have better week this week!!

    Kristin recently posted: Sunday Post #37: The Big “Think”
    • Yes you did tell me. Our sons have the same…My son has PDD-NOS high functioning with severe behavior issues and Sensory intergration disorder. He is on Zoloft for Anxiety and we switched it and I don’t think its working. He also has ADHD but the meds for that were making him really nasty so we stopped it. We also think it might be a growing spurt that might be causing his issues now.

      Buttons is healthy regardless so its just a matter of getting it done and having them test to make sure it’s nothing serious.

      Thank you! Your comment makes me feel better knowing someone else knows what I am dealing with since a lot of my “friends” bailed on me when they found out my son was autistic which also makes me realize they were never really my friends to begin with then. So thank you!!! oxox

  7. I totally feel you! No books is definitely a bittersweet taste. Is it good or is it bad? Well hopefully next week you’ll get a little something to make up for it but at least for this week your TBR pile didn’t grow!

    Come see my STS post if you can! (The comment box doesn’t like my urls apparently!)

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    Jessica recently posted: Stacking the Shelves
    • Thank you! I would love to have a lot of dogs and cat but I have to wait till the kids move out then I told my husband we are filling the house with fluffy kids 🙂