Tell Me Something Tuesday: Best Blogging & Author Interactions

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Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday was hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings, but she has (temporarily?) stopped blogging. So a group of us that had been doing posts (Linda from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell, Karen from For What It’s Worth, Roberta from Offbeat YA, Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About  and me) decided to get together, come up with some more topics and keep the meme going.Michelle made us a logo and we’re off and running. For more details, check out this post where I reintroduced the meme.

I can be sporadic, but when I do join in I will always share next week’s topic at the end of the post. So, today is about…

What have been your most fulfilling blogger/author interactions so far?

I’ve had a quite a few author interactions, thanks to going to a few conferences. And while they’ve all been really nice, I know I’m just one in a long line of people the authors are seeing. They’re happy to see me – a fan – but there’s nothing truly personal about it. I have had a few really cool moments though.

The first was with Patricia Briggs at RT in 2015. A group of bloggers that I was with found out that she was signing books in this room because she wasn’t going to be able to stay for the big signing event. Because it was local, I wasn’t staying at a hotel so I didn’t have my books with me and expressed how bummed I was. Her husband (now passed, RIP) gave me his cell number so I could go home, get my books and call him when I came back to have her sign. I brought back every book I had of hers – around 15? – and called her husband. They met up with me and she signed every single one while chatting with me. Incredible right? They were so kind and down-to-earth.

Also in Dallas, for RT in 2015 one of the bloggers I knew (Felicia The Geeky Blogger) arranged for a group of us to have breakfast with Jennifer Estep. At the time I hadn’t read many of her books, but it was still really cool to sit down and have a meal with her. She was so friendly and fun to chat with.

I’ve had a few other author interactions over the years at a local literacy event called Buns and Roses. It’s led to me eating tea with authors like Kim Harrison, Darynda Jones, and the writing duo Illona Andrews. My interactions have ranged from a quick picture and signature to long conversations. They’ve all been a treat.

My blogging interactions have been even more special, though. RT in 2015 I was able to meet several blogging friends in person for the first time, and then BEA in Chicago in 2016 I saw some of them for the second time and met even more (including my co-blogger and bestie, Michelle). At RT we hung out at the bar every day drinking and laughing and having a blast. At BEA we went to restaurants, hung out late in hotel rooms, and laughed our asses off. It’s amazing how people you’ve never met in person can feel like people you’ve known your whole life. And my blogging friendships are some of the deepest and most important friendships I have — which is probably why the moments don’t stick out as clearly, because they are just part of my everyday life.

What about you?

Next week’s topic: What do you do when that pesky review makes you work for it?

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16 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Best Blogging & Author Interactions

  1. I never met an author in person, but I have had some great interactions online. And I met so many great bloggers online that feel like friends even though we never met in real life. I enjoyed reading your stories. I have read and enjoyed some of Jennifer Estep’s books and that’s fun to hear how you had a chat with her. That story about Patricia Briggs is awesome too, with how they made sure she could still sign all of your books.

  2. All my author interactions and blogger ones happened at the same time and that was BEA 2016 when I met you and a bunch of other bloggers and it was so cool!

  3. Ahhh, love the story about Patricia Brigg’s hubby. I loved reading his posts on their website. You’re right about blogger interaction producing deep friendships.

  4. “I totally misread the question and didn’t add anything about other blogger interactions”
    No, Jen, you didn’t! That was how I had envisioned my question – “blogger/author” as in, between bloggers and authors! But it’s OK either way LOL.

    Berls, the Briggs story is awesome – both her husband giving you his cell and her signing 15 books 😂.

    Buns and Roses 😂. It’s nice that you have a place like that nearby!

  5. Jen

    That story about the Briggs’s is awesome! I’ve had so many great interactions with authors, I know that I forgot to mention a ton. Some have even become friends.

    I totally misread the question and didn’t add anything about other blogger interactions. I’ll have to go edit my post. But my blogging friends are my closest friends! Truth to that!!