Top ten things that will make me instantly NOT want to read a book.

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Top ten things that will make me instantly NOT want to read a book.

I have a few major no no’s and a few that are just not my type of read.

  1. Biography – I just don’t like them, however if I do read something that is biography it might be something of great interest or something from long ago but mostly I want read it.
  2. Non-Fiction – Real life stuff bores me, I have enough real life in my real life, I don’t need to read about it too.
  3. YA Social Issues – I honestly don’t know what this bothers me so much but I can’t read it. At this point in my life I really want to read about things that are as far away from real life as possible
  4. Animal Death – NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!!!!
  5. Time Travel –  I am hit or miss with this, somethings it works and most of the time it doesn’t. I seem to do better with MG Time Travel than adult or SciFi time travel. I am more hesitant to read a book if the description says Time Travel.
  6. Heavy Sci -Fi – I love watching Sci-fi shows but when it comes to reading it, I can’t process what they are talking about. I get flustered and just can’t read it. So Heavy Sci-Fi books are not my thing but I can watch it on TV/Netflix or hours. 🙂
  7. Psychological Thriller – It totally messes me up, makes me panic. I can’t read stuff like that. However I do like to read about serial killers (I’m not sure how my brain works either, it’s a mystery)
  8. Kids dying – NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Just NO!
  9. Rape or Male possessiveness – Yes I lumped these to together, I HATE with all my being, HATE when I am reading a book and the guy is so possessive with the girl it’s borderline scary. Like she can’t even breath and all he want to do is plant his seed. That falls to me under the same idea as rape. Raping a person is also a form of wanting to possess someone and having something you want. That entire thing is just a huge NO for me. I am sure this is called something else that lumps all that stuff, Rape, Possession, Humiliation & Abuse together, I just can’t think of it. Have I read books with stuff like that in it? Yes but it’s not something that I will instantly pick up unless it is an author I know will do it with the right amount of couth. (if you don’t understand what I mean by that ask me, otherwise, I think you know what I mean)
  10. Books over 450 pages – I tend to steer clear of this, I love a good book but 450+ pages tells me there is a lot of words in that book that didn’t need to be there and it’s going to be a slow read. I am sure there are book out there that have over 450 pages and are super exciting from beginning to end, however I haven’t read one yet.

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What things will make me instantly NOT want to read a book?

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18 responses to “Top ten things that will make me instantly NOT want to read a book.

  1. I could borrow your list Michelle! I don’t read biographies, non-fiction, Time travel, or loooong books either! NO KIDS DYING PLEASE NOOOOO!

  2. Scifi and psycho thrillers are definitely not my cup of tea. I have read a few books that had some male possessiveness that didn’t domineer the relationship, but the wording was so off-putting that I was uneasy. I don’t know if it was intended to be because sometimes it was just once in a particular book, but in another it was pretty consistent and the female character went against her morals and values to be with this love interest and it entirely ruined the book for me.

  3. I don’t enjoy thrillers or books about serial killers! Actually I relate to many on your list! Heavy scifi and time travel too! Great post…

  4. Not bit on biographies or nonfiction either. I’ve read two biographies voluntarily, only because one was a fave comedian of mine and the other was about traveling circus. I tend to avoid time travel and hard SF too.

    I can deal with rape when it’s meant to be rape. What I can’t stand is when the guy is abusive and awful and borderline a rapist but it’s portrayed as sexy. Ugh.

  5. See, I knew more ideas would come to me as I visit other posts! Small, tiny text is horrendous! I hate it! I feel like I take twice as long, if not MORE, to get the book read! It drives me nuts after a few hours I see I am barely breaching the 100 page mark! Like it legit angers me! I’ve been holding off on reading one book that I do want to read, but it’s set up this way! I can’t handle it! Especially since it seems this current round of reads is treading the same way! Smaller than expected text and it’s driving me bonkers! My last read was like that, my current read is like that, and since my next read is the final book to my current read, I know it will be the same! I need a book with nice big text next! LOL!

    Old Follower 🙂

    Jessica recently posted: Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays
    • Yes small text is a problem. I tend to read more ebooks than actual books. So I don’t have to worry about the font size, however, I have such an issue with books that are extremely long because most of them just seems to be filler and not actual story. With the small fonts size and lots of pages, I can’t. just no lol

  6. I’ve read a few biographies but generally- no. Non- fiction and social issues- kinda the same. I avoid all those terminal death books and all that. Animal death and kids too- I just don’t get it.

    Rape/ possessiveness too- I mean we hate that in RL, why would I want to read about it? I read to be happy, not mad or horrified lol.

    I do like psychological thrillers though, I’ve been reading a ton of those lately! Great list Michelle.